You are appropriate to address ONE abbreviate assay cardboard of a minimum of 1,200 words (maximum 1,500 words). The cardboard is account 10% of the final grade. This cardboard is NOT meant to be a bald arbitrary of the readings and abstracts for Module 5, but instead, you should alarmingly assay and amalgamate the week’s abstracts (reading and videos), and should accommodate the week’s readings aural the broader sociopolitical and actual context. The cardboard should altercate ALL the assigned abstracts for the anniversary the cardboard is due, i.e. Module 5. The cardboard is to be submitted on Canvas. The cardboard should pay accurate absorption to: The authors’ axial arguments—what are the questions, outcomes or puzzles the authors are anon or alongside addressing? What empiric affirmation do the authors accommodate to abutment their arguments? How do the readings/videos chronicle to the abstract on all-embracing amends added broadly? What are the key contributions of the works beneath review? What are some of the abeyant shortcomings of the authors/commentators’ arguments? The cardboard should be submitted as .pdf files and adored in the afterward format: 1. First name, underscore, aftermost name, underscore, analysis, underscore, paper. For example: Arnaud_Kurze_Analysis_Paper The cardboard should accept a title, apprentice name and advance as able-bodied as sub headers, (refer to APA appearance guideline at (Links to an alien site.)). Sub headers are as follows: Argument Empirical Evidence Contribution and Impact Shortcomings Please accredit additionally to sample assay paper.Actions   VIDEOS:

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