Greasy Lake

The Difference Between, Adventure and Song In the adventure and the song, what is to be learned? The adventure and the song are altered in so abounding ways. The adventure has a aphotic ancillary to it and it is not all fun and amateur anymore. The boys in the adventure get aching and scared. The song on the alternative duke has a lighter blow to it. The boys are accepting a abundant time and active it up. They do not focus on the abutting day aloof what is activity on at the time. They both appearance how teenagers can be capricious and not accept a affliction in the world. They additionally accept their altered qualities to the adventure they tell. The ambience in the adventure had a aphotic ancillary to it. It was all fun and amateur as they rode about town, got bashed and smoked weed. Then they absitively to go to Anointed Lake. They anticipation they saw their acquaintance and started honking to accord him a adamantine time, but they were wrong. Everything affair went decline from there. The guy that endemic the car was mad and it started a huge fight. This shows black by it actuality backward so anybody is out that should not be and there angry addition could accept got killed. The capital appearance had absent his keys and could not acquisition them so that they could getaway. Jeff and Digby, accompany of the capital character, were angry the guy that endemic the car; the capital appearance went for the annoy adamant beneath the bench of his own car. He thought, “I kept it there because bad characters consistently accumulate annoy band beneath the driver’s seat, aloof for an break like this” (127). He got the annoy adamant and hit the guy over the arch with it and he hit the ground. Anybody aloof froze and stared for a minute. This is one archetype of how the adventure is aphotic and what could happen; no one got agape out in the song. Then a babe came about the car yelling, “animals” (128). The boys aloof stared and lusted at her. Then they started disturbing her clothes off and were aggravating to pin her to the awning of the car. This is a aphotic point in the adventure because they were activity to abduction the girl. Before they could do it headlights peered into the lot. The boys took off running. They were accompany of the guy they had agape out. The babe was screaming, “it is them they approved to rap me” (129). They guys chased their boys through the woods. The boys all afar in altered directions. The capital appearance had plunged into the basin and aloof as he started to bathe he hit something. He said it was, “unspeakable, obscene, article soft, wet, moss-grown” (129). He ample out it was a asleep anatomy amphibian in the water. The boys were blind out area bad characters go, that anatomy in the baptize could be them one day. He had to break there and adumbrate for a while though. The boys assuredly met aback up afterwards the alternative guys larboard and the car was ruined. The windshield burst in, biconcave all over and debris befuddled into the car. He begin the keys and two girls pulled up attractive for the asleep guy. They got out of that and got out of there, they were afraid they were activity to bastille and aloof capital to go home. The song has a lighter ambience to it. The boys are canoeing about boondocks accepting the time of their lives. They go about and aces up all of their accompany and arch to Anointed Lake. The song lyrics say, “I got a canteen of rose so let's try it and I'll booty you all out to area the gypsy angels go, They're body like a ablaze And they ball like alcohol in the night” (Spirit in the Night). They aloof appetite to accept a acceptable time and go out with their accompany to the lake. There was some angry in the song but not as clear as in the story. The boys were aloof dancing beneath the stars all night. The song lyrics said, “And we danced all night to a body bogie band” (Spirit in the Night). The boys did not try to abduction anyone as they did in the story, but they were authoritative adulation beneath the stares. The song lyrics say, “Me and Crazy Janey was makin' adulation in the dirt, Singin' our altogether songs” (Spirit in the Night). They did not accept a affliction in the world. Also, they were not active from anyone and award asleep bodies in the lake. They were all bashed or aerial and activity out for a acceptable time. Both the song and the adventure allocution about beating 88. That’s the way to the anointed lake. I anticipate the song is meant for aloof activity out and accepting a acceptable time. It leaves out all the bad things that could happen. The song is like a dream the adventure is added of a reality. In that affectionate of situation: accepting bashed and smoker weed, commonly consistently article goes wrong. In the song, it is all fun and amateur and a little fighting. It is mostly aloof dancing beneath the stares, drinking, smoking, and authoritative love. The song lyrics say, “Now, the night was ablaze and the stars threw light, On Billy and Davy dancin' in the moonlight” (Spirit in the Night). This is a acceptable adaptation of the story. The adventure has a darker ancillary to it. People are angry and accepting agape out. There were attempted abduction and asleep bodies amphibian in the water. The song and the adventure are absolutely different. The boys in the adventure were afraid that they ability go to bastille for all the being they accept done. In the song, they did not accept a affliction in the world. Additionally in the story, the boys approved to act like they were bad characters and were beggarly and did all this stuff. When absolutely they were aloof adolescent teenagers who absolutely did not accept it. They were absurd and aloof capital to act like they were cool. They absolutely had no abstraction what it meant to be that way until that night a anointed lake. The capital appearance though, “I capital to go home to my parent’s abode and clamber into bed” (131). What I abstruse from the adventure and the song is the opposite. The boys in the adventure anticipate they are these air-conditioned bad characters. In reality, they aloof capital to act that way. They had no abstraction what it was like to absolutely be that way until they got in the action with that guy and his accompany showed up. The song has a added upbeat accent to it. It shows them accepting a abundant time and accepting forth for the best part. I like the actuality that they portray altered belief though. It makes it added absorbing and gets you thinking. Works Cited Boyle, Coraghessan. “Greasy Lake. ” Literature An Introduction to Fiction Poetry, Drama, and Writing, 11thedition. Ed. X. J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia. New York: Longman, 2010. 125-132. Print. Springsteen’s, Bruce. “Spirit in the Night. ” Greetings from Asbury Park. Clive Davis, 1973. CD.

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