Geographic Research Of Las Cuevas Bay

Candidate Name: Nathaniel J. Adiah Candidate Number: Subject: Geography School: Presentation College Chaguanas Year of Exam: Teacher’s Name: Aim: To identify, call and annual for the appearance of abrasion and degradation forth Las Cuevas Bay. Candidate Name: Candidate Number: Subject: Geography School: Year of Exam: Teacher’s Name: Aim: To identify, call and annual for the appearance of abrasion and degradation forth Las Cuevas Bay. Contents Aim:4 Methodology5 Introduction:6 Description of the Bay7 Presentation of allegation – Analysis and Discussion8 Caves9 Arches10 Stumps11 Cliffs12 Blowholes13 Geos14 Headlands15 Coves16 Notches17 The Beach18 Conclusion20 Limitations21 Bibliography22 Aim: To identify, call and annual for the appearance of abrasion and degradation forth Las Cuevas Bay. Methodology Where? : Las Cuevas Bay When? : Monday 11th June, 2012. From 9:00 am – 1:30 pm How? : The chic was breach into six groups and anniversary accumulation advised a specific armpit forth the beach. Each accumulation agitated out a cardinal of tests: beachcomber height, application a accent stick; beachcomber frequency, application a stopwatch; amplitude of the beach, application a barometer tape. Introduction: Las Cuevas Bay is a 2. 2 kilometer aloft bank called afterwards the caves that lie on the southwestern end of the beach. Las Cuevas Bay is amid about 7 kilometers east of Maracas Bay forth the North Bank Road. This bank is acutely accepted for both bathing and camping. The bank was called because of the actuality that it has a lot of appreciable features. Description of the Bay Las Cuevas Bay is about 2. kilometers continued and its amplitude is 74 feet. It is a bay arch bank with a horse shoe shape. At the time of the abstraction rain was falling and there was a affable breeze. It was during aerial tide. The bank acclivity was affable and uniform. The after-effects were effective (8 after-effects per minute). Presentation of allegation – Analysis and Discussion Bar blueprint 1: assuming the cardinal of anniversary affection apparent on the bank The bar blueprint aloft shows that the best accustomed affection on the bank was the cliffs. Best of the appearance empiric were apparent at the eastern end of the beach. Caves A cavern is a accustomed underground alveolate in the rock, usually ample abundant for a animal actuality to enter. The band-aid of carbonate rocks such as limestone takes abode mostly beneath the baptize table in the area of assimilation or the phreatic zone. The baptize table sinks as the rocks are attenuated and caves are formed. Arches Stumps Cliffs Sea cliffs are formed back after-effects bang agilely adjoin a abrupt coast. Blowholes Geos Headlands Coves Notches The Bank The bank is the alone depositional feature. Line blueprint 1: beachcomber abundance at altered credibility forth the beach Erosional Features| Depositional Features| Caves| Beach| Cliffs| | Geos| | Headlands| | Coves| | Blowhole| | Notches| | Stumps| | Arches| | Conclusion A cardinal of appearance were empiric although the bank is now aloft so present processes accept no abundant aftereffect on any appearance except the beach. Las Cuevas Bank is a abiding bank arrangement with several erosional appearance and alone one depositional feature, which is the bank itself. Limitations Some limitations on this abstraction are: 1) The acclimate 2) Timeframe 3) Course Bibliography

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