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Journal Watch the afterward abbreviate video, Poison-Weapons (Segment 1 of 19), and adapt to accede a terrorist's use of a actinic weapon. UnitII_PoisonGasTranscript (attached, archetype to the video)  Based on your reading, video, and claimed experience, what do you anticipate is the best acceptable blazon of actinic weapon and adjustment of breakdown that terrorists would use in an advance in the United States? Why? If you were in a position as a aegis director, how would you adapt agencies for such an attack? Your account access charge be at atomic 200 words. No references or citations are necessary. Unit II Essay In adjustment to be abreast about weapons of accumulation abolition (WMD) and to be able to rapidly admit back one may acquire been employed, it is important to acquire the assorted types of WMD, their characteristics, and how to analyze and action them. All aboriginal responders, if not all Americans, acquire that back they see white dust in an envelope anthrax may be present. However, abounding bacilli booty weeks to appearance affection or, forth with baneful chemicals, may be auspiciously active application baptize systems or agriculture. However, assertive bacilli and toxins can be disqualified out artlessly because of the commitment adjustment employed. Likewise, there is a cogent aberration amid a radiological breakdown accessory (RDD) and a nuclear weapon in the anticipation of use, the amount of lethality, radioactive actual employed, commitment mechanisms, and in the affluence of accepting or manufacturing. In an article of at atomic two pages, analyze WMD types, lethality, affluence of obtaining, and anticipation of use by terrorists. Be abiding to complete the tasks beneath in your essay. • Explain the types of actinic agents or biological agents that can be acclimated in an attack.  • Define the characteristics of nuclear agitator weapons (the aberration amid an RDD and a nuclear weapon).  • Summarize the impacts of a nuclear weapon in the association activity its effects Your article should be accounting in APA style. Your appellation and advertence pages will not calculation against the absolute folio claim of this assignment. You will charge to accommodate an addition to your essay. You should advance and account your arbiter as a source, and any alternative bookish sources should all be cited in APA architecture as well. Write as a alum article NOT a abbreviate acknowledgment paper. Week II abstraction adviser is absorbed for guidance. (class book) Howard, R. D., & Forest, J. (2013). Weapons of accumulation abolition and agitation (2nd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill. Need aboriginal and unplagiarized work, amuse do not acquire if cannot acknowledgment affection work. Amuse apprehend appointment fully

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