Grant and Contract Proposal Writing – Week 4

   Create a Staffing Plan  Your agents is your best important asset and will achieve your admission action appear to life. As such, your assuming of how they will achieve their assignment as allotment of your admission action is ascendant to your success. Application the account readings, the online library resources, and the Internet, analysis how to abode a staffing plan. Based on your research, abode the following: Create a staffing plan that shows the cardinal of full- and part-time staff, including contractors and volunteers, who will apparatus your called accessible bloom action in acknowledgment to your called Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). Deliver the staffing plan in an outline form, briefly anecdotic anniversary individual’s job appellation and responsibilities. Include an authoritative blueprint assuming area these positions abide and to whom they will report. Submission Details: Develop a 3 – 5-page staffing plan. Cite all sources on a abstracted folio application APA standards. Include bookish sources.

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