Given the current trend of the massive flow of data and the sensitivity of the Personal Health Information (PHI), discuss the various strategies of achieving data privacy in Healthcare Industry.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) / Protected  Health Information (PHI) Healthcare is amid the few industries that consistently generates gigantic volume of data on a circadian basis. The above allotment of these abstracts is the Personal Health Information (PHI), which accommodate the accommodating name, social aegis number, address, phone number, and their medical history. As such, abounding organizations including marketers, allowance companies, and abstracts brokers are consistently hunting for these "sweet" data. Question: Given the accepted trend of the massive breeze of abstracts and the acuteness of the Personal Health Information (PHI), discuss the assorted strategies of accomplishing abstracts aloofness in Healthcare Industry. Discussion Requirements: Introduction - explain the accepted trend of massive breeze of abstracts all over the places, abnormally on the Internet. Explain the Personal Health Information or Electronic Health Records in affiliation to data privacy Discuss the assorted ways in which the Health annal ability be compromised. What are the assorted risks accessory with the breaching of individual privacy? Discuss the assorted the strategies of accomplishing abstracts aloofness in Healthcare Industry. Discuss the roles of HIPAA and HITHEC in accomplishing healthcare abstracts privacy. Some advantageous links: Reply Quote Email Author

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