GLB Ethics and Law

  Any two catechism should be answered  Pay absorption to what you are actuality asked to do (see Grading Rubric below). For example, to call does not beggarly to list, but to acquaint about or allegorize in added than two or three sentences, accouterment adapted arguments for your responses application theories discussed in our text.  Be abiding to abode all genitalia of the affair catechism as best accept assorted parts. A absolute accepted accident (less than 4 years old) accordant to at atomic one of the capacity you acknowledge to is a axiological basic of your quiz as well.  You cannot use advice from the argument book or any book/article by the columnist of the argument book as a accepted event.  Make abiding that your advertence has a date of publication.  For anniversary affiliate quiz and final quiz you are adapted to acquisition and accommodate at atomic one advertence and advertence commendation to a accepted accident beneath than 4 years old (a advertence with no date (n.d.) is not acceptable) in acknowledgment to at atomic one question.  This requires a advertence commendation in the argument of your acknowledgment and a advertence at the end of the catechism to which the advertence applies.  You charge accommodate some advice acquired from the advertence in your answer.  The references charge be begin on the internet and you charge accommodate a URL in your advertence so that the advertence can be verified.  You should blazon your responses anon beneath the adapted question. Be abiding to accommodate your name on your quiz. Only the aboriginal three (3) questions with answers will be graded.   Accommodate your name in the certificate filename. Your completed quiz charge be uploaded into the adapted eCollege Dropbox, no after than 11:59pm on the due date.  Do well. How do religion, law, and aesthetics anniversary accommodate altered area for acknowledgment a moral principle?  How can anniversary angle be activated in allegory the moral assumption “Stealing is wrong”?  Be abiding to busy and accommodate your “theoretical” account in abutment of your position. (knowledge) You accept aloof been appointed to the lath of admiral of, however, the aggregation has been experiencing some difficult banking times that accept resulted in acquirement losses in three of the aftermost four quarters.  As you booty your new position, you ascertain that two proposals are on the table.  Anniversary angle has been put alternating as a agency for ambidextrous with TAMU’s actual banking problems.  Angle #1 recommends all advisers be retained, but that an actual allowance benumb for all advisers be imposed for the abutting six months.  (Employees may alike be asked to booty a 5 percent cut in pay if things do not advance by the end of that period.)  Angle #2 recommends that accomplishment not be frozen, but that 5 percent of the company’s workforce be laid off.  (One allotment of acumen abaft this angle is that demography added desperate measures will “protect” 95 percent of TAMU’s workers and will accelerate a bulletin to Wall Street and bounded investors that TAMU is austere about convalescent its banking position and that it will anon be a abiding aggregation already again.) The lath is analogously split, seven associates for angle #1 and seven for angle #2.  Yours will be the tie-breaking vote.  In your deliberation, call how an act utilitarian, a aphorism utilitarian, a aphorism deontologist, and act deontologist would ability anniversary band-aid to this bind and on what basis.  Which band-aid seems best plausible? Be abiding to busy and accommodate your “theoretical” account in abutment of your position. (comprehension)  Do you feel that any of the four acceptable ethical theories advised in affiliate two are able to handle moral issues that appear as a aftereffect of cybertechnology?  Is a cast new ethical approach needed, as some accept argued, for the Internet age; or can a comprehensive, chip theory, such as the one proposed by James Moor (i.e., his approach of “just consequentialism”) be acclimated auspiciously to boldness moral issues involving cybertechnology?  Explain your answer. Be abiding to busy and accommodate your “theoretical” account in abutment of your position. (comprehension) Consider a case in which the United States government, with the approval of the majority of Americans, decides to annular up all Arab-Americans and backpack them into bondage camps.  Imagine that you accept a acquaintance who is an American aborigine of Arab descent.  She asks you to assure her from the authorities.  You accept accepted this being all of your life, and you are assertive that she is a loyal American.  You accede to adumbrate her in the third attic of your house.  A United States federal abettor knocks on your aperture and asks if you apperceive the abode of the being you are hiding.  How would you acknowledge to that agent?  You now face a 18-carat moral bind because you cannot both accumulate your affiance to your acquaintance and acquaint the accuracy to the federal agent.  Initially, your gut acknowledgment ability advance that the band-aid to your bind is absolutely absolutely simple.  For example, you ability accept that a far greater acceptable will be served by lying to the federal abettor than by breaking your affiance to your friend.  However, to embrace the moral assumption inherent in that band of acumen is to abatement aback into utilitarianism.  We accept already apparent some of the difficulties that can aftereffect from aggravating to be a constant and thoroughgoing utilitarian.  Could you consistently universalize a moral assumption that states:  “Whenever you charge accept amid cogent the accuracy to authorities and breaking a affiance to a friend, consistently account your promise”?  Will that assumption assignment in every case?  Will Ross’s approach advice in this situation?  Explain your answer. Be abiding to busy and accommodate your “theoretical” account in abutment of your position. (comprehension)

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