Governance and Structure: Forms of Doing Business &&& Governance and Regulations: Securities Law

Reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Identify what you anticipation was the best important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any alternative affair that you acquainted was aces of your understanding. Also, accommodate a graduate-level acknowledgment to anniversary of the afterward questions: Question 1: Summarize the appropriate elements for the assorted business entities declared in Chapter 17, accouterment examples of anniversary and accurately anecdotic the similarities and differences in each. Question 2. What factors would be advised back a administrator of a aggregation makes a ample barter of the company’s stock?  Short Essay: Question I - Paul is the sole incorporator of Hemp Co., a aggregation that processes hemp into clothing.  Prior to incorporation, Paul enters into a arrangement on Hemp Co.’s account with a bounded agriculturalist for the acquirement of the crop.  After the accumulation of the corporation, the lath does not accredit the arrangement because Paul bought the crop at 3 times the bazaar price.  Who is accountable to the farmer? Question II - Tina Technology is attractive to accession $85,000 account of capital, and she is attractive to accession that money through the internet and still abatement beneath an SEC exemption.  How should Tina go about adopting that money?  Due to the bulk of basic she is attractive to raise, will Tina be accountable to any alternative appropriate requirements?

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