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Since 1932, the buyer of the Alpen brand, The Weetabix Aliment Company, has been accomplishment and bartering breakfast atom articles in Great Britain. Over the years, The Weetabix Aliment Aggregation has placed some of its brands/products at cardinal one positions in the markets in which it operates: Weetabix, Ready Brek and Alpen muesli. The Weetabix Aliment Aggregation is architect of a ambit of brands exported to added than eighty countries about the world: Crunchy Bran, Oatibix, Ready Brek, Seriously Oaty, Weetabix, Weetabix Disney, Weetaflakes, Weetos and Alpen. In addition, The Aggregation has factories in Great- Britain at Corby, Ashton beneath Lyne and Hastings. "At its arch appointment and annex in Burton Latimer, the development and analysis analysis advance new cereals to accommodated alteration chump needs. " ("Industry's best", "Weetabix", 2005, para. 8) This action has resulted in a acceptability for bearing aliment which is safe and of an accomplished quality. Nowadays, The Weetabix Aliment Aggregation is the second-largest atom architect in the United Kingdom with a 16% allotment of the market, admired at i?? 179 (_269) million. In the year 2003, the US private disinterestedness accumulation Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst acquired Weetabix Ltd. for "i?? 642 (_963) million". (Breakfast Cereals - UK -, 2004, p. 33) The European annex of this company, Lion Capital LLP, has taken over Weetabix Ltd. back it breach from its ancestor aggregation in January of 2005. Weetabix is a assisting organisation. According to contempo abstraction of Mintel (2004) in 2004, the anniversary about-face of Weetabix was estimated to be about i?? 362 (_543) actor including a college pre-tax accumulation than accepted of i?? 50. 6 actor (_76), up14% on the antecedent year. (p. 33) 1. 1. 2 Alpen In 1971, The Weetabix Aliment Aggregation auspiciously launched the Swiss appearance muesli: Alpen in Great-Britain. Over the years, the Alpen ambit has been continued by new atom products. By the awful aggressive cereals bazaar and the alteration customer trends in the year 2002, The Weetabix Aliment Aggregation created a new artefact in the Alpen range: Alpen bar. Since the alpha of the barrage of this new product, the atom confined accept been assuming able-bodied in the British accessibility market. In 2006, The Aggregation presented its newest atom confined in the Alpen range: Alpen Light bars. According to Ken Wood, CEO of The Weetabix Aliment Company, "In acknowledgment to the animated antithesis of work, Weetabix gives with its new Light confined an advantageous advantage for today's snacking ability as the atom confined are not alone appetizing and nutritious, but additionally convenient. " (The Weetabix Aliment Company, 2006, p. 2) The accord amid The Weetabix Aliment Aggregation and Alpen is authentic as the accustomed identity: "where the aggregation externalises some activities with advertence to the aggregation name and/or allows - Promotion of Alpen atom confined in The Netherlands subsidiaries to accomplish apropos to that name; the characteristics of the aggregation abide visible, but the character of the assorted activities is put first. " (Vos, 2001, p. 41) 1. 2 Performance 1. 2. 1 Sales & Bazaar allotment Alpen performs able-bodied in the British bite market. According to all-around supplier of consumer, media and bazaar research: Mintel (2004), in 2004, the Alpen cast has been estimated to be account i?? 35 (_53) million; it accounted for 50% of branded muesli sales. (p. 27) In this aforementioned year the Alpen confined accept been added by a cardinal three position in the British atom bar bazaar with a 6.5% bazaar share. "At 9. 7%, British domiciliary assimilation is aerial and levels of echo sales" are additionally able-bodied developed. ("Rising stars of atom bars", 2003, para. 3) 1. 2. 2 Costumer achievement From several reviews begin on the internet one can achieve that 60% of all British consumers are annoyed with Alpen atom bars. 1. 2. 3 Positioning "Positioning refers to the angel of the artefact and cast in allegory to aggressive articles and brands. The position of the artefact or cast is the key agency to acquaint the advantages that it offers and to analyze from competition. " (Belch, 2004, p. 65) 1. 2. 3. 1 - Cast angel In adjustment to allure the appropriate ambition group, Alpen created a personality or angel for its brand. "By employing cartography in the cast name, Alpen creates a geographic personality for the product. Such a geographic personality can advance to geographic disinterestedness for the brand, acceptation that in the consumer's memory, the ability of the cast reflects a able geographic association. " (Schiffman, 2007, p. 135) "The Alpen branding has been acknowledged in bond consumers with able adumbration of Alpen Mountains, apery bloom and alfresco wholesomeness. " Furthermore, the colors utilised on the bales of Alpen are principally the colors blue, white and green. Besides these three (main) colors, Alpen additionally uses the colour that represents the (main) additive bogus in the specific atom bar. For instance, the amalgamation of Alpen Birthmark & Yogurt has, besides the three capital colours, the red colour as well, which represents the strawberry. The bales of the Alpen Light confined are application ablaze colors in adjustment to accent it apropos a Light product.

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