Gradual Release of Responsibility

  After examination the videos Improving Convenance with Sarah Brown Wessling and  Embedded Determinative Assessments,  and afterwards account Releasing responsibility by Fisher and Frey, altercate the following: Part 1 Sarah Brown Wessling remarks; “It is not about means of carrying agreeable as abundant as it is about means of accepting acceptance to become thinkers; means for acceptance to be added autonomous.”  What affirmation did you beam in Ms Wessling’s video that her acceptance were acceptable thinkers?  How is this an archetype of the abecedary assessing FOR learning? Part 2 In Dylan William’s video on anchored determinative assessments, he mentions bristles strategies for agents to accommodated students’ acquirements needs added effectively. Describe what you empiric from Ms. Wessling’s video that represents anniversary of these strategies.  Were there any that you did not observe? What affirmation was there of Ms. Wessling’s acceptance analytical their own thinking? What affirmation did you acquisition to advance she advised her apprenticeship to accommodated advisory acquirements objectives in several areas of development (Think Bloom’s)? What did you see from her video that you’d like to try (remember best practices are communicable beyond brand and age levels)?   Multimedia Hawker Brownlow Education.  (2012, April 1). Anchored determinative appraisal - Dylan Wiliam  [Video File]. Retrieved from Teaching Channel. (2011). Improving convenance with Sarah Brown Wessling [Video File]. Retrieved from  Fisher D. & Frey, N. (2008). Releasing responsibility. Educational Leadership, 66(3), 32-37. Retrieved from Ebscohost database.  

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