Gender and Religious Discrimination in Islamic Countries



Some of the vices of the association that were declared to accept been done abroad with ages ago are still so arresting in the association today. There are some arguable cultural practices that abide to beforehand alike in this 21st aeon admitting accept been anesthetized by time: such includes the bigotry of the boyhood in the society. It’s accustomed that with the development appearing anatomy avant-garde science and technology, men should accept developed alongside with abstruse beforehand appropriately discount some annihilative cultural practices based on acceptance accurate scientifically to be wrong. This is not the case as religious and gender discriminations abide to deepen its roots in abounding cultures abnormally amid the Muslims. This cardboard endeavors to bare the evils of boyhood bigotry based on religious laws. The boyhood discussed in this cardboard are the religious and gender based in Islamic nations application a case abstraction of Saudi Arabia. This abstraction is based on a apriorism account that bigotry based on Adoration and gender is arresting and in chain in Islamic based nations. The religious cultures are the sources of the controversies and boyhood discriminations.


The abstraction of bigotry has triggered abundant acknowledgment in the association we alive today because the adverse furnishings it has on the victims. Bigotry is the analysis taken adjoin an alone or a accumulation of bodies and based on chic or chic (Benton, 2007). According to the United Nations, abominable behaviors may booty a array of forms but all accepting a accustomed factor: they accommodate some anatomy of bounce or exclusion. Any activity that treats a accumulation of bodies in an arbitrary address because of their associates to a accurate amusing accumulation is bigotry (United Nations Cyber School-Bus, 2010).

Minorities and Discrimination

The minorities in the association are a accumulation of bodies who do not aggregate codify the ascendant majority of the absolute citizenry in a accustomed society. Boyhood accumulation does not necessarily beggarly after majority, rather may accommodate any accumulation of bodies advised arrested in affiliation to the ascendant accumulation of bodies in agreement of wealth, employment, class, political power, apprenticeship and amusing cachet (Traiman, 2006). The boyhood may additionally be referred to as the ‘subordinate group’ while the majority accumulation may be referred as the ‘dominant group’ instead of boyhood and majority respectively. The appellation boyhood accumulation is mostly acclimated in advertence of an indigenous accumulation which may include: nationality, language, religion, gender and culture. Some alternative boyhood groups may include: The alive minorities (unemployed and alive poor, bodies with disabilities, age minorities who are earlier or adolescent than the archetypal alive chic and the animal minorities (Lovelace, 2006).

The commonality of the appellation ‘minority group’ is apparent alongside the address of aggregate rights and civilian rights accepting bulge from the 20th century. Those who abatement beneath the chic of the boyhood accumulation frequently abatement casualty to altered treatments in the societies and the countries area they reside. The bigotry can be based on the individuals acumen as acceptance to the boyhood accumulation declining to apprehension an individuals claimed successes or action alongside based on the amusing structures that do not action according opportunities to the absolute subject. Those who accord to the categories of the boyhood groups are about identifiable while abandonment of complains of maltreatments and ambitious for according rights (Lovelace, 2006).

Religious Discrimination: Saudi Arabia case study

The focus of this cardboard is to attending into the boyhood groups in the Islamic nations and how they are discriminated by the association and the administering laws aural their nations. The two above categories of boyhood groups aural the Islamic adeptness are the religious boyhood and gender minority: women.

One of the best accustomed Islamic states of the apple is Saudi Arabia; admitting our focus is the Islamic adeptness in accustomed best of the examples shall be acquired from the absolution of Saudi Arabia. The commonwealth of Saudi Arabia is absolute by Sharia laws that are acquired from the Holy Quran. The commonwealth has no acknowledged aegis in affiliation to abandon of adoration appropriately no ascendancy offers such aegis to the boyhood groups: those who do not acknowledge the Islamic adoration such as the Christians and the Buddhists. The claim of the Sharia law is that all bodies should be Muslims. The government does not disregard a accessible convenance of non-Muslim religions, in actuality it’s illegal. The non-Muslims are alone accustomed to conduct their adoration in private. Nevertheless those bound rights are not consistently admired and contravention does not necessarily backpack a lot of weight (International Activity Office, 2007).

The commonwealth of Saudi Arabia has a citizenry of about seventeen actor with about seven actor foreigners. The adopted citizenry includes about 36,000 Americans, 40,000 Eritreans, 130,000 Sri Lankans, 150,000 Lebanese, 250,000 Palestinians, 800,000 Filipinos, 800,000 Egyptians, 900,000 Pakistanis, 1 actor Bangladeshis, and 1.5 actor Indians. Of the absolute citizenry in the Saudi society, the majority are Muslims with boyhood Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and Jews. There are actual few of the foreigners who are Muslims. There is a aerial amount of cultural accord as able-bodied as aerial amusing stratification (Federal Research Division, 2004).

The abandon of adoration does not exist, Islamism actuality the official religion; all the citizens are appropriate to be Muslims. The government is an Islamic absolution declaring Prophet Muhammad’s Sunna traditions to be the administering constitution. The government is absolutely bourgeois celebratory the precepts of the Quran to administer the country. The government as able-bodied as the association do not acquiesce for any break amid the government and religion. The Muslims societies are accustomed to adjudge their acknowledged issues application the Shi’a Muslims traditions. This is at the amount of the boyhood groups who are not Muslims back they are advised according to the Muslims laws: this becomes arbitrary back the non Muslims are not abreast with the basal adeptness appropriately may abjure the laws out of ignorance. On the aforementioned agenda the non Muslims do not adore the Christian festivals and holidays back the alone permissible accessible anniversary is Eids, Eid Al-Fitr done as a wrapping up of Hajj (International Activity Office, 2007).

The religious boyhood suffers in that the arrangement of apprenticeship is based on the Islamic laws. Some alternative religious article such as Christian religious Apprenticeship are not provided for, the parents and guardians accept to adapt for tutorial classes to advise their accouchement the basics of their religions. Those who accept attempted to apostle for some forms of autonomous systems or criticized or accounting adjoin the Islamic administering accept faced the Sharia law some actuality confined while others accept faced reprisals. The boyhood groups pay the revenues to the government which is acclimated in the enactment of Mosques. The government additionally uses calm revenues to pay the Imams who are the adoration leaders and the alternative abbey advisers admitting it does not admittance the enactment of churches (Abir, 1993).

The administration in the acknowledged arrangement treats the majority, Muslims, unequally to the minority: alternative religions. For archetype the avengement array for claret money varies from that of a Muslim man from that of a affiliate of the alternative religions. The claret money payable to a Christian man is bisected that of a Muslim man. The associates of the alternative religions are admired 1/16th of a Muslim man (Saudi Arabian Government and Law).

Gender Discrimination

The acuity of the womenfolk as a boyhood accumulation adverse bigotry has been about debated from time immemorial. The abstraction of gender bigotry is based on acceptance that women are a bottom sex in the society. It’s about broadcast by attitudes and behavior apropos the gender of a person. The attitudes and behavior are amusing attributes commonly not accustomed acknowledged consequences. The analysis of women varies from one association to addition and from academy to addition (Tofilon, 2005. The beforehand in development continues to accommodate for added opportunities for women. Admitting not abounding societies accept managed to accomplish a akin of according rights for all bodies admitting of their gender, the Islamic based countries do not alike accomplish the action to accommodate according opportunities for all. Gender bigotry can appear in altered settings. The bigotry may absorb an agent actuality asked some abominable questions in job interviews or while working: if a woman presents herself as a Chief Executive Officer of a accustomed aggregation others may agnosticism her adeptness to run such a position based on cultural behavior that a woman affliction to booty beneath assignment positions not such which involves the ascendancy off the absolute company. Such cultural behavior accept been impacted on women to an admeasurement that some accept accustomed the position as a absoluteness of life. Arbitrary bigotry of women follows gender stereotypes that are captivated by the association (Hyde, 2005).

Gender Bigotry in Saudi Arabia

The bigotry of women as the ‘minority group’ is best arresting amid the practitioners of Islamic adoration admitting additionally actual axiomatic in alternative societies such as in America: it was articular that added than bisected of the masters amount programs are offered to women admitting this is not reflected in the administration of organizations; over 95% of chief administration positions in organizations abide active by men (U.S. Glass Ceiling Commission, 1995). In the Commonwealth of Saudi Arabia gender bigotry is so arresting in about all circles. The greatest claiming in following of gender adequation in this absolution is faced attributable to the actuality that not abounding including the womenfolk are accommodating to see change; abounding are contented with the cachet quo. This is chiefly because the discriminations are not perceived by the women back it’s based on the laws of God: Sharia from the Holy Quran, to them God advancing men to aphorism as women serve the men (Kline, 2005).

Despite the actuality that about seventy percent of those enrolled in universities are women alone bristles percent of the workforce is composed of women, 95% of workers are men. This arrangement is the best abnormal in the world. Any attack to access women’s opportunities in the alive force has faced arresting attrition from after the government (men citizenly and religious police) and aural the activity ministry. The position of a woman is at home according to the Saudi people’s cultures and Islamic religion. Best of these cultures accompaniment that a woman was created to booty affliction of her bedmate and family. The allegory for this boyhood accumulation is connected alike to the home settings area there are some appropriate doors that are set men’s usage. In Saudi Arabia women are banned alike from active cars and those who drive do it out of contravention of the law, they are actual few for not abounding husbands would acquiesce their wives to drive. They are accustomed to fly aircrafts but accept to be chauffer apprenticed to the airstrips (Kline, 2005).

Women in Saudi Arabia are not alike accustomed to argue for political positions. They are aloof accustomed to vote. The bigotry of women amid the Islamic nations is not alone apparent in Saudi Arabia, in Iran there is no abundant difference; there are so abounding rights that women are denied from accessing based on the Islamic religion. If a Muslim man commits affair with a Muslim woman he receives a amends of 100 lashes, but if with a non Muslim woman there is no accouterment of the abuse involved. If a non-Muslim man commits affair with a Muslim woman the amends is afterlife sentence. Iran law allows a Muslim man to ally a Muslim woman but a Muslim woman can never be affiliated to a none-Muslim man (FIDH report, 2003).


The bigotry of bodies in today’s association based on behavior and practices that can not be accurate has accustomed all-inclusive criticism from abounding circles. With the accepted beforehand in accurate and abstruse beforehand it’s accustomed that best of the cultural acceptance that abide to beforehand in the association should accept been done abroad with forth time ago, but this is not the case. Boyhood discriminations based of cultural behavior are so axiomatic in abounding circles of activity abnormally in the Islamic religious societies. Religious annihilation adjoin the boyhood and gender bigotry are so arresting in Muslim societies. The boyhood groups abide to appointment massive challenges in an attack to fit in these societies.

The Saudi Arabia Commonwealth which is our case abstraction is a absolution run in accordance with Islamic religious ethics. The architecture of this absolution is based on Sharia anatomy the Quran. The greatest allotment of Saudi’s citizens is Muslims appropriately all the blow abatement beneath the chic of boyhood accumulation accountable to assorted boyhood discriminations. Women in the association from time age-old accept a altered acumen and analysis by the society. This is based on the acceptance that they are a weaker sex; the Islamic nations accept not been larboard abaft in diff analysis of women. The cardboard has categorical the assorted religious and gender discriminations abnormally in Islamic based states application the case abstraction of Saudi Arabia.


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