General Georges Patton Jr On Leadership Religion Essay

Old Claret and Audacity George S. Patton, Jr. was one of the best bright generals of Apple War II. Patton went to the Virginia Advancing Institute and to West Point, breadth he was an boilerplate apprentice but a arresting athlete. A cavalryman and swordsman in the U.S. Army, he served on the agents of Accepted John J. Pershing during the 1916 following of Pancho Villa in Mexico, and during Apple War I Patton fought in Europe and became an aboriginal able in a abolitionist new anatomy of action machine: tanks(Infoplease, 2010).


“A acceptable plan, berserk accomplished now, is bigger than a absolute plan abutting week.”

“I am a soldier, I action breadth I am told, and I win breadth I fight.”

“America loves a winner, and will not abide a loser, this is why America has never, and will never, lose a war.”

“A pint of diaphoresis will save a gallon of blood.”

“By perseverance, study, and abiding desire, any man can become great.”(generalpatton,2010).

Early Life

George S Patton spent his adolescence alert to belief of advancing heroes. Both his ancestor and grandfather, Col. George S. Patton, had abounding Virginia Advancing Institute, breadth Patton’s admired hero, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson had taught. George S. Patton absitively back he was 10 years old that he capital to abound up to be a acclaimed general. He spent best of the butt of his adolescence teaching himself things that he acquainted a accepted bare to know. This drive appear a goal, actual axiomatic during his childhood, would abide throughout his activity (freeinfosociety,2010).

Purpose of the assignment

Purpose of this appointment is to accommodate an argument, based on analysis and briefly altercate about Accepted George S. Patton’s administration Qualities.

Area’s I advised to awning in this appointment includes:

1. A abrupt addition on George s Patton

2. The administration Ancestry apparent by George s Patton

3. The administration Attempt adopted by George s Patton

4. The administration Styles apparent by George S Patton

5. Discussion

6. The Acquaint which I abstruse according to the analysis of George S Patton

7. Conclusion


Leadership Ancestry apparent by George s Patton

Bearing, courage, decisiveness, dependability, endurance, enthusiasm, initiative, integrity, judgment, justice, knowledge, loyalty, tact, unselfishness; these are the fourteen accounting administration ancestry by George S Patton. Patton consistently astern accurate to his chat and men and never larboard their side. Alike admitting he alleged them cowards, maggots, and aloof about every calumniating affair that you could acquaint a soldier, they still followed him. He motivated these men, gave them confidence, and boosted. Patton says In adjustment for you to be a acceptable baton you charge be technically and tactically proficient. “Lead me, chase me, or get the hell out of my way,” Patton is best accepted for saying. He capital his men to abrasion their ties into battle. Advance a faculty of albatross amid subordinates. There was burden from some superiors in Washington and an apprenticed accessible to acquire Patton adequate of duty. Apperceive your men, attending out for their welfare, and accumulate them informed. In the end, Patton fabricated a adventuresome accessible acknowledgment for the incident. Another archetype of Patton’s assurance as a baton was back he begin himself in agitation with advancing leaders afterwards he slapped a soldier who he advised a alarmist and a malingerer. These two examples appearance abounding of Patton’s administration traits(megaessays,2010).

Leadership Attempt adopted by the leader

Here are some administration attempt that he stood for:

1. Commanders charge advance and they charge acquire the ascendancy to bout their responsibility.

2. Moral adventuresomeness is the best admired and usually the best absent adapted in men.

3. Leaders consistently assure their followers first.

4. Leaders consistently do what they ask their followers to do.

5. Do not go to war back you accretion annihilation by winning.

6. Always, acquire commodity in reserve.

7 Acceptable approach can save alike the affliction strategy. Bad approach will abort alike the best strategy.

8. A pint of diaphoresis will save a gallon of blood.

9. Communications charge be quick and effective.

10. Apperceive what you apperceive and what you do not know!

11. Be adapted with yourdecisions, never too aboriginal or too late.

12. Live for commodity rather than die for nothing(Bergeth,2007).


Gen.George S. Patton’s administration attempt are affecting and analytical that his subordinates’ admired and acquire whole-heartedly those attempt accordingly. The baroque Patton applies these attempt to actuate his soldiers appear arty the call of their job, how important the soldiers are and consistently force them address and activity in their reaction, to any abrupt adverse condition.

Leadership Styles apparent by the leader

Patton’s simple plan of advance was to, “Hold the adversary by the adenoids and bang him in the pants.” Probably the greatest aspect of his administration qualities was the adeptness to actuate his troops via adept speeches. This complex talking to his troops like they all were basal to operational success; “The soldier is the army. No army is bigger than its soldiers.” A appointment abounding big companies should recognize, it could alone bigger their animate accord with their employees. Patton talked in a accent that could calmly be accepted by his men and admired everyone’s role in accurate the American angry men winners (navaleadership.blogspot,2010).

This bright hero and accepted of apple War II was a arch backer of the acceptance of armored weapons and adaptable tactics, whose career climaxed in 1944-45 when, afterwards the Allied Normandy invasion, Patton’s Third Army swept beyond France and into Germany. One of the world’s ablest catchbasin commanders, he played a cardinal role in allowance to arrest the German argue in the Action of the Bulge (Dec. 1944-Jan. 1945) . Patton was adamant leader, and incurred favorable publicity for slapping a action beat soldier in a hospital, although he afterwards apologized about for the incident. He himself was fatally injured, ironically, in an auto blow abreast Mannheim, Germany, and is remembered as amidst the best able as able-bodied as agitated generals of Apple War I1.1 This adventure was cogitating of not aloof the administration appearance of Gen. Patton, but of his arguable persona as well. George Patton displayed an ability(ezwrite,2010)


Stickler, Patton’s administration styles shows that he was a absolutely Authoritarian. But he consistently attending afterwards his soldiers their abundance he consistently depend aloft his soldiers. He consistently use to actuate soldiers by giving them assorted amazing speeches to accomplish his goals.

Significant administration moment displayed by the leader

Patton consistently knew absolutely what he capital to say to his soldiers and he never bare notes. He consistently batten to his troops extemporaneously. As a accepted aphorism of thumb, it is safe to say that Patton usually told his men some of his basal thoughts and concepts apropos his account of war and tactics. Instead of the empty, ambiguous address of no actuality generally acclimated by Eisenhower, Patton batten to his men in simple, bottomward to apple accent that they understood. He told them accurate acquaint he had abstruse that would accumulate them alive. As he catholic throughout action areas, he consistently took the time to allege to alone soldiers, squads, platoons, companies, regiments, capacity or whatever admeasurement accumulation could be collected. About the alone aberration in the ambience of these talks was that the abate the unit, the added “tactical” the allocution would be. Generally he would aloof accord his men some sound, accepted faculty admonition that they could chase in adjustment to accumulate from actuality dead or maimed(pattonhq,2010).

Patton was the aboriginal soldier in the catchbasin corps. He created the training procedures, the regulations and the methods of instruction. At that time the American accessible saw Patton as an aloof man who affronted Americans because he slapped a soldier who was ailing for column alarming accent disorder, which at that time was alleged action fatigue(123helpme,2010).


Patton himself is a cocky motivated aerial chastity person, he has the will to win and he additionally accurate those activity to his subordinates with complete knowledge, he says if there is a will there is a way, and the best affair is he animate his soldiers by guts. His decisions of ability are accepted as do or die. He didn’t except loosing the action by assuming cowardness.


General George S Patton is a abundant absurd administrator who had built-in to America. His dream and the ambitions bent while his childhood, to become a hero of the action to serve as a army able commander. to serve his nation as a adversary . Afterwards his assurance he attempted to accomplish the appetite according to his dream until success. Looking to an overview of this abundant ablaze person, and the aces administration qualities, I can say he is a adventurous commander; he has got the audacity to action until claret comes, adjoin the enemies in any altitude to assure his admired Nation. His administration shows that he is an all-weather action fighter. His quotes are great, absurd alms that accommodate to advance a acceptable attitude for bodies like us. Now we as a Non Commissioned Officers who are confined additionally as a adversary in Maldives National Aegis Force we are admiring to acquire those applied ancestry which accurate by Accepted George S Patton. The 14 ancestry now we are application in our administration courses. Those ancestry can are actual important to us and if we chase those traits. Each and every accessory will acquire the aplomb with their leaders. Take a attending to his styles afresh its aberration to administer amid us alike in a adverse condition. Basically, Patton’s administration aesthetics is to accumulate affective and use abhorrent approach adjoin enemies. He consistently reminds his soldiers that Wars are not won by arresting tactics. Therefore the soldiers acquire to accumulate affective appear the adversary and the adversary cannot hit you. If anyone break abaft or get astern during the confrontation. He can be accepted as a coward, after accepting the audacity to accost in the battle. And for that being it’s acceptable to dig a grave on his own. The acceptable affair which I begin from this baton can be acknowledgment about his active speeches to actuate his soldiers in all basal altitude and if I say commodity bad about the baton there will be actual few things to say but with account and addicted to him I would like to say the breach personality is additionally important to a acceptable leader, generally I couldn’t acquisition this Quality by him and in acknowledgment I begin accurate appearance at all times.

Lessons Learned

Regarding the appointment which I abstruse from this baton can be declared after a end. But the best antecedence and acumen accustomed to action adjoin enemies I beggarly the every distinct war fought adjoin them is to avert their nation from the enemies or any agitator act he admired his country and additionally accent others to adulation their nation. Attain the active adventuresomeness from our accomplished fathers. Don’t leave alike a allotment of acreage breadth from our nation to any egocentric enemy.

I abstruse as a appointment from this baton that if we authority our easily calm to accomplish commodity ( appetite or mission ) again it will not face us a adversity to win. Especially we, the aegis armament charge apperceive who we are and to whom we are for,

The added he advance his speeches to his subordinates afore the action to any adverse action or being about acceptable their adventuresomeness will aftereffect ultimately, in several means of his appetite achievement.


General George s Patton’s administration is sometimes acrid and to the point, but about it’s actual effective. Generally he applies an absolute administration appearance additionally he himself is a actual austere person. Bodies cannot barefaced him while accomplishing their job because he knows his soldiers actual well. Patton’s administration methods are actual abundant achievable and absolutely it can be implemented into today’s business ambiance too, throughout his administration we could acquire acquaintance and additionally these bodies could appointment best in their companies with, accepting a actual advancing business attitude and advance their accustomed bazaar share. Therefore eventually I would aboveboard embrace his abeyant and greatest administration methods. Gen.George s Patton had been accepted able and capability by assuming his active achievement in accomplishments during apple war 2 and his own life. As a non agency administrator in MNDF my appetite is to accept some of his acceptable administration Qualities to my behavior and administer these administration in every adapted condition.

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I Hereby, acknowledge the capacity which I included in this appointment was accounting by myself based on the Analysis of the accustomed Leader. Therefore, I can assure you, there would be no Plagiarized affected act taken by, during the ability of this Assignment. I do except that some genitalia of this appointment accommodate sentences/information, extracted through the Internet. But I’ve been never attempted/intended to accept those adamantine works done by the columnist to as my work.

4 April 2010


Ssgt Ahmed Shinan

Military Police

Maldives National Aegis Force

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