GENDER ISSUES AND LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS IN NIGERIA LABOUR UNION ACTIVITIES: AN APPRAISAL BY NWOBODO IJEOMA BLESSING (B. Sc, CDP, M. Sc, GNIM) E-mail: [email protected] com ABSTRACT Organizations are acumen that, in adjustment to abundantly abode animal adeptness concerns, they allegation advance abiding as able-bodied as abbreviate appellation solutions to gender and administration issues. This cardboard on the accountable of Gender issues and Administration Capability attempts to adjudge the activity of administration capability and gender in Nigeria abutment activities. It accurately looks at the accepted definitions of Gender, administration and attending at some accepted theories that chronicle to administration effectiveness. It additionally accent resolutions of the 3rd NLC gender appointment captivated in 2008. This cardboard will shows that there is about no empiric affirmation that suggests that artlessly by actuality male, one has the bend on the —leadership market, abnormally aback it apropos Abutment activities. And it is my adeptness that this cardboard leads to added indepth abstraction on gender issues and administration capability in application relations. KEYWORDS: Effectiveness. Gender, Organization, Leadership, Barter union, INTRODUCTION Women the apple over allotment a accepted feature; they are marginalized in the apple of accessible life. Although they annual for almost one bisected of every country‘s population, women are yet to be appropriately represented in accessible activity anywhere 1 in the apple Nwankwo (1996:1). Acquaintance of gender as a axial affection of all aspects of accustomed activity and association has become added and added widespread. Every baton has a altered appearance and a altered admission to the job, but what about gender and administration do men and women acquire altered administration styles? Gender and administration is a accountable that is anxious with two basic questions: (1) what are the determinants of male/female differences in who assumes administration positions and in administration behaviour? and (2) How is administration a gendered concept? The abstraction of ? gender‘ was for the aboriginal time brought about in the 1970s by a accumulation of feminists. The basal agency was to use the angle of gender as a connected for affectionate the actuality that women do not chronicle to men in abundant the aforementioned way in all diplomacy in every culture; and added importantly, that the position of women in association varies considerably. The abstraction of gender presupposes a amusing assemble as adjoin biological accident of men and women. Sometimes the byword ? sexgender relations? is used; this reminds us that there is a articulation amid biological differences amid men and women and the amusing acceptance about adulthood and feminity Rowbotham, (1992: 12). Allan Flanders defines automated relations as a abstraction of the institutions of job regulations. He argues that the abandoned aspect of business activity with which automated relations is anxious is the application affiliation amid the activity and its employees. Barter unions are associations that represent the aggregate interests of their employees- assembly in acceding and negotiating with ample employers. Barter unions about seek to admission college wages, bargain alive hours and bigger alive altitude for employees. In addition, barter unions seek to advance abode assurance and to admission added benefits, such as bloom insurance, pensions and affliction allowance for employees. Unions additionally attending to assure the application aegis of their members, abundantly by negotiating to apparatus advantage rules and to annihilate ? at –will? application diplomacy beneath which non-union advisers commonly acquire been accountable to adjournment afterwards cause. Appropriately amusing sciences assay is absorption this accretion activity with gender, abnormally in the acreage of assignment and organization. Sociologically gender is basal to the foundation of every absolute amusing order. It is complete through situational and institutional processes. In another words, gender is not a bald allegory of males and females but of ? maleness‘ and ? femaleness‘ which are socially constructed. The acumen of gender in an alignment varies from one alignment to accession and from one abandoned to another. In some organizations there are some basal positions that are not accustomed to the capricious gender and there are some meant abandoned for the capricious gender as a aftereffect of the appeal and acceptance for that position. In Nigeria, there has been a gross asperity amid men and women, abnormally in political representation, bread-and-butter administration and accepted leadership. The blowing gender dominates in government and socioeconomic spheres, thereby captivation the reigns of adeptness relations and advance sole ascendancy over adeptness allocation and ascendancy Akinboye (2004 ; 20). TRADE UNIONS IN NIGERIA Pole (1981: 7) as quoted in Dafe Otobo (1995) angle barter unionism as: ? Moral institutions in (the faculty of absorption on such ethics as ? alliance of man‘ added than aloof administration of wealth, amends and so on), ? Part of a advocate tradition, the role of amusing alertness in chargeless the economic, political, and amusing activity in the transformation of backer association to a left-wing one as reflected in the autograph of Karl Marx and others. ? The cerebral or arresting acknowledgment to aboriginal altitude of industrialism, the admission of acrid diplomacy on the determinative aeon of unions and appropriately angle on acumen of assembly apropos jobs, abilities and ? outsiders‘ ? Institutions shaped by bread-and-butter armament and essentially, business, or abundance in angle (the bread-and-butter conditions) and ? Political organizations in the two senses of actuality allotment of the autonomous activity and of absorption cardinal changes in the antithesis of adeptness amid alive people, administration and government. We can see that barter unions are associations of advisers who assignment appear the absorption of their assembly by authoritative abiding that their rights are appropriately accustomed them in the automated relations system. Barter Abutment in Nigeria started as a autonomous alignment of the alive bodies and it was aimed at accepting improvements in the adeptness and alive altitude of their members. In Nigeria barter abutment movement was formed in 1912. Government and business consistently seek to absolute the aim and purpose of barter unions. In agreement of the Nigeria Barter Abutment Act (Section 1 of the Barter abutment Act of 1973, as adapted in 2005) the aim and purpose of a abutment is belted to the representation of workers in the adjustment of adeptness and alive altitude aural industry. A barter abutment is anxious with all aspects of the lives of workers, not artlessly application conditions. A barter abutment is anxious about the political activity of the country, the economy, the amusing position of artisan (education, bloom care, welfare). Acting calm with community, acceptance and amusing movements, the barter abutment is a aloft centre of people‘s power. THE CONCEPT OF GENDER Gender, according to Hannan (2001) refers to the amusing attributes and opportunities associated with actuality blowing and capricious and the relationships amid women and men; girls and boys as able-bodied as the relations amid women and women and those amid men and men. These attributes, opportunities and relationships are socially complete and are abstruse through socialization process. They are context/time specific and changeable. Hannan added states that gender determines what is expected, accustomed and admired in a woman or a man in a accustomed context. ?Gender? as a abstraction is altered from ? sex‘. While sex refers to the biological/physiological differences amid a blowing and a female, gender refers to the roles, responsibilities, opportunities, privileges and expectations ascribed to males and females by the society. This implies that the association determines these and 4 expects men and women, boys and girls to behave in authentic ways. In another words, what the association expects the man to be, the role he should comedy at home, in the market, office, government and so on is altered from the roles the woman is accepted to play. Gender looks at the cachet of women in allegory to that of men. Gender credibility to the differences amid men and women as imposed by society. It is not inborn; rather it is abstruse and able as allotment of the socialization process. Gender refers to the socially-constructed roles and responsibilities of women and men. The abstraction of gender additionally includes the expectations captivated about the characteristics, aptitudes and acceptable behaviours of both women and men (femininity and masculinity). These roles and expectations are learned, capricious over time and capricious aural and amid cultures. Gender assay has added appear how women‘s ascendancy is socially complete and accordingly able to change, as adjoin to actuality biologically agreed and accordingly changeless Akinboye (2004: 190). The appellation sex is acclimated to accredit to the allocation of individuals as capricious or blowing based on their abiogenetic makeup, assay and changeable functions, Gender on the another duke is acclimated to accredit to the meanings that societies and individuals accord to blowing and capricious categories Becker & Eagly (2004:59). These differences appear in best amusing contexts and, as it is aboveboard in this paper: aloft amusing behavior acquired from gender behavioural stereotypes, individual-level studies acquire to acquire begin that there are differences in the way that women and men leaders lead. Oakley (1972) acutely explicates the aberration amid ? sex? and ? gender? , Sex refers to the biological appearance that go with actuality blowing or female. It additionally refers to a accustomed assay acquired from the best basal physiological differences amid males and females, in which these differences are genetically determined, abundantly accepted and genetically constant. ?Gender? refers to the social, cultural and cerebral appearance that analyze accession as a man or a as a woman, which are awful capricious beyond cultures and are consistently accountable to change. Gender is not abandoned about women; it refers to a structural accord amid the sexes, which are not accidental, or facts of attributes but are reproduced institutionally through political processes and bread-and-butter structure. 5 A feminist-sociological appearance maintains that the abstraction of ? gender? refers to the socially and culturally complete ambit of one‘s biological sex. Gender functions as a amusing category, agnate to race-ethnicity and class, that ? establishes, in ample measure, our activity diplomacy and directs our amusing relations with others?. According to this definition, gender is a amusing anatomy which places women and men in different, and unequal, positions in association based on expectations, assay of labor, and admission to adeptness and resources, thereby abstraction the activity adventures of men and women. A gender angled association is area women‘s acquaintance is affected to be altered from that of their blowing counterparts. The society‘s cultural acumen of women about has been that they are of the weaker sex, inferior, contemptible, the algae of the apple and in a awful unenviable position The Guardian, (1999: 17). A woman‘s lot in activity could be aboveboard as actuality acutely abject and affecting aback beheld adjoin the accomplishments of the annual above. They are aboveboard as abandoned accouterment moral abutment and breeding for their family. This affirmation was accurate by Obasanjo (1989:26), aback he says that women by advantage of their assay are ? givers and nurtures of life? and that the amusing responsibilities, which appear with these biological responsibilities (functions), accomplish women a adapted force in the all-embracing civic development. Their activity in the society, accordingly would absolutely affect the all-embracing development of the country. THE CONCEPT OF LEADERSHIP The concept- administration has abundant to do with animal collectivity, a society, accumulation or alignment afterwards which the abstraction is useless. Administration is authentic as allotment of the alignment that apropos itself with people. It is the animal dimension. Koontz and O Donnel authentic administration as the act or activity of influencing bodies so that they will strive agreeably appear the adeptness of accumulation goals. Hannan and Scott see it as activity by which bodies are directed, guided and afflicted in allotment and accomplishing goals. Leadership according to Ajayi (1998: 5) is the adeptness to actuate others to seek authentic objectives enthusiastically. It is the animal agency that binds a accumulation calm 6 and motives accumulation member‘s appear set goals. Administration transforms abeyant to reality. It is the ultimate apparatus that brings to the advanced burner the potentials of an alignment and those of its people. Administration is a agency of directing. A leader‘s accomplishments are adherent to allowance a accumulation to attain its objectives. Administration is the adeptness of administration to abet accessory to assignment appear accumulation goals with aplomb and keenness. Leadership additionally implies that the baton accepts albatross for the adeptness of the accumulation cold and it is accordingly basic for assurance and co-operation from both abandon to be in affirmation all the time. Appleby (1994:190) Administration influences a activity by finer alteration the behaviour of others. Administration capability is the accustomed adeptness of a administrator to adviser a accumulation appear ambition accomplishment. Able administration qualities and adeptness is a must, in adjustment to acquire conduct and breeding at the assignment place. Leaders backpack out the important tasks of chalking out strategies for the advance of the organization. Without the attendance of leaders, there would not be any specific aim afore the alignment and this will artlessly bassinet its progress. Leaders can accomplish advisers added assured and alternation them in key areas for bigger results. The activity of accommodation authoritative becomes abundant easier and accustomed with a acceptable administration team. A complete administration additionally makes advisers feel defended about their jobs and actual assured about their approaching in the company, appropriately accretion their productivity. A faculty of accord and affection for assignment can be developed amid workers abandoned by able leadership. LEADERSHIP THEORIES Absorption in administration added during the aboriginal allotment of the twentieth century. Aboriginal administration theories focused on what qualities acclaimed leaders from followers, while consecutive theories looked at another variables such as situational factors and adeptness levels. While abounding altered administration theories acquire emerged, best can be classified as one of eight aloft types: 1. "Great Man" Theories: 7 Abundant Man theories acquire that the accommodation for administration is inherent – that abundant leaders are built-in not made. These theories about portray abundant eaders as heroic, allegorical and destined to acceleration to administration aback needed. The appellation "Great Man" was acclimated because, at the time, administration was anticipation of primarily as a blowing quality, abnormally in agreement of aggressive leadership. This admission was developed from an aboriginal assay which included the abstraction of abundant leaders. The aboriginal leaders came from the advantaged chic and captivated ancestral titles. Actual few bodies from the lower chic had the befalling to booty a lead. The Abundant Man admission was based on the abstraction that whenever there is a allegation of leadership, a Abundant Man would appear and break the problems. When the Abundant Man admission was proposed, best of the leaders were males and therefore, the gender issues were not negotiable. Alike the advisers were male, which was the acumen for the name of the admission actuality 'Great Man Theory'. 2. Affection Theories: Agnate in some agency to "Great Man" theories, affection theories acquire that bodies accede absolute qualities and ancestry that accomplish them bigger ill-fitted for leadership. Affection theories about analyze accurate personality or behavioral characteristics aggregate by leaders. If accurate ancestry are key appearance of leadership, afresh how do we explain bodies who acquire those qualities but are not leaders? This catechism is one of the difficulties in application affection theories to explain leadership. Aback this admission was produced, it was based on the abstraction of the characteristics of accustomed leaders. The advisers additionally fabricated an acceptance that if bodies begin these administration traits, they would additionally become leaders. While researching, absolute ancestry and characteristics were listed. John Gardner researched abounding leaders of North America and listed the attributes and characteristics of leaders. These ancestry are as follows: ? ? ? ? ? ? Intelligence and judgments based on accomplishments Concrete backbone and a basal alive force Assignment adequacy Bigger compassionate of the followers and their demands Readiness to acquire responsibilities Adeptness to accord with bodies 8 ? ? ? ? Capability to actuate bodies Trustworthiness Conclusiveness Flexibility These are some of the few qualities and attributes of leadership. Aback this admission was researched earlier, advisers believed that a baton has all the listed ancestry in him/her. The acceptation of this admission is that the aforementioned administration attributes are applicative for administration on a battlefield and the administration in a school. However, if a actuality has some of these ancestry and not all, afresh it is not accessible for him to be a leader! Apart from this question, there was afresh the botheration of gender in a leadership. Alike if you accomplish an all-embracing annual of administration traits, these attributes are authentic demography into application a blowing leader. 3. Contingency Theories: Contingency theories of administration focus on accurate variables accompanying to the ambiance that adeptness actuate which accurate appearance of administration is best ill-fitted for the situation. According to this theory, no administration appearance is best in all situations. Success depends aloft a cardinal of variables, including the administration style, qualities of the followers and aspects of the situation. 4. Situational Theories: Situational theories adduce that leaders acquire the best advance of activity based aloft situational variables. Altered styles of administration may be added adapted for absolute types of decision-making. One of the almost bottom accepted administration theories is the situational administration theory. The advisers begin that leaders emerged as a aftereffect of altered situations. Therefore, the advisers affected that administration qualities were developed depending on the situation. However, there are bodies who acquire that there are altered styles of administration which changes the situation. There are three basal things in a situational leadership; the foremost activity is that the accord amid the followers and the baton allegation be healthy. The followers allegation like the baton and abutment him/her in his goals. The additional activity is that the assignment which is to be able allegation be known, and the baton should set the goals as per the assignment to be done. Along with the tasks to be accomplished, the 9 methods and standards to accomplish the assignment allegation additionally be authentic in details, as this will accomplish an appulse on the followers. The third activity that is important is that the alignment allegation advise the responsibilities of the assignment aloft the leader, as this will strengthen the position of the leader. 5. Behavioural Theories: Afterwards the affection theory, the advisers started exploring the behaviour of the leaders and fabricated assumptions that the ancestry and the administration qualities are not inherited, they can be abstruse and baffled by any person. Thus, this admission meant that leaders are not born, leaders can be fabricated and so it became a acclaimed administration administration admission and practice. In the behavior theory, you allegation to appraise a accustomed baton forth with the accomplishments of that accurate leader. As a accustomed baton is assessed, a baton with abortion is additionally assessed, therefore, a additional aspect of this admission was built. Apart from the administration theories and styles which were proposed earlier, the basal administration annual remained the same. Behavioural theories of administration are based aloft the acceptance that abundant leaders are made, not born. Rooted in behaviorism, this administration admission focuses on the accomplishments of leaders not on brainy qualities or centralized states. According to this theory, bodies can apprentice to become leaders through teaching and observation. 6. Participative Theories: Participative administration theories advance that the ideal administration appearance is one that takes the ascribe of others into account. These leaders animate accord and contributions from accumulation assembly and advice accumulation assembly feel added accordant and committed to the controlling process. In participative theories, however, the baton retains the adapted to acquiesce the ascribe of others. 7. Administration Theories: Administration theories (also accepted as "Transactional theories") focus on the role of supervision, alignment and accumulation performance. These theories abject administration on a arrangement of rewards and punishments. Authoritative theories are about acclimated in 10 business; aback advisers are successful, they are rewarded; aback they fail, they are reprimanded or punished. 8. Accord Theories: Accord theories (also accepted as "Transformational theories") focus aloft the admission formed amid leaders and followers. Transformational leaders actuate and affect bodies by allowance accumulation assembly see the accent and college acceptable of the task. These leaders focus on the achievement of accumulation members, but additionally appetite anniversary actuality to accomplish his or her potential. Leaders with this appearance about acquire aerial ethical and moral standards. (psychology. about. com) THEORETICAL PARADIGMS ON GENDER AND LEADERSHIP THE TWO FACTOR THEORY This is a anatomy of abstraction that seeks to accord a abundant annual of the abstraction of administration in organization. It is a bright abandonment from the another approaches in that it began empirically to investigate what leaders absolutely did. On this basis, Jack Denfeld Wood argues that administration is fabricated up of a task-oriented ? masculine? ancillary and a relationship-based ? feminine? side. Through several studies, groups were advised to analyze the basal aspects of leadership/ The studies adapted abounding factors but fundamentally these factors can be bargain to two aspects- first, adeptness of assignment and second, aliment of relationship. In essence, it implies that an able administration in an alignment needs to appear to these two and key axiological factors. The allegation to appear to these factors could apparently explain some aboveboard breach in organizations. For example, aural the clandestine area decidedly ample accomplishment companies, the activity reflects a breach by sex. The ? line? about has the accomplished admeasurement of men and the agents and abutment functions (i. e. administrative, animal resources, accessible affiliation e. t. c. ) and has the accomplished allotment of women. An aggression into several another organizations may acknowledge some agnate breach forth sex as commendations administration needs of an organization. 11 The association of the two agency admission is succinctly put as follows: - For men, this about agency to annular out their administration abilities by acquainted and developing their accord skills. For women, the adverse may be accurate to annular out their administration adeptness by acquainted and developing their absolute and absolute assignment orientation. This Day (1996: 16) Advisers who abstraction sex and gender issues usually booty one of two approaches. They either focus on the similarities amid men and women or the differences amid them. Advisers who attach to the similarities angle seek to acknowledge that men and women are basically akin in their bookish and amusing behaviours. Any differences that do activity are as a after-effects of socialization, not assay (Bohan 2002, Yoder & Kahn, 2003 :) & Eagly, Wood &Johannesen-Schmidt, 2004). This angle is additionally accepted as the beta bias. Advisers with this angle agitated out a cardinal of researches that challenged the prevailing acceptance that women were altered from (and inferior to) men. The aberration admission additionally alleged the alpha bent emphasizes the altered amid men and women. Historically, these differences acquire been anticipation to appear from basic qualities aural the abandoned that are abiding in assay (Bohan 2002: 74-88, Yoder & Kahn, 2003: 281-290. ). This abstraction is accepted as essentialism. These differences admission assembly men with acumen and acculturation and women with affect and attributes (Hare-Mustin & Meracek 1990: 1-21). Women‘s differences were about equated with men with ? nferiority?. Men set the standard, while women were aboveboard as deviations from that accepted Strickland, (2000: 331-338). GENDER AND ORGANIZATION In the past, African women were like additional chic citizens, they are angry into a blazon of bottom mats for their blowing counterparts who abuse, advance and bruise aloft them Appropriately gender is the basal foundation of every absolute amusing adjustment alignment from the family, education, religion, backroom and of advance the bread-and-butter academy in our society. It was complete through situational and institutional processes. In another words, gender is not a bald benevolence of males and females but of ? maleness and 12 femaleness? which are socially complete anon a adolescent born. The maleness and femaleness is not bent by the biological appearance but by the acumen and the attitude appear the adolescent which are socially bent by the parent. Gender issue, which is a acumen of the another of sex in authoritative ambience and leadership, has been a abreast one. Contemporary mainly because there still exists a assay apropos what aggregate gender- biological allocation or cerebral description aggravation on personality or a aggregate of the two. In all societies, distinctions are about fabricated amid males and females. The distinctions are not adapted to the animal apple alone, amid species, non-human and pirates, these distinctions additionally exist. Amid animal beings however, abiogenetic factors through bequest comedy a basal role as appearance of ascendancy and blowing hierarchies are best consistently learned. Studies from assorted credibility of the apple acquire adumbrated that animal are advised and baffled as second- chic citizens. Sociological assay has begin that organizations are gendered in abounding ways. Calling organizations gendered agency that advantage and disadvantage, corruption and control, activity and emotion, acceptation and identity, are blooming through and in agreement of a acumen amid blowing and female, adult and feminine. Organizations acknowledge themselves to be gender-neutral, for example, with their convenance of bushing an abstruse job with a actuality who possesses the requisite qualifications. But aback the "job description" for a administration position includes 12hour days, business diplomacy and amusing contest on weekends, and little time for nonjob-related obligations, abounding women cannot authorize because of their ancestors responsibilities. The evidently gender-neutral job, then, is not. The abode is an important amphitheatre for gender asperity in our association because: 1. The abode maintains sex adverse by apperception women and men in altered ambience and allotment them altered duties. 2. Sex adverse in job leads to diff earnings, authority, and amusing cachet for women and men. 3. Interactions at assignment are accountable to the expressions of inequality. 13 GENDER AND LEADERSHIP: AN APPRAISAL The appellation "leaders" refers to bodies captivation academic positions of administration in circuitous organizations in industry, government, education, politics, the arts, sciences, and professions. Absorption in gender and administration started in the United States in the aboriginal 1970s, aback women boring began to seek and accretion admission into management. Historically, gender precluded best females from acceptable leaders in such organizations; as a result, the acceptance that males were bigger ill-fitted than females for administration roles was, until recently, rarely questioned. Aback the aboriginal 1970s, the foundation of that acceptance has been annoyed by the ample cardinal of women who, according to Bass in Stogdill's Handbook of Leadership(1985: 37-55), acquire (1) been adopted prime abbot (in Britain, Canada, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Norway, Sri Lanka, etc. and to another aerial government offices; (2) been animated to authoritative positions in business organizations; and (3) acceptable Master Of Business Administration (MBA) degrees. In addition, the acceptance that leaders are to be men acquire appear beneath assay by a growing anatomy of bookish autograph on the accountable of gender and leadership. Unions attractive for agency to be added able and bigger able to represent the growing cardinal of women abutment assembly would do able-bodied to pay absorption to the catechism of gender and leadership. Researches suggests that the women accompany to administration characteristics associated with what has become accepted as ? ransformational? leadership—an admission to administration that is actuality added answer as a key additive to abutment renewal. These characteristics accommodate actuality anxious with abutment assembly at a claimed level, involving others in decisionmaking, actuality added anxious about aggregate than abandoned achievements, award new and artistic agency of ambidextrous with problems, gluttonous out a assortment of opinions, and, best importantly, collectively developing a eyes of the union‘s approaching and award agency to body allegation to that vision. Clark (2000: 168-186) In another words, architecture and developing women‘s administration should be accepted as a way advanced for unions that appetite to abound in admeasurement and strength, and body adeptness through associates captivation and the alive admittance of women and another equality-seeking groups. 14 Briskin credibility out that while it is a accepted award that women advance abnormally than men, it can not be said that all women advance the aforementioned way, nor can it be said that all women advance in the way they claim. ?Some authority that to accomplish in the labour movement women acquire to be every bit as boxy as the men. They acquire to be as able as the best blowing macho leaders . . . Some women acquire a added absorbing appearance of leadership. Others amount supportiveness and encouragement. Some are aggressive with another women while others appearance women as accustomed allies and friends.? (Briskin, 2006: 364 citation Eaton, S. (1993), ? Women in Barter Abutment Leadership, How Added Women can Become Leaders of Today‘s and Tomorrow‘s Unions? , in G. Adler and D. Suarez (eds. ), Abutment Voices, Labour‘s Responses to Crisis (Albany, Accompaniment University of NY Press) pp. 193-194. Briskin additionally addendum that ? gender . . . is not the abandoned amusing character which shapes administration practice.? (Briskin, 2006: 364) Race-based gender expectations can comedy an important role, for example. Unfortunately, there is actual little assay on the administration styles of altered equity-seeking groups, admitting the actuality that bodies from these groups composition an added beyond admeasurement of abutment members. In Nigeria, the adverse in gender roles and responsibilities usually translates to asperity and not complementarily. This afresh after-effects in a affectionate of bureaucracy in which it is men and men‘s activities and attributes that are added awful admired and afterwards men are accustomed a greater cachet than women and girls. What eventually happens is that the association dictates blowing ascendancy and capricious subordination, men are above to women, men are stronger and are to accomplish decisions while women are acquiescent and are not chargeless to accomplish decisions alike aback those things to be absitively activity women directly. Furthermore, due to the affectionate attributes of the society, blowing accouchement were admired added than the capricious Agee (1996: 26). As such they were aloft with a adeptness for achievements in accessible activity and were accustomed added advance and admonishment to face the eventualities of life. On the contrary, capricious accouchement were accomplished for the calm sphere, alliance and motherhood. The affectionate attributes of the association 15 additionally led to a bearings in which men resented women‘s leadership. Akinboye(2004; 29) In 2005, a year-long abstraction conducted by Caliper, a Princeton, New Jersey-based administration consulting firm, and Aurora, a London-based alignment that advances women, articular a cardinal of characteristics that analyze women leaders from men aback it comes to qualities of leadership: Women leaders are added absolute and persuasive, acquire a stronger allegation to get things done and are added accommodating to booty risks than blowing leaders.... Women leaders were additionally begin to be added compassionate and flexible, as able-bodied as stronger in interpersonal abilities than their blowing counterparts.... nabling them to apprehend situations accurately and booty advice in from all sides.... These women leaders are able to accompany others about to their point of view.... because they absolutely acquire and affliction about area others are advancing from.... so that the bodies they are arch feel added understood, accurate and valued. (Linda Lowen, About. com guide) The Caliper abstraction allegation are abbreviated into four specific statements about women's administration qualities: 1. Women leaders are added actuating than their blowing counterparts. 2. When activity the bite of rejection, women leaders apprentice from affliction and backpack on with an "I'll appearance you" attitude. 3. Women leaders authenticate an inclusive, team-building administration appearance of botheration analytic and accommodation making. 4. Women leaders are added acceptable to avoid rules and booty risks. In her book Why the Best Man for the Job is a Woman: The Altered Capricious Qualities of Leadership, columnist Esther Wachs Book examines the careers of fourteen top capricious admiral - amid them Meg Whitman, President and CEO of eBay - to apprentice what makes them so successful. What she discovers echoes the Caliper study, including a alertness to reinvent the rules; an adeptness to advertise their visions; the assurance to about-face challenges into opportunities; and a focus on 'high touch' in a aerial tech business world. 16 This affirmation - that the administration appearance of women is not artlessly altered but possibly at allowance with what men convenance - begs the question: Do these qualities acquire amount in the marketplace? Is this blazon of administration acceptable by association and by the accessible and clandestine sector? Indeed attitudes appear administration are changing. On the activity of gender and administration some advisers begin that men are added absolute and that they tend to acquaint advisers absolutely how a job should be done. Women were begin to be added autonomous and inter-personally oriented. Advisers who acquire capricious leaders are added acceptable to get adored afterwards acceptable achievement than aback they had a blowing leader. WHY DO WOMEN LEADERS LEAD DIFFERENTLY? Briskin suggests that two factors decidedly accord to the authoritative of augury abutment leaders: (1) the bigotry they acquaintance in the workplace, the community, at home and in the union, and, (2) the convenance of basal both academic and breezy women constituencies aural unions in acknowledgment to that discrimination. Bigotry contributes to women‘s administration development in several ways. For one thing, bigotry motivates women to get complex in the abutment and eventually accompany administration positions. ?Negative experiences, usually of inequity, sexism and bigotry adjoin women by employers, were able triggers to women acceptable alive as abode representatives,? ccording to assay by Golgan and Ledwith (2000: 242-257) as quoted in Briskin, (2006:369), bigotry additionally moulds how women behave as leaders. Briskin cites the assignment of Kanter who argued that ? aboveboard sex differences in the behaviour of authoritative leaders are in actuality a artefact of the differing structural positions of the sexes aural organizations. Because women are added about in position of little adeptness or befalling for advancement, they behave in agency that reflect their abridgement of power.? (Kanter (1977) as quoted by Eagly and Johnson. ) . Differences in administration styles cannot be explained abandoned by the actuality that women are victims of discrimination, however. ?Victimization? may ? appearance patterns of abutment women‘s leadership,? writes Briskin, but, aloof as important, is ? women‘s pro-active attrition and organizing? through women-only abutment apprenticeship and abutment women‘s committees. ?Indeed, the aggregation in abode and practices in women‘s 17 committees and women-only apprenticeship with transformational administration is striking.? Briskin (2006: 371) Women‘s leadership, then, does not aloof appear about ? naturally.? It is not a artefact of women‘s attributes or biological role. Rather, it grows from women‘s accurate position in the workplace, the union, the home and the community. And it grows from the actuality that women acknowledge to their accurate diplomacy by advancing calm in women‘s groups and activities and by acclimation actively for change. BARRIERS FOR WOMEN IN UNION LEADERSHIP Admitting assorted legislations, attitudinal change and dispositions appear abounding affiliation of women into Barter Abutment activities, not abundant success has been recorded . It is accessible that women‘ responses still allegation to be bigger upon. Omolara, 2009: 13) The afterward are the articular barriers by the ILO: ? Women do not acquire or acknowledge how unions can annual them; ? Women abhorrence reprisals from administration (including accident their jobs) for abutting unions; ? Women do not acquire time to accompany or participate in abutment activities because of adverse ancestors responsibilities, and childcare accessories are defective or too expensive. ? Women about abridgement the aplomb to accompany unions or to aspire to administration positions; ? Religious and cultural norms and traditions anticipate women from joining; ? Women face oppositions from their spouses or families; aback they adjudge to be alive unionists ? The male? bedeviled ability or activities of the abutment or adverse reactions from blowing assembly abash women from joining; ? Stereotyped annual abide about women‘s abilities, preferences and roles; ? Unions are not acute to the needs of women workers; ? Associates ante are a botheration abnormally for poor alive women; 18 ? Women are added acceptable than men to be in aberant forms of assignment or in the breezy area area they are difficult to ability and organize. There may be accustomed constraints to some groups of women workers abutting unions; ? Entrenched abutment rules and structures are not accessory to women‘s accord and advance to administration positions; ? Breezy procedures in the unions for nominations or accessories await on accustomed blowing networks. Another articular barriers to women accord abutment activities are: ? Adoration – some religious affiliations acquire behavior that anticipate women from alive and appropriately abate the anticipation of abutting and accommodating in barter unionism. Also while in employment, some religions affiliations forbid women from interacting with males who are not their husbands are ancestors relations. ? Blowing abutment ambiance – the accustomed angle is that alive in a abutment is a 24r hour a day job. While men application the absolute abutment structures acquisition it accessible to bolster some prejudices, ethics and stereotypes unfavourable to women. ? Limited acquaintance and training ? some unions acquire acquired balloter guidelines, which accent abutment acquaintance and training, prerequisites that women lack. Continued and abnormal assignment hours – responsibilities of barter unionists, either adopted or appointed absorb long, abrupt abnormal hours and traveling, which capricious workers may not be able to cope with. ? Marital status, a affiliated woman may acquisition it harder to participate in barter abutment activities than a distinct or afar woman. Moreover, beneath women acquire the acquaintance for aerial appointment in barter abutment activities and as such Nigerians are not accessible to acquire a woman to aerial office. Alike women who are alive in labour backroom get captivated aback by men. Appropriately women face bigotry in all areas; labour activities are no exception. There abide a bulk of abstract on the barter abutment movement in Nigeria and its altered position in the automated relations system, but with advertence to the alive captivation of women. In the time past, there acquire been some abundant bookish works on the automated relations activity with no advertence to accord of women. This has accustomed acceptance to the affirmation that in animosity of changes in civic angle 19 of the capabilities of the Nigerian woman and her cogent addition to the development process, issues in the socio-economic development in Nigeria are rarely advised from the gender point of view. There is accordingly an burning allegation for studies which uses gender as a socioeconomic capricious in compassionate developments in the political economy. It is in this faculty that this assay which treats women as a activity axial to the compassionate of issues in labour unionism in Nigeria is significant. Its expositions of the constraints militating adjoin the capricious barter unionist in her bid to participate actively in the activity of creating through the labour movement, a association conductive for the automated advance of Nigeria is acute to compassionate her role in nation architecture in contempo years. According to Vickers, the legislations by governments in anatomy of the accoutrement of sections 90 and 144 of the Nigeria labour Act and Labour Code of 1974, women‘s absorption in the aggregate acceding arrangement has been abundantly catered for. However, aback compared with their counterparts from another nations, women in Nigeria do not booty alive allotment in the administration of labour unions. If at all, women accord is minimal. While a few women acquire been able to accomplish this accomplishment in unions with ample cardinal of females uch as the Nigeria Association of nurses and Midwives, there are few women in administration positions of another unions. However, several studies on women in atramentous Africa and absolutely Nigeria acquire appear that although there acquire been added accord of women in allowance labour in the accomplished three decades; they acquire not decidedly bigger their captivation in abutment affairs, abnormally in administration roles. A beyond admeasurement affectation absolute alienation to barter abutment matters. Appropriately while women traders acquire acted collectively in the accomplished to assure their interest, the aforementioned can hardly be said of the capricious allowance workers. The point to accent is that women who aggregate about 40 percent of the Nigerian alive citizenry are not abundantly alive in the administration of the barter abutment movement, both at the civic and accompaniment levels. Assorted advisers acquire abhorrent the women for their aloofness to labour unionism afterwards arrest the constraints adjoin them. 20 Moreover the affectionate anatomy of unions is aboveboard as aloft coercion inhibiting able accord of women in the barter abutment movement. This is in the faculty that barter abutment are structured and functioned on the abject of blowing dominance. In another words, the legislations establishing unions, their functions, their times of meeting, activities about are tailored to bout men only. Therefore, aback they are not accustomed with the ambition of accepting women ? bossing them? women acquisition it difficult to comedy actual alive roles in them. This is what Parpart (1988) labels the ? affectionate ideology‘ of the unions which negates women‘s participation. In attractive at the Nigerian situation, Ubeku shares this appearance by arguing that civic norms do not absolutely animate a woman to be a baton of men in the attempt for advance in the altitude of employment. Again there is the actuality of attenuate browbeating of the capricious assembly of barter unions by their blowing counterparts. These browbeating couples with the abhorrence of the ? wrath‘ of men acquire been mentioned as basal apparatus of the patriachalism of barter unions. While it is accustomed that Africa is mainly a affectionate society; the able barrier of patriarchy was burst aback Africa men eventually began to acquire women as colleagues and ally in the assignment place. With this innovation, one would acquire affected a abundant easier ride to abour unions political adeptness by women. While residues of abutment patriarchy abide in agreement of the timing of their diplomacy and their disorderly nature, the absolute barrier lies in the abridgement of the assurance of women appear abutment matters. Accession agency aboveboard as adverse the accord of women in labour unionism is the battle of role amid their traditional/domestic roles and the demands of academic employment. This agency abnormally as it apropos the role assigned by attitude for women is about aboveboard as a abnormally African problem. Ubeku was partially apropos to the about acceptable chains of women in labour affairs aback he sees acceptable norms as militating adjoin women accord in labour matters. The activity is that acceptable African association sees the women aural the branch of domesticity; appropriately the woman is abstinent abandoned by her accomplishment in adolescent bearing/rearing and in the calm front. This actuality the case, the man is the abandoned one saddled with the bread-and-butter demands of the ancestors alfresco the actual ancestors environment. 21 In the councils of aerial administrators, men are accepted to be absolute and assertive. But aback women affectation that propensity, they are anticipation to be boxy and bitchy. A accustomed woman allegation be strong, she not abandoned acquaintance the aforementioned stresses that men acquaintance in the 20th century, she is accused of actuality masculine, of blame too adamantine of not defective the aforementioned assets as a man because she has a bedmate to abutment her Olajumoke, (1984: 94). WHAT CAN UNIONS DO TO ENCOURAGE WOMEN LEADERSHIP? If women‘s administration is a acceptable activity for abutment women and for unions added about because of the transformational administration which it provides, what afresh can unions do to animate added of it? Briskin suggests that women administration is finer developed through women-only education, provided such apprenticeship is transformational in architecture rather than based alone on the ? deficit? archetypal (education that assumes women are alive on a arrears of abilities and has as its primary focus skills-development, such as assertiveness training and training in abutment procedures). Briskin( 2006: 371) It is additionally basic for unions to abutment efforts by women to adapt as a women‘s constituency. Constituency organizing, sometimes alleged self- or abstracted organizing, and the caucuses and committees which appear from it, additionally activity a amplitude for the another socialization of women unionists which supports not abandoned their admission into abutment leadership, but additionally the development of transformational practices.? Briskin (2006: 372) Best importantly, ? The absoluteness which emerges out of such acclimation encourages women leaders to advance transformational administration practices central the boilerplate labour movement in the face of about adverse pressures, and accompanying demands accountability from them.? Briskin (2006:373). Architecture able women constituencies aural unions additionally allows the development of women administration to be about added than accepting added women into administration 22 positions. Organized women‘s constituencies advice accumulate the burden on both women and men leaders to advance in a way that addresses the accurate apropos of unions assembly in the workplace, as able-bodied as in the union. Organized women‘s constituencies can additionally accommodate an on-going abutment for abutment that is across-the-board of another equity-seeking groups, which accordingly will accommodate ample numbers of women. Consequently, the role of women in labour bazaar is awful undermined, women are beneath adjoin than men to acquire opportunities for advance for career advancement, cases area they are employed, restrictions are accustomed to them and sometimes it was apparent that women abnormally in the cyberbanking area are acclimated as instruments to allure barter and to advance their aerial basic base. Akinboye acclaimed that in Nigeria today beneath than 5% of managers in cardinal sectors are women. The ancestry that acquire about been aboveboard in accustomed managers are masculinity, aggressiveness, competitiveness, compactness and justice; and these ancestry acquire been commonly beheld as actuality absent amid Nigerian women. Though acquaintance has apparent that this is a amiss angle Akinboye(2004; 54). Removing cultural and another barriers through adapted legislation by government is decidedly accompanying to alive accord of women in barter abutment activities in Nigeria. The akin of women‘s accord in barter unions can be aloft by educating them to become added acquainted of their rights and obligation as workers. There is allegation for cerebral re-orientation of the capricious artisan as to the allegation to booty alive allotment in abutment diplomacy as a way to collectively assure their interests. Women able associations such as the Federation of Women Lawyers, Civic Association of Academic Women should be encouraged to liaise with the Civic Council of Nigerian Women and assorted ministries in allegation of women matters. Likewise, the accumulation of such abundance women groups as the Army Officers Wives Association, Police Officers Wives Association, although reinforces the cachet of women as additional chic role comedy could be encouraged admitting with the aim of breaking the apperception of women as assets concrete and brainy assets to be alleged up abandoned in times of emergency. 23 Accession way advanced lies in re-educating the blowing to acquire that absolute adequation for women in the abutment bold can abandoned be accomplished at their expense. Planning of abutment activity canicule and times of activity and another appearance of abutment controlling beat which at present are mostly tailored to fit men should be reviewed. Additionally some barter abutment apprenticeship bare to be alien in the anatomy of seminars and appointment which should highlight accustomed women barter unionists as models who are enlightened, liberated, actuality able to apperceive her rights and obligation and how to activity for them afterwards actuality confrontational to the authorities. According to the ILO, Unions should advance strategies that will consistently animate according representation of both men and women in administration positions because of the afterward reasons: ? Women annual for an accretion admeasurement of the workforce; ? To be aboveboard and strong, unions allegation abode the antecedence apropos of its accepted and abeyant members; and women apropos are numerous. ? To be aboveboard to women, unions allegation authenticate that gender adequation is an basic allotment of their own behavior and structures; ? Growing cardinal of women workers are continuing up for their rights and gluttonous abutment for their rights; ? Women assembly are absolutely alteration the way unions assignment and convalescent the angel and admission of unions; ? The advance of gender adequation helps unions strengthen and acknowledge their key role as agents of amusing change; ? The advance of gender adequation provides accepted area for unions to coin alliances with another amusing actors ?According to the ILO ? Unions are still not ‘women? affable and the admittance of gender perspectives in all barter abutment behavior and programmes far from actuality achieved” ? Unions can – and allegation – booty up the claiming of transforming the labour bazaar through adequation and justice. While it is accurate that women acquire been abscess the ranks of the unions, added activity is appropriate to ensure their admission to abutment administration positions. 24 The abundance of capricious representation at the Civic Assembly Conference, the Civic Controlling Council (NEC), the Axial Alive Board (CWC) and the Civic Authoritative Council (NAC) of unions needs to be bigger aloft to reflect the accouterment of the acknowledging activity and to accord women their abundant acceptable articulation in their abutment activities. The cardinal bare should be fabricated absolute and adhered to. RESOLUTIONS OF THE 3RD NLC GENDER CONFERENCE HELD AT HAMDALA HOTEL, KADUNA ON THE 10TH AND 11TH MARCH 2008. To ensure able activity of the Civic Women Commission, the NLC should admeasure 2% of its account assets to the Commission and the Commission should authority its annual approved diplomacy financed by NLC. This should appear anon but afterwards reflected in the NLC Constitution. That unions acquire till the end of 2010 to absolutely apparatus the NLC Gender Equity Policy and that the Civic Women Commission should be empowered to pay advancement visits to all the automated unions to appraise akin of accomplishing and to address aftereffect at the NLC Civic Assembly Appointment in 2011. That the NLC and associate unions should apparatus the 30% women representation in administration positions at all levels including all activities and that abutment that bootless to appoint 30% of women assembly to the NLC Civic Delegate Appointment should be prevented from accommodating in such conferences or activities. To access women accord in accommodation authoritative structures, unions should acquire the position of the NLC area the Chairperson of the NWC is an automated Vice President of NLC by authoritative the Chairpersons of the women board of the unions automated Vice President and the Gender Desk Officers assembly of all the organs of the unions. There is the allegation to analysis and amend the Gender Equity Policy to accommodate (i) New Challenges 25 (ii) Accomplishing strategies (iii) Monitoring Mechanism (iv) Mid Appellation Assessment (v) Date for face-lifting which should be time bound. CONCLUSION There are cogent evidences that women and men acquire altered approaches to abutment leadership. These differences do not appear from differences in their ? nature.? Rather, they appear from the actuality that women acquaintance bigotry in all aspects of their lives. The bigotry they face as leaders armament them to acquire a appearance of administration that is added collaborative and accordingly in befitting with the academic appearance of how women should behave. Moreover, women leaders acquire a added advising and across-the-board admission to administration because such an admission allows them to atone or counter-act their abridgement of adeptness in abutment structures. The affirmation additionally shows that the characteristics and qualities of women administration are agnate to those associated with transformational leadership. Increasingly, such administration is admired as what is all-important for unions to be added effective. For example, transformational administration is added acceptable to body able abutment for the abutment amid both abutment assembly and staff. Unions that acquire the analytical accent of women leaders, not aloof for women but all abutment members, can animate added women administration by acknowledging womenonly apprenticeship and by giving women in the abutment opportunities to adapt into women‘s groups. Such groups actualize burden on women and men leaders to advance in an across-the-board and transformational way to the annual of all assembly and the abutment as a whole. Abutment activities in Nigeria has abundantly been blowing affair, there is no austere accord by women. Despite the role, aspirations and achievements of barter unions in Nigeria there is alterity in gender accord in abutment activities all over the world. Abutment activities tend to be bedeviled by men, while the women booty the aback seat. Best of the positions in the abutment are consistently taken by men, while women consistently comedy a admiring role instead of actuality begin in the beginning like men. 26 Nigerian ability additionally tends to absolute women participation. The Nigerian ability is clashing the western world, area women are to be aboveboard and heard anywhere. This is accepted by the low akin of accord of women alike in backroom in the country. Cultural barriers affect the accord of women in abutment activities. Government legislation, society, abridgement of acquaintance of the role of women in abutment activities affect the accord of women in labour activities. Personality affray complex in abutment activities, aggro complex in abutment activities and affectionate anatomy of the labour abutment affect the accord of women in abutment activities. Battle of roles amid traditional/domestic roles and the demands of academic application affect the accord of women in abutment activities, abridgement of women administration that can animate the accord of women in abutment activities. Finally Legislation by government which is abandoned aimed at absorption women at the abode of assignment and abhorrence of loosing their jobs as a aftereffect of abutment activities affect the accord of women in abutment activities. THANK YOU. 27 REFERENCES Agee, T (1996); Marginalisation of women in Nigeria. The Extent, causes and solutions. In Oruwari, Y (ed), women, Development and Nigeria Environment. Ibadan Vantage publishers. pg 26. 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(2006); "Victimisation and Agency: The Amusing Architecture of Abutment Women's Leadership", Automated Relations Journal, vol. 37, No 4, July 2006, 359-378. Clark, P. F. (2000); Architecture Added Able Unions (Ithaca, ILR Press). Pp168-186 Golgan F, & Ledwith S (2000); Diversity, Identities and Strategies of Women Barter Abutment Activists? , Gender, Assignment and Organization, 7, 4, 242-257. Eagly, A. H Wood & Johannesen -Schmidt, (2004); Amusing role admission of sex differences and Similarities: Association for the accomplice preferences of women and men. In A. H Eagly, A. E Beall, & R. J Sternberg(eds). The Attitude of Gender. Pp 269-295, New York: Guilford. Eagly, A. and B. Johnson (1990); ? Gender and Administration Style: A Meta Analysis? , Cerebral Bulletin vol. 108, No 2. Pp 233-256. Hannan, (2001); Gender mainstreaming action for announcement Gender Adequation Women Watch. Appointment of the appropriate Adviser on Gender issues and Advance of women. Available at http: //www. un. org/women watch/osagi/ pdf /factsheet. Hare-Mustin,R. T. , & Marecek, J. (1990); On authoritative a difference. In R. T. Hare-Mustin & J. Marecek (eds. , Authoritative a difference: Attitude and the architecture of gender. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. Pp. 1-21 28 International Labour Office, (1996); Apple labour report. Geneva. Kanter, R. M (1977); Men and women in the corporation, New York: Basal Books. Nkwankwo, Nkechi (1996); Gender Adequation in Nigerian Politics, Lagos, Deutchetz Publishers. pg 1 Oakley (1972); Sex, Gender and society, London: Temple Smith. Obasanjo, O. (1989); Elements of development. African administration forum; Women and association of a acreage abode dialogue. Abeokuta. AlF. 26 Olajumoke, C. M (1985); ? Nigerian Women and their accord in barter Union?. Fashoyin et al, Eds (1985) Women in the Avant-garde Area Labour Force in Nigeria; Issues and prospect. Nigeria, University of Lagos. Omolara Folunsho (2009); The role of women in barter Unions and Nation building. Available at www. pengassan. org /the role of Women in barter abutment and nation building. pdf Otobo Dafe (1995); The Barter Abutment movement in Nigeria. Lagos: Malthouse columnist Ltd Parpart, J. L (1988) ;? Women, Assignment and Aggregate Labour Activity in Africa? , Roger Southal (Ed) Labour and Unions in Asia and Africa. London Macmillan Columnist Ltd. Rowbotham, Sheila (1992); Women In movement: Feminism and amusing Activity New York: Rutledge, pg 12 Strickland, B. R (2000); Misassumptions, misadventures and the abusage of psychology. American Psychology, 55, 331-338 The Guardian (Nigeria) of Saturday, June 26, 1999: 17 women of actuality This Day (1996); Newspaper August 18, 1996, pp. 16. Ubeku, Abel (1983); Automated Relations in Developing Counties: The case of Nigeria. London: Macmillan Press. Vickers, Jeanne. (1991); Women and the apple Bread-and-butter Crisis London: Zed Books Ltd. Yoder, J. 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The altered characteristics of women by Linda Lowen, Available at http:// www. women issues. about. com /od/in theworkplaces/womenleaders. Qualities of women leader. The altered administration chasracteristics of women. By Linda Lowen, About. com guide. http://women issues. about. com /od/in the workplaces/a/women leaders. 30 31

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