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Henrietta Koramoah What I learned-Poison Gas acclimated in World War I I abstruse a lot about World War I and a lot about adulteration gas during this assignment. Aboriginal I abstruse that adulteration gas was acclimated as an accent that dead a lot of people. I abstruse that the use of adulteration gas was started by France. They acclimated adulteration gas adjoin Germans in the war. Then Germans started application adulteration gas adjoin best of the alternative country and their allies. The adulteration gas acclimated was phosgene gas, alacrity gas, chlorine, Asphyxiate, and Lachrymator (tearing agent). Most of these gases accommodate baneful and a adverse bacillus that can account accident to bodies immediately. Secondly I abstruse that for aboriginal time in the war; adulteration gas was like a weapon but alone acclimated to affright soldiers. Even admitting the soldiers had their affectation on, some were still injured. In 1917 back the United States abutting the war, afterwards defeated by the Germans best countries like the British got affectation for their soldier and acclimated adulteration gas as a acknowledge to their enemies such as the Germans. Thirdly I abstruse that, France and British fabricated added affectation to assure them from the affliction of adulteration gas. The Germans defeated a lot of countries with the advice of adulteration gas. Even admitting adulteration gas did afflicted and aching a lot of people. The cardinal of amercement acquired by adulteration gas was low to the amercement acquired by apparatus guns. And after I abstruse that Germans were abhorrent for the amercement acquired in the war, I anticipation that was a little bit arbitrary but I anticipation Germans had it coming. So in cessation this is what I abstruse about adulteration gas in my I-Search assignment.

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