In 1-2 well-developed and well-detailed paragraphs, altercate one of the capacity listed below. After you accept acquaint your discussion, accomplish abiding you acknowledgment to or animadversion on at atomic TWO of your classmates' posts. Each acknowledgment should be detailed: a animadversion such as "good post" or "I don't agree" is not developed; why is it acceptable or why don't you agree? Feel chargeless to appoint in chat with added acceptance if you wish. 1. What characteristics ascertain Gilgamesh as a hero?  Does his credible alteration (or change) affect or change your angle of him as an ballsy hero?  How does he compare/contrast to what we accede ballsy today? 2. Given the male-centered apple of the culture, women (both bitter and immortal) exercise a hasty amount of bureau and ability in the epic.  Provide some examples of this ability and altercate the epic's analysis of gender. 3. Discuss the representation of abhorrence of afterlife and adventure for aeon in Gilgamesh--what is the argument cogent us about man's afterlife and his following for abiding life?  Is there annihilation in Gilgamesh's adventure that reminds you of accepted quests for aeon or searches for the acceptation of life? 4. Compare and adverse Utnapishtim's description of the abundant flood with Noah's account. What do you accomplish of the arresting similarities in the two accounts?

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