Assignment Instructions Learning Objectives: Analyze a business plan cogent areas for advance in Marketing, Operations, E-commerce and Agenda Media. Complete a activity that carefully mimics projects generally performed by baby business managers. Prompt: For your Final Assignment, analysis the business plan begin in Chapter 16 Appendix  of your arbiter Baby Business Management in the 21st Century  ( You accept been assassin as a business adviser for Frank’s All-American BarBeQue.  Create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 15 slides with recommendations for Frank's on how they can advance their business.  You charge accommodate a minimum of three specific recommendations: one accompanying to Marketing, one accompanying to Operations, and one accompanying to e-commerce, agenda media or amusing media.  You may add alternative recommendations if you would like.  Your architecture should be aesthetically pleasing, accessible to apprehend and should not accommodate too abundant text/data on the slides themselves.  Be abiding to accommodate added advice the "Notes" area of the slides to abutment your recommendations and busy on your suggestions.  Your "Notes" should abutment your recommendations with references and citations from your textbooks and a minimum of bristles alternative library quality, bookish sources.  You may acquisition alternative sources in your Lessons. Your final slides should be a Advertence folio with all sources listed in APA format.  All sources referenced in your "Notes" should accommodate an in-text citation. Instructions: Develop a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 15 slides. Your presentation should accommodate a advertence folio on the final accelerate in APA format. Utilize the "Speaker Notes" area to aggrandize aloft the ammo credibility in your slides OR almanac a video of your presentation and accommodate the articulation with your submission. Follow APA architecture for structure. An APA arrangement is absorbed here.   Abutment your presentation with a minimum of 3 credible, bookish references above the advance materials.  Please agenda Wikipedia, Investopedia and agnate accepted websites are not aboveboard bookish references.

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