GB600 unit 3 assignment

Assignment 1: PowerPoint Presentation Consider your accepted assignment ambiance or one that you admiration to join. Through a PowerPoint® presentation, adduce a aggregation access to accomplish a abiding business goal. Develop a accelerate presentation that includes the following: Title slide. Introduction—Be abiding to acquaint the acumen you are proposing a aggregation access by anecdotic the abiding business ambition you admiration to achieve. Actions for the alignment level—(see DuBrin text, Table 9-1) Identify which of the seven accomplishments are appropriately accustomed and which charge to be revised or developed. Propose recommendations for activity and anatomy changes to bigger accredit the acknowledged deployment of a aggregation approach. Actions at the baton level—(see DuBrin text, Table 9-1) Using the 12 accomplishments that leaders can booty as a model, analyze three strengths that assume about constant amid leaders in the alignment and three opportunities for development. Propose recommendations for baton training and development to advice the aggregation access succeed. Actions at the alone level—(see DuBrin text, Quiz 9-1 & Quiz 12-3) Using the Administration Self-Assessment Quiz 12-3, actuate your claimed battle resolution appearance and abridge what indicates for aggregation associates and leadership. Using the Administration Self-Assessment Quiz 9-1, actuate your aggregation amateur attitudes and adduce recommendations for how you will advance your adeptness to accord to aggregation goals and objectives through alive accord and collaboration. Conclude with a alarm to activity that seeks advocacy and abutment for this initiative. Provide Abundant Notes—The detail of what would be your exact presentation charge be represented in the addendum area of anniversary slide. Demonstrate ability of the topics. Inform and actuate your admirers of your choices. While “Content” credibility may be becoming through the alone slides, the use of analysis will be approved through the notes. “Analysis” credibility will mostly be becoming through the addendum of anniversary slide. Include citations, as needed, in the addendum sections. References—any references acclimated may be placed in the addendum area of the absolute accelerate as it is not all-important for the admirers to see this list. Professional presentation, accuracy of slides: It is important that the slides be streamlined, interesting, visually appealing, and professional. The use of an adapted template, SmartArt to graphically characterize information, and use of cartoon to enhance the bulletin is important. Do not aloof abide a apparent PowerPoint accouter that is abounding with words and ammo point lists. The presentation charge be interesting, visually ambrosial and memorable. Slides should not be ever chaotic and should be calmly beheld back presented in a ample setting. Use an adapted chantry and chantry size. Slides charge be grammatically actual and chargeless of misspelled words. The point administration for the Assignment will be as follows: 50% (75 points): Content, focus, use of research, and organization 30% (45 points): Analysis and analytical thinking 20% (30 points): Able presentation, accuracy of slides The Assignment will be evaluated application the Unit 3 Assignment Grading Rubric. Please ensure abundant addendum for anniversary slide. It is important that the slides be streamlined, interesting, visually appealing, and professional.

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