Geography Bangladesh Coursework

To what admeasurement does the Concrete Ambiance of Bangladesh actuate its akin of development? What efforts could be fabricated to abate the country's problems? The aim of this coursework is to investigate how Bangladesh's Concrete ambiance is affecting the bulk of the development of the country. Furthermore, to analyze what efforts could be fabricated to abate the country's problems. [Section 1] To what admeasurement does the Concrete Ambiance of Bangladesh actuate its akin of development? Bangladesh is anchored in South Asia. It is amidst by India, and borders Burma. The citizenry is about 150 actor people; 45% of it's citizenry is in poverty. The boyhood of the citizenry of in Bangladesh are amid in Dhaka, the basic city, Chittagong and Khulna; best of the citizenry are amid in rural areas. The capital river active through Bangladesh is the Ganges-Brahmaputra. This river is the capital account of the issues in Bangladesh. Monsoons action every year, afterwards fail, causing the country alike added problems. Only 40. % of the developed citizenry are literate, and abandoned 21. 6% of accouchement accept accessory education. The government are always aggravating to break the problems, but this is bootless as a aftereffect of the country's poor wealth. Bangladesh is 49. 8% beneath the abjection band apropos to its wealth, and its accelerated citizenry advance hinders the development of the country. There are abounding affidavit why Bangladesh is an LEDC. The capital acumen for this, is the calamity which occurs every year as a acrid aftereffect of the monsoons, prohibiting the acceleration of development. The river Ganges-Brahmaputra is apparent as an 'untameable' river, which changes its anatomy actual frequently. This causes adversity in itself as it destroys abounding genitalia of Bangladesh's abundant acreage which is at is best by the river. As a aftereffect of this, there are a lot of homes amid forth the river as it is a capital antecedent of baptize for accustomed life, and to accommodate jobs such as agriculture and agronomical work. As a aftereffect of this, the connected architecture and rebuilding of communities uses time and money, appropriately slowing bottomward the progression of the country. Another acumen for Bangladesh actuality an LEDC is a aftereffect of its awful abutting population. This would not be a botheration if money was acceptable in Bangladesh, but the country is poor, acceptation it cannot accommodate for its ample cardinal of inhabitants. Finally, the aid accustomed to Bangladesh by alternative countries can be useless, for example, abundant of the money aid accustomed to the Bangladeshi government, are loans. Aback the country cannot acquiesce pay aback the loans, Bangladesh is in added and added debt, acceptation the development of the country is decelerate. Furthermore, best of the alternative aid accustomed to the country does not advice the poor, continuing poverty; highly-skilled experts can be expensive, afresh spending the money the government do not have; charities can be afflicted by the bodies who abutment them, accordingly the aid accustomed may to be advise a assertive subject, admitting simple activity abilities may be of added use; and fi- nally, the aid may be accustomed to individuals, rather than communities which would be added useful. Bangladesh is amid stages 2 and 3 in development. The country is ailing educated, acceptation families are ashore in a abjection circle. This is aback a ancestors are poor, they accept abounding accouchement because the majority of them will die due to ache and malnutrition. The ancestors charge the actual accouchement to assignment to accommodate for the family, and to attending afterwards the parents aback they are old. Again the accouchement accept children, who will do the aforementioned for their parents. This is a abandoned amphitheater which is acutely adamantine to get out of. Accession acumen why Bangladesh is in amid the stages 2 and 3 is because of the floods, always antibacterial genitalia of the country, and their admired crops which advice to accommodate many, abounding families with income. Furthermore, the money aid accustomed to the country is usually in the anatomy of loans; aback the country is clumsy to accord these loans, they get into austere debt. The acumen Bangladesh is in the development stages amid 2 and 3 is as a aftereffect of a aggregate of factors. (Data from 1989. ) The application anatomy in Bangladesh is actual altered from actuality in the UK. In the UK, aloof 7% of the citizenry are unemployed; admitting in Bangladesh, 25% of the citizenry are unemployed. Of those who are employed, 75% assignment in agronomical jobs such as, agriculture the abundant land. In the UK, abandoned 2% of the citizenry are active for agronomical positions. % of the Bangladeshi citizenry are alive for the industry, and 20% of the UK assignment for the industry. 78% of the active citizenry in the UK are alive in services, and aloof 19% in Bangladesh. This abstracts shows that Bangladesh are still actual abundant relying on the old way of life, alive on farms for example, while best of the citizenry in the UK are alive in jobs such as policemen/women. This additionally implies that if the acreage is damaged, or crops do not curl auspiciously as a aftereffect of the flooding, about four fifths of the citizenry ache from an immense abatement in their income. This is a aloft acumen accidental to why Bangladesh's concrete ecology is such an appulse on the date of development. Bangladesh do accept accession way of authoritative money though. They consign some goods, mainly to the US. The capital exports are angle products, textiles, accouterment and jute (a blazon of alloyed material). This brought in $1,305 actor to Bangladesh in 1989. Bangladesh is anchored in Asia. It borders Burma, and is amidst by India. The acreage in Bangladesh is mainly floodplains and delta; suggesting that there would be a aerial akin of calamity in the country, slowing bottomward any development of the area. As we can see from the map, (below), best of the acreage is in the colour blue, acceptation it is actual abutting to sea level, accretion the affairs of flooding. Also, there are abounding addled locations accountable to flooding. The majority of the country is up to aloof 10 meters aloft sea level. The country is flat, additionally acceptation aback ample amounts of calamity by the ample and capital rivers occur, the baptize would advance out quickly, accordingly this would affect all-inclusive areas of the country, rather than aloof abandoned areas. The capital rivers abounding through Bangladesh are the River Brahmaputra, the River Meghna and the River Ganges. This, therefore, affects a huge cardinal of the people, as aback the rivers flood, the rivers are abutting together, accretion the aggregate of the flood water, and accretion the appulse on the Bangladeshi society. As a aftereffect of the country actuality mainly floodplains and the four capital rivers active through, architecture on the plains would be unconstructive and a decay of admired money, this acceptation the development of the country is actual limited, due to the concrete appearance of Bangladesh. The altitude in Bangladesh is breach into three capital phases; the hot season, the air-conditioned division and the backing season. The hot division is amid March and June. The air-conditioned division is amid November and February, and the backing division is amid June to September. The hot division is accepted to abide of some abundant showers. Depending on the area, the bulk of condensate throughout Bangladesh in the backing season, ranges amid 200cm and 300cm; the arctic tends to accept the best rain. During this season, close rainstorms action also. These can account actual able apprehension and added abundant rain. The wind spreads the flood baptize out added over abounding miles, causing balance flooding, prohibiting development of the country further. The temperatures in Bangladesh are adequately consistent. The temperatures do bead during the winter, but on average, do not abatement to beneath 10 degrees Celsius. In the summer, the temperatures ability their accomplished during April and May. These temperatures are about 34 degrees Celsius. The anniversary monsoons accept adverse furnishings on the bodies of Bangladesh. Firstly, the floods accept destroyed abounding of the Bangladeshi people's homes and abounding communities, abrogation some dead, and some abominably injured. Aid has to be alleged for as the country cannot abutment itself alone, acceptation they accept to await on others. Another aftereffect is that beasts are abandoned and worse, drowned in the floods. This agency farmers are accident admired 'tools,' appropriately loosing money as a result. Furthermore, the baptize will become brackish and account things to rot, alluring vermin, eventually overextension disease. In accession to this, homes and architecture basic for development of the country will be destroyed, bringing development aback to aboveboard one every time there is a aloft flood. As we can see, there is a huge appulse of monsoons on the accomplished country, befitting it in a accompaniment of poverty. Yes, the acclimate does aftereffect the development of the country as every time the country is flooded, admired and bound money is spent on aliment and aid. This can get Bangladesh assimilate austere debt, acceptation money is spent on alternative things which charge to be spent on development, ambiguous the development of the country on a approved basis. There are three capital rivers active through Bangladesh. There is the River Brahmaputra (below larboard and beneath right), the River Meghna and the River Ganges. The River Brahmaputra is the bigger of the three; it is 2,900km continued in total. The river does not alpha in Bangladesh, but it splits into two there. The river additionally flows through Tibet, India and China as able-bodied as Bangladesh. The rivers antecedent is aerial up in the Himalayas in Tibet, and campaign at a abrupt bathos until it assuredly levels out in the plains in India. Afterwards 35km of travel, the river joins to two others, and becomes the actual advanced River Brahmaputra. The river campaign into Bangladesh, and is acclimated there for a ambit of purposes. The capital ones actuality a antecedent of energy, food, apple-pie water, degradation of decay in the centermost parts, defence barriers and transport. One of the best important uses of the river is for energy. Because there are waves, generators are accumulated and aback the after-effects reflect off of them, activity and ability is created. Abundant activity is produced every additional because the river is so large. Accession capital use of the river, is that it is fast affective water, (not as fast as the Ganges), acceptation it is fresh, enabling the bodies to use it as bubbler water. Bodies will canteen this water, and advertise it. A acceptable way of authoritative money. Bodies are able to use boats and bathe in the river as the baptize is not as asperous in the River Brahmaputra than it is in the River Ganges. The river causes abounding problems as able-bodied as actuality of use to the people. Aback it floods, which is every year, it kills crops, bodies and cattle. It additionally destroys homes and leaves villages wrecked. The river Ganges is apparent as a agrarian and untameable river. Its antecedent is additionally in the Himalayas at the assemblage of six alternative rivers. A assemblage is the affair of two or added rivers or baptize sources. The Ganges again flows through India and into Bangladesh. The river is apparent as angelic to the bodies because aback it comes into the burghal of Kanpur, it is abutting by the Yamuna at Allahabad. This point is recognised as the Sangam at Allahabad. The Sangam is a afraid abode in Hinduism, accordingly the river has some religious acceptation to it. The River Ganges has additionally been acclimated for avant-garde day films, and to analysis out new submarines. Because of its different features, some submarines and alternative argosy accept been called afterwards it. The final capital river is the River Meghna. This river begins its adventure in the arresting regions of India. It is the abandoned one of the three capital rivers that absolutely forms central of Bangladesh itself. It is a actual alarming river, so the bodies who alive abreast it, cannot use it as it is so actual dangerous. Its abandoned use to its bodies is that it deposits a lot of silt, so accordingly the bounded farmers can adore acknowledged crops. As we can see, anniversary river has advantages and disadvantages. The River Ganges is beheld as the atomic effective of the capital rivers as it is decumbent to flooding, and the degradation of alluvium is low, acceptation it is of little use to farmers. In accession to this, the river is awful polluted. The River Meghna is advantageous as it deposits a lot of silt, yet is far too alarming to ablution or wash, baker apple-pie etc. in. So, this agency that the River Brahmaputra is the best advantageous to the country. It allows bodies bubbler water, baptize to cook, apple-pie and sell. Furthermore, it is a huge supplier of activity to Bangladesh, acceptation it is admired for the development of the country. Deforestation does accept a ample appulse on the rivers in Bangladesh. It increases the bulk of apparent runoff area the backwoods has been austere because there is no interception of the plants and there are no copse to use the added baptize in photosynthesis. This agency that the apparent runoff will breeze into the rivers, causing the baptize levels to rise, and accidental to the flooding. To conclude, the rivers accept uses, but are additionally decumbent to at atomic 3 aloft floods a year, adverse the development of the country. Deforestation is causing a acceleration in baptize levels also. However, the River Brahmaputra is a advantageous antecedent of energy, allowance to accord to the development of the country. There are abounding things which are actuality done to affected the Bangladesh's problems. As a aftereffect of the country's poor wealth, it is a abundant attempt to try to cull the country out of its accepted accompaniment of poverty. There already accept been, and will be abounding schemes to try to aphorism out the problems Bangladesh has and is experiencing. For example, the Flood Action Plan was set up, also, the World Bank plan was established, flood guards accept been purchased, and the H. E. E. D arrangement was set up. The H. E. E. D Arrangement The H. E. E. D arrangement was developed and advised by the Tear Fund. The Tear Fund is a Christian Charity, alive globally to try to annihilate poverty. The H. E. E. D scheme's aim was to abutment villages in Bangladesh to advance for a bigger future. H. E. E. D stands for Health, Education, Economic, Development. The arrangement operates by acclamation the roles of both women and men in association to acquiesce everybody to comedy a allotment in aggravating to affected problems, together. Women anatomy in groups of about 20 to altercate problems and appearance that they accept a articulation and that they additionally accept rights in society. Abandoned the women are able to do this as they are the abandoned ones who accept the time. Their capital role is to be a housewife, attractive afterwards the family, while the men are out working. The men assignment as farmers all day, accordingly they are clumsy to abutment the women as much.

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