Gates of Fire Book Report

Gates Of Fire Book Address Title: Gates Of Fire LCpl Yaccarine A. Jared Author: Steven Pressfield Publisher: Turtleback Books Published: 1999 This book is about the Spartans warrior adeptness and how it ties into the Marine Band values, and the present day warrior adeptness of our Marine Corps. My assessment on this book is that it is a abundant and absorbing apprehend that captures the absorption of the clairvoyant and ties in alluringly to our Marine Band values. It depicts altogether on what it is to be a warrior whether it is past, present, or future. I anticipate that every Marine should apprehend this book or at atomic attending into the history of the Spartans and their adherence to their way of activity and adeptness of war fighting. I acerb accept the book should abide on the Commandants account list. Introduction: My book address is on "Gates of Fire" by Steven Pressfield. He was a above-mentioned Marine abrogation the Marine Band in 1966, he was aggressive to address this book based of the affinity he saw with the Marines he served with and the ones he met anon and the warrior adeptness of the Spartans. His book has been accomplished in assorted places of aggressive acceptation including the Marine Band Basic School at Quantico, and it is added to the class of the Naval War College. The book itself is about the allegorical action of Thermopylae and the three hundred Spartans who fought that action alive that the aftereffect was assertive death. Back account the book you can acutely acquaint the levels of Honor, Courage, and Charge these men had, and how they were accommodating to cede aggregate for their homeland. After account this book readers will acutely see how the columnist begin the articulation amid the Spartans, and the Marine Corps. Body: The book starts off anecdotic the actual basics of the Spartan culture, what makes them Spartans, how they are made, and the trials they had to face to acquire their abode amidst the alternative Spartans. Back Spartans are built-in from the day of bearing they are inspected, the ones who assume anemic or unfit are dead to bottle the warrior culture. From a aboriginal age the accouchement are taken abroad from their parents and put through a alternation of trials, one of which is to annihilate a slave. At a adolescent age the accouchement are already affected to kill, steal, and survive in a barbarous ambiance that in the approaching will accord them the brainy backbone to be amidst the greatest warriors accepted to history. At the age of eighteen they are befuddled into the wilderness to bulwark for themselves, with annihilation but will they charge do this, and if they can accomplish it aback to their association they will be official Spartans. The capital appearance of the book King Leonidas is the one who ultimately decides to booty his warriors to the Gates of Fire to adjournment the Persian army of King Xerxes as continued as possible. He selects three hundred of his finest Spartans and departs alive actual able-bodied that they will not return. This is area the Spartan adeptness ties into that of the Marine Corps, King Leonidas and his men had the adventuresomeness to go face cutting allowance alive that the affairs of adaptation were abbreviate if alike there. Given opportunities of abandonment or retreat the Spartans denied them allotment rather to die and accord Sparta as abundant time as accessible again to save their own lives. This can chronicle to the present Marine Band in abounding ways, it is able-bodied accepted that the Marine Band fights and wins battles, and that we do not abandonment we win or we die that is what is accepted of us. Just as the Spartans did in age-old Greece we accept upheld those basics of a warrior adeptness alike back others accept not, and that sets us afar from alternative services, because we alive by those values. Sometime during the action King Xerxes seeing the accomplishment of the Spartans, and their adeptness for war approved to accomplish a accord with King Leonidas. Promising wealth, and success Xerxes attempted to allurement Leonidas to accompany him cogent him he could accept it all if he would artlessly kneel afore him. Leonidas bound banned the offer, of ability and told Xerxes that they will abide to fight. Outraged by this Xerxes beatific beachcomber afterwards beachcomber of his men into the Spartan formation. Leonidas had account in his actions, accomplishing the appropriate thing, overlooking claimed gain, and blockage affectionate to Sparta and his men. With the Marine Band amount of honor, we as Marines additionally do these things. With espirit de corps, and a beeline adherence to our country we accept consistently been looked aloft to do the appropriate affair alike back others will not. Alike our adage Semper Fidelis is our affiance to budget that honor. In the end of the book the Spartans end up actuality surrounded, their flanks taken and absolutely out numbered Xerxes asks Leonidas one aftermost time if he will kneel. In one aftermost act of affront Leonidas and his men accomplish a final angle and a attack on Xerxes activity absolutely able-bodied alive that there was no artifice a assertive death. Their charge to their account was abiding assertive absolutely in what they fought for they were committed to the point of foolishly giving up their lives for their account and they did so with pride. This one final act ties into how the Marine Band is actual abundant like the Spartans of old as the showed that final amount that is acclimated by our own warrior adeptness daily. Marines signing a arrangement abounding of them giving up four years if not added of their activity absolutely committed to article they accept in. With abounding others giving up their lives for a account that they absolutely accept in. Conclusion: Overall I anticipate this book was great, it showed a bright articulation on our warrior culture, and the warrior adeptness of the Spartans. It showed that our Band ethics are the ethics of a warrior adeptness and it was apparent through one of the best abominable warrior cultures in history. It not alone was a absorbing apprehend but it accomplished admired lessons, and gave a compassionate of what it agency to be a warrior and what is accepted of warriors, and like the Spartans the Marine Band application those ethics as a abject will acquiesce our accomplishments to answer through out eternity. Signature: X___________________________________

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