#GEA prewriting (Impact of Human and Cultural Diversity on Globalization) Minimum 450 words

The assigned affiliate is affiliate 6 from  GLOBALIZATION A Very Short Introduction  Overview: Students will: Choose a abstraction from your assigned chapter Step 1: Choose and abridge your concept Step 2: Conduct research You charge locate two aboveboard sources alfresco of your textbook. One of your aboveboard sources will accede with the angle offered by the columnist of your textbook. The alternative aboveboard antecedent will disagree with the angle offered by the columnist of your textbook. Step 3: Annotated Bibliography (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site. Your bibliography will accommodate alone 3 entries: Your textbook Credible antecedent that agrees Credible antecedent that disagrees Include the advice below, and anatomy accordingly: Name of author(s); date published; appellation of work; alignment that appear the work Type of antecedent (e.g., bookish article, book, government or authoritative report, etc.) Bibliographic comment (100-150 words, appropriate for all 3 sources). Step 4: Thesis Statement (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site. Step 5: Organize your prewriting appointment and submit Organize your prewriting appointment as laid out above. Include your name, advance appellation and section, and the date at the top Clearly characterization anniversary area for accessible identification Remember that this prewriting appointment is not an essay, and should not be organized as such Submit your prewriting appointment NO LATER THAN Sunday, January 27, by 11:59 pm.  Minimum 450 words  You charge use and adduce three sources – your textbook, a aboveboard accordant source, and a aboveboard antagonistic antecedent – and your own perspective. You charge use APA architecture  your references, and you charge adduce your sources appropriately.

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