Glacial Processes Assignment

  Glacial Processes Assignment Glacial Processes Appointment Instructions As usual, anniversary appointment appointment is burst bottomward into two basal parts: InitialPost (worth 15 points) A aftereffect column to acquaint with acceptance and added the altercation (worth 5 points) I. Complete the afterward for your antecedent column (part A only: A. As you've abstruse this affiliate and in the Yosemite documentary, glaciers accept amazing cutting potential. For your antecedent post, analysis and acquisition a 'before' and 'after' angel of a glaciated mural (I provided an archetype below). Next, in the anatomy of abbreviate paragraphs abridge area and back the photographs were taken and call the post-glacial features/landforms apparent in your angel (these are declared in detail in account this anniversary - "U" shaped valleys, cirques, moraines, etc.). Note that you will acceptable not be able to see every post-glacial affection in your image, but do your best to analyze what you can. Some of you are accomplished in photoshop and angel processing. You are acceptable to draw arrows, circles, or contrarily highlight the appearance in the images to enhance your description but this is not a requirement. Be abiding to upload a archetype of your "before and after" images so I an analysis them and your descriptions for accuracy.  Be abiding to cite any outside assets application MLA commendation format. Your antecedent column should be a minimum of 200 words.

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