Girl X – Black and Red

For our colour assemblage in drama, one of the colour combinations we advised was atramentous and red. For this task, our abecedary was in a role of a physiatrist, was cogent us the case of a 7 year old babe begin on the streets that banned to speak. To get the babe communicating, the babe was told to draw a picture. She drew a red amphitheater in the centermost of the page, engulfed in a sea of atramentous scribbles. Our assignment was to analyse the image, and beck our thoughts and account about the account into an abstruse allotment of drama. In my group, we absitively that the red amphitheater was the girl, and that the black about her was the babe actuality trapped. We additionally asserted that the black is an earlier macho accompanying to the babe in someway, that has abused her and she is trapped because of the events. We acclimated an arrangement of techniques; the aboriginal actuality characterisation. The babe was called Emily, which to me seems like an innocent name, which would advice body the accord the admirers has appear her and additionally actualize all-overs in her situation. We performed with the admirers actuality broadcast and with no lights. This is actual able as it makes the admirers feel as if they are there alongside the girl. We would accept associates of our accumulation stationed about altered positions in the stage, and in about-face they would anniversary be active on the spot. This is to actualize the consequence that there is addition running, and it would be alarming for one being to be active about the date as it is in thee dark. Suddenly the active would stop and a articulation starts to pant. This is again area we absorb addition technique, the silence. The blackout would be for 10 seconds. This is heavily effective, as its in the aphotic and the admirers do not apperceive what is activity on afterwards the actuality they heard addition running. Suddenly a scream would appear out anatomy nowhere, which break the silence. Again addition blackout is used, for about 7 seconds. During the accomplished arena I was in the centermost of the stage. Afterwards the silence, I about-face on a lighter and say, "I am watching you. " This is striking, as addition actualization from boilerplate in the average of a aphotic date was not advancing by the audience. This assignment helped me accept a lot of things. It fabricated me accept abounding positions that bodies can be in, and how colour can accurate affections such as: anger, fear, helplessness.

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