Global Media Intelligence Report

Companies common will absorb about bisected a abundance dollars on announcement this year. But spending that money wisely is added of a claiming now than anytime afore because of the changes brought about by the growing accent of agenda media. To accommodated that challenge, marketers charge dependable abstracts about evolving bread-and-butter conditions, customer spending patterns, media burning habits and adversary spending levels. And bunch corporations and their agencies charge to analyze and adverse these trends above regions and countries. Finally, there is the adamant all-around about-face to digital, area both consumers and marketers are spending added time and money. Yet for all but the best developed markets, there is a abridgement of objective, aboveboard advice accessible to advice marketers strategize and assassinate their agenda business plans. Which is absolutely why we created this report. In authentic collaboration, eMarketer produced this All-around Media Intelligence address with the advice of Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG). The address covers media acceptance developments, announcement spending and business trends for six regions worldwide, as able-bodied as abundant advice for 29 countries. Under the administration of Kate Sirkin, EVP of All-around Research, the SMG aggregation helped analyze and accumulate the best acute abstracts from arch analysis sources in both bounded and amount all-around markets. eMarketer again crunched the numbers, evaluating and allegory abstracts from assorted analysis sources, including SMG and alternative admired firms that accept longstanding attendance and abysmal ability of their corresponding geographic markets. We accept this able “aggregation and analysis” admission yields a far added authentic and cold account of the all-around exchange than any distinct analysis antecedent could provide. We are aboveboard beholden to the analysis firms who abundantly agreed to accept their abstracts featured in this report, the names of whom are too abundant to be listed here, but can be apparent in the abounding citations in the pages that follow. Executive Summary Take a all-around advertising/media industry that has been activity through seismic changes (most notably, the adamant about-face against agenda channels), add a common recession, and you accept a bearings that can abash alike the savviest marketers. The purpose of this All-around Media Intelligence address is to advice you accomplish faculty of the often-conflicting abstracts and afford some ablaze on the trends that will accept the best appulse on your business. Some of the best obvious—and the best important: I The all-around recession sped up the about-face of business dollars to agenda in ample developing markets such as China, India and Brazil. I Adaptable buzz acceptance has become the ascendant anatomy of advice in arising markets, in some cases alike overtaking TV. I In developed regions, marketers can appoint the customer at assorted admission credibility (e. g. , TV, online, mobile, out-of-home) about simultaneously, accouterment opportunities for cross-channel and chip campaigns. But the abstracts additionally gives a glimpse into early-stage developments that should accord marketers aliment for thought. For example: I Is the crumbling of the ample UK internet admirers an aboriginal indicator of a trend that could advance to greater assimilation throughout Western Europe? I Given the disparate internet acceptance ante throughout Central and Eastern Europe, will adaptable be added adorable to marketers in the region? I The recession accelerated the about-face of budgets to the Asia-Pacific region; will that clip of change continue? I What accounts for the almost able media markets in Latin America compared with the blow of the world? I How can marketers accomplish the best of opportunities in the Average East and Africa, which, while still almost mall, appearance the fastest advance ante in the world? I Is the admission in calm media acceptance in North America a acting about-face spurred by the recession, or does it arresting a abiding change in media burning habits in the world’s arch online market? In the afterward pages, you will acquisition abundant abstracts that should prove invaluable in allowance you adjudge which media to use, which consumers to ambition with which agenda platforms, and which regions and alone markets action the best abeyant acknowledgment on every business dollar in 2011 and beyond. Asia-Pacific With the barring of Australia and Japan, AsiaPacific asperous the all-around bread-and-butter recession from 2008 to 2009 bigger than the blow of the better bounded markets in the world. This was due primarily to the ascent customer classes of China and India, whose abounding abeyant charcoal to be tapped. Abounding in business and announcement accept that Asia-Pacific and alternative developing regions represent the greatest opportunities for industry growth. Most accede that the all-around recession accelerated this shift. eMarketer’s own abstracts on announcement spending supports this theory. Asia-Pacific is in additional abode abaft North America in absolute media ad spending and will abide to cull abroad from Western Europe as the bazaar matures, extensive $173. 2 billion in 2014. Asia-Paci? c Absolute Media Announcement Spending Metrics, 2009-2014 billions, % of absolute and % change 2009 Common Asia-Paci? c —% of common —% change $465. 1 27. 6% -5. 0% 2010 $482. 6 28. 0% 5. 3% 2011 $495. 0 28. 5% 4. 4% 2012 $523. 4 29. 2% 8. 3% 2013 $543. 30. 0% 6. 6% 2014 $564. 0 30. 7% 6. 3% eMarketer excludes adaptable announcement from online spending estimates. Based on the aerial assimilation of adaptable accessories in Asia-Pacific, adaptable spending should additionally accord to all-embracing increases in spending on agenda media. Asia-Paci? c Online Announcement Spending Metrics, 2009-2014 billions, % of absolute and % change 2009 Common Asia-Paci? c —% of common —% change $55. 2 $11. 0 19. 9% 5. 7% 2010 $61. 8 $12. 6 20. 4% 14. 7% 2011 $68. 7 $14. 6 21. 2% 15. 5% 2012 $79. 0 $17. 4 22. 0% 19. 4% 2013 $87. 4 $19. 6 22. 4% 12. 6% 2014 $96. $22. 2 22. 9% 13. 3% Note: includes banderole ads, search, affluent media, video, classi? ed, sponsorships, advance bearing and email; excludes adaptable ad spending Source: eMarketer, June 2010 118084 118084 www. eMarketer. com South Korea and Japan abide of accomplished media users—the youngest ancestors accept been apparent to the internet, broadband and adaptable agenda technologies for their absolute lives, while earlier ancestors accept formed with best of the technology still in use today. The aftereffect is assimilation ante of 90% or college for both acceptable and agenda media. China and India are at the alternative end of the spectrum, as the adolescent bearing begins to admission a average chic with aerial expectations for advance and admission to all media. This demographic includes adolescent and anew urbanized consumers who accomplish up the fastest-growing citizenry of internet users in the world, called by eMarketer at 581. 6 actor in 2010. Australia avalanche in the average with a added diverse, Westernized economy. However, government advance in broadband technology over the abutting six years could basement Australia into a eading position for internet use and media burning worldwide. Along with South Korea and Japan, Australia already has a well-developed online ad market, accounting for about 20% of absolute media spending. $128. 4 $135. 1 $141. 1 $152. 8 $162. 9 $173. 2 Note: includes absolute mail, internet (excluding mobile), magazines, newspapers, outdoor, radio, TV (broadcast and cable), chicken pages and alternative Source: eMarketer, June 2010 118083 www. eMarketer. com 118083 The arena will admission its allotment of common ad spending from 28% in 2010 to 30. 7% in 2014. Higher advance ante will acquiesce AsiaPacific to abutting in on North America and eventually beat it ancient above the accepted anticipation period. Online announcement will appearance double-digit advance from 2010 to 2014, but from a abate base. By 2014, online ad spending in the arena will hit $22. 2 billion, 22. 9% of the common total. Online will admission as a allocation of absolute spending in Asia-Pacific from 8. 6% in 2009 to 12. 8% in 2014, backward abaft the allotment of dollars that will go online in North America and Western Europe. AP-1 Australia As in best developed countries, absolute media spending alone in Australia during the recession, with advisers ciphering declines of 5% (Carat Insight, March 2010) to 8. 4% (ZenithOptimedia, April 2010; MAGNA, May 2010) in 2009. This year has brought a acknowledgment to growth, with all advisers admiration abstinent increases in spending through 2012. Spending forecasts this year assemble about $10 billion. The online account is rosier, with 2009 advance estimates of at atomic 9%. Double-digit increases are accepted through 2012, back both MAGNA and ZenithOptimedia adumbrate online ad spending ill ability $2. 1 billion in the country. The accent of online announcement in Australia reflects its avant-garde internet user population. eMarketer estimates that added than two-thirds of bodies in Australia accessed the internet at atomic already a ages in 2009. In 2010, internet users accomplished a absolute of 14. 8 actor and are anticipation to hit 16 actor in 2014. Abstracts from Roy Morgan Distinct Antecedent Australia adumbrated that while TV maintained its cachet as the best boundless average with 92. 6% penetration, adaptable phones surged to become the secondmost-widespread device, at 85. % in 2009. Internet acceptance about angled as users spent 7 added hours online per anniversary in 2009 than in 2005. Web users in Australia are amid bounded leaders in amusing media acceptance as well. Citizenry in Australia, 2000-2010 millions 21. 3 21. 5 20. 5 20. 7 21. 0 19. 8 20. 0 20. 2 19. 1 19. 3 19. 5 Media Assimilation in Australia, 2000, 2005 & 2009 % of developed citizenry 2000 TV viewers* Adaptable buzz owners Magazine readers Internet users (home) Newspaper readers** Radio listeners* Pay-TV subscribers 93. 4% 51. 0% 88. 1% 39. 6% 85. 0% 68. 9% 21. 3% 2005 92. 5% 78. 4% 85. 9% 64. % 83. 8% 65. 2% 25. 1% 2009 92. 6% 85. 2% 80. 7% 75. 6% 75. 6% 61. 7% 25. 9%

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