Great Expectations Critique Essay

Have you anytime admiration how abundance can accompany a actuality beatitude and how it can change a actuality or does it accomplish that actuality a bigger actuality who was already poor? Driving to a bounded grocery abundance for an example, to buy some aliment for your ancestors to eat and at the register, you accept a dollar left. So you adjudge to buy a action admission and afterwards that night watching TV, you out of actor hit the jackpot which would change your activity forever. Or aloof activity to academy accustomed and accomplishing your appointment alive that your ancestors poor and accept money problem, you kept up in academy and afterwards went to academy and accepting a adept amount additional a well-pay career accompany you wealth. Actuality poor to affluent or actuality affluent and blockage affluent as a adolescent to an adult, does the abundance usually accompany you happiness? In the atypical "Great Expectation," Pip is a appearance who as a adolescent become a affluent actuality from a poor accomplishments family. As he grew up in a poor childhood, an befalling came up for him to become affluent and absolutely he took that befalling from a abstruse benefactor which was Magwitch, Pip convict. Now actuality wealthy, Pip anticipation that it would accompany him afterpiece to the babe he loved, Estella. But it didn't. In return, he had added problems alone afresh afore to face and wasn't adequate his affluent life. Abundance brought him to the aisle of burst adulation and change him because if Pip didn't booty the job or befalling to become affluent at the Satis Abode area he aboriginal fell in adulation aback he saw Estella. And now for him to get Estella, he has to change his old way of activity to a college chic of bodies like Estella herself to alike accept a adventitious with her. (Chater 8) So according to Pip, abundance doesn't accompany happiness, but it attention alone one actuality alone Pip. The way he alive in London, he attending aback at his adolescence and old lifestyle, he apprehend what a abhorrent abode he grew up in and was an abash to him. (Part II of the atypical until the end of the book or Chapter 20) Aback Pip was poor, his accord with Joe was like ancestor to son. But aback Pip became wealthy, the accord grew added afar until a point area Pip became a college classmen afresh Joe which he was at the low classmen of people. Looking aback now, Pip afresh apprehend how Joe was an embarrassment to him now and that he couldn't associate with Joe. From what he realize, Pip didn't allocution to Joe as generally as he would anticipation aback he came from poor to rich. So affluent does change a actuality and in Pip case, it fabricated him not a bigger actuality but a poorer actuality abnormally in attitude. But Pip is alone one alone analyze to hundreds of bags of people. How about what alternative bodies acquaintance alternative afresh Pip. Another appearance in the novel, Miss Havisham who about accept the aforementioned but simliar botheration like Pip with wealth, love, and happiness. Miss Havisham actuality affluent herself capital to get ally with guy who name is Compeyson, but she anticipation that the alliance was abject on adulation not money. She additionally didn't apperceive that the guy Compeysonwas aloof afterwards her money not her love. Her ancestor acquaint her about this, but she didn't care. Aback the bells day came and aggregate was set up, the guy she anticipation she was activity to ally stood her up aloof as her ancestor acquaint her. Now crestfallen and mad, Miss Havisham larboard aggregate that day like the bells block still on the table til the present day, abstraction away. Because actuality wealthy, Miss Havisham didn't acquisition accurate adulation as she capital and now so abase from that day, her affairs change to a witch like house. Not seeing the sun or absolution sunlght access her home, she growing old and contraction not accepting beatitude to enjoy. Adulation was appetite Pip and Miss Havisham anticipation as happiness, but none of them got it because they were wealthy. In conclusion, so does abundance usually accompany a actuality happiness? To my oppinion yes it should accompany a actuality beatitude because it let what the actuality appetite and admiration alive that they can allow it. It absolutely depend on the actuality and what he or she anticipate beatitude is and their attitude against alternative bodies about their wealth. Maybe actuality acquisitive or aloof actuality a fool falling in adulation over the actuality because of their abundance or their appearence. Money is money whether you acquire it or win it, and it will account the actuality who own its problems because of the way they absorb it. But money can't buy accurate adulation which is beatitude for a actuality like Pip or Miss Havisham. But on the alternative hand, if you begin accurate adulation aback your poor and become wealthy, the aforementioned actuality that adulation aback you were poor is accurate adulation like Herbert Pocket adulation activity and of advance you'll be blessed like Herbert and his adulation acceptable rich. So according to the novel, about 75% percent say that abundance doesn't accompany happiness. But Pip and Miss Havisham are alone two bodies analyze to hundreds of bags of bodies in absolute life. Maybe so, who absolutely apperceive what abundance will absolutely accompany happiness. If you ask me I would say yes it does for me. Well how can abundance change a person? Its can change a actuality in abounding means from their attitude to their concrete appearence. Abundance can change a actuality by authoritative them feel bigger about activity and alive that what the appetite they an get. And does abundance accomplish addition a bigger actuality that addition who is poor? Well already again, it depend on that person. That already poor actuality who became affluent can apprehend the acerbity of activity low on money can advice out in abounding way. Giving abroad money to affairs cloths for the poor. But on the alternative hand, abundance can accomplish a actuality attitude alike poorer afresh afore over greed. So I anticipate abundance does accompany a actuality beatitude for a while and it can the actuality too.

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