Geology position paper

Select a geo/environmental accepted event/topic and explain the arguments on either ancillary (assuming there are alone 2 abandon to the argument). Don’t aloof accompaniment the arguments – abridge the evidence, data, and/or acknowledging advice the proponents use to accomplish their case.  Don't booty sides.  Report on the accountable as a aloof cold observer.  Try to abstain "apples vs oranges" arguments (if possible).  Limit your cardboard to a couple/few pages. Don’t use blogs or Wikipedia as primary sources.  Vet your sources.  Properly adduce sources in argument and accommodate references.  Fully architecture your references (not aloof links) and adduce in-text area appropriate.  Any accepted commendation architecture that attributes the advice to author, date, and advertisement is adequate (MPA, ALA, etc.). Check your cardboard for spelling and grammar.  The Academic Center for Excellence and The Autograph Center are abundant resources. Some added agenda apropos grammar: Clarity is important.  The best way to be bright is to be concise.  Get to the point and use as few words as possible. Avoid hyperbole.  Be precise.  Here's a link: .  The account of words and phrases frequently acclimated with abstract delivery is a abundant resource.   Avoid clichés, jargon, idioms, and best metaphors. Here's addition abundant resource:  HIT PARADE OF ERRORS IN GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION, AND STYLE: 

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