BE SURE TO PROPERLY CITE ALL SOURCES. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS ASSIGNMENT IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE THOROUGH AND DETAILED. THIS MUST BE ORIGINAL AND WRITTEN ON A GRADUATE LEVEL, MUST HAVE A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND UNDERSTAND THE ASSIGNMENT PRIOR TO ACCEPTING THIS QUESTION. THE ASSIGNMENT WILL BE UPLOADED TO A PLAG CHECKER PRIOR TO ACCEPTANCE. IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION, PLEASE ASK. PLEASE REVIEW ALL THE INFO AND ATTACHMENTS BEFORE ACCEPTING THE ASSIGNMENT.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION PRIOR TO ACCEPTING THIS ASSIGNMENT. THE CASE WILL THAT YOU WILL NEED TO USE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION IS ATTACHED. PLEASE READ THE CASE PRIOR TO ATTEMPTING TO ANSWER THE QUESTION. CASE: S. T. Dupont – The Renaissance of a French Luxury Brand. IN1320 The case charge be in Times New Roman 12 pt font, 3 pages additional references from bookish sources.  Study the case "S. T. Dupont: The Renaissance of a French Luxury Brand" then: 1. Briefly abridge Crevet's new marketing plan; 2. Discuss whether it is in band with the S.T. Dupont cast character and what, if anything, you would do differently? Your acknowledgment should be limited to a best of two pages (excluding the appellation page). References required 

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