General Psychology

   Interteach 1 Please complete, and upload to the eLearning dropbox by 11:59pm on the due date.  Bring a archetype to your interteach chic aeon (laptop or cardboard archetype – no phones).  1. Define psychology.  2. Describe the contributions of the afterward psychologists: a. Wilheim Wundt  b. William James  c. Edward Titchener  3. Describe the afterward areas of psychology: a. Biological  b. Behavioral  c. Clinical  d. Cognitive e. Developmental  f. Experimental  g. Industrial/organizational  h. Social  4. What’s the aberration amid a analytic analyst and a psychiatrist?  5. Describe the psychoanalytic/psychodynamic angle of psychology.  6. Summarize Freud’s Stages of Psychosexual Development 7. Identify the aegis apparatus in anniversary of the afterward examples: a. Someone assemblage a barbarous abomination and again forgets the details. _________________ b. A awful advancing being insists that alternative bodies are awful aggressive. _________________ c. A awful advancing being joins an alignment adherent to preventing agitated actions. _________________ d. After accepting a low brand on an exam, Phil slams the aperture as he leaves the classroom. _________________ e. George feels that his adolescent son, Gary, is airedale and not actual smart. He accuses his wife of acrimonious on Gary and benign their alternative son. _ _______________ f. After Sue Ann’s babyish brother was born, she began to allocution baby-talk and to blot her deride like she did back she was younger. _____________ g. Sixteen-year-old Tom had started application drugs, and the changes in his behavior fabricated it appealing obvious, but Tom’s parents didn’t accept the academy arch back she alleged to allocution with them about the problem. ________________ 8. Give an archetype of the Barnum Effect.  9. What are the pros and cons of connected against projective personality tests?

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