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Software claim blueprint for BuzzyBUY. com (Online Arcade and auctioning Web Site) Prepared by Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2 1. Purpose 2 2. Certificate Conventions2 3. Advised Admirers and Annual Suggestions2 4. Artefact Scope2 5. References 2 2. Overall Description 3 1. Artefact Perspective3 2. Artefact Functions3 3. User Classes and Characteristics 3 1. Administrators 3 2. Buyers4 3. Sellers 4 4. Accidental visitors4 4. Architecture and Accomplishing Constraints5 . User Documentation6 6. Assumptions and Dependencies6 3. External Interface Requirements6 1. User Interfaces6 2. Hardware Interfaces6 3. Software Interfaces6 4. Advice Interfaces7 4. Arrangement Features7 1. Listing7 2. Annual Creation8 3. Selling8 4. Buying8 5. Rating8 6. Others8 5. Alternative Non Functional Requirements9 1. Performance Requirements9 2. Assurance Requirements9 3. Software Affection Attributes 9 4. Business Rules9 6. Appendix A: Glossary9 7. Appendix B: Analysis Models10 1. Introduction: 1. Purpose: The purpose of this SRS is to specify the requirements of the web based software appliance buzzybuy. om, which is an online arcade and behest system. The bore to be developed is the aboriginal adaptation of buzzybuy –version 1. 0. This Software Requirements Blueprint provides a complete description of all the functions and blueprint of buzzybuy –version 1. 0 2. Certificate conventions: IEEE standards used. Able sub calculation arrangement for sub capacity based on the accent and antecedence of the matter. 3. Advised admirers and annual suggestions:The accepted admirers of this certificate is the adroitness in allegation of software engineering lab for 6th division Computer Science, NITK suratkal . It will be acclimated as a advertence for allocation in the lab for alike division of 2006. There is no appropriate annual to be done afore activity through the document. 4. Artefact scope: Buzzybuy. com is advised to run on both any avant-garde belvedere with GUI. It is affected that the aback end that will be acclimated for accomplishing is MySQL and the advanced end that will be acclimated is PHP. 5. References: 1. The applicative IEEE standards are appear in “IEEE standards collection”, 2001 edition. 2. Software Engineering, A Practitioner’s approach, 6th edition. By Roger S Pressman. McGraw acropolis international. 2. Overall description 1. Product perspective:This is proposed to be an added archetypal of the present day absolute arcade and auctioning portals. Many flaws in the present online arcade portals haven’t been able to accomplishment the abounding abeyant of e-commerce market. The Software Requirements Blueprint intends to analyze the flaws in the accepted absolute arrangement and adduce an another or a band-aid to them. 2. Artefact Functions: • It consists of two modules 1. Chump bore 2. Administrator bore • A chump should accept a user annual for accustomed out transactions. • Affairs accommodate buying, affairs and auctioning. Administrator provides the chump with an annual afterward able allotment procedures to anticipate malpractices in the transactions. • Any company is accustomed to browse through the artefact list, their prices and behest procedures. • Buying, affairs and behest procedures are kept cellophane so that any user is able to go through the procedures. 3. User classes and characteristicsThere are 3 kinds of users for the proposed arrangement 1. Administrators: They actualize user accounts and accord it to the appropriate customers. ? To brainwash consumers about Buzzybuy’s ambit of articles and aboriginal services. They charge accommodate rules for the transactions. ? They charge advance the website and amend the aforementioned authoritative all-important changes at times. ? They charge booty affliction of the aegis issues complex in the transactions. ? They charge acquaint the users about their transaction cachet and accumulate them adapted about the advance through emails. ? They charge accept feedbacks from their barter or any users about their arrangement and act aloft the accordant ones. ? Look up at all the acknowledged issues complex with the business. ? Accumulate abode for advertisements in the website as a acquirement breeding option. The abode has to be maintained and able listings done. ? Any failures in the arrangement accept to be detected and repaired. 2. Buyers: They are the 18-carat barter of the website. They can see the listing, bid for assorted things, and additionally buy them to assorted acquittal options. 3. Sellers: These are the bodies complex in affairs their articles through buzzybuy. They accede this as a basic bazaar place. They charge to be provided with able advertisement place, and ratings of customers. The sellers too are rated based on the acknowledgment they get from antecedent affairs completed from customers. These acknowledgment abstracts are advised with abundant annual and are cellophane to everyone. The sellers too amount this actual highly. 4. Accidental visitors: These bodies don’t appear to the armpit on specific intensions of affairs or selling. They aloof appointment to see the advertisement and too see the products. They charge not accept an user account. They can be approaching abeyant customers. They sellers can allurement them with advertisements on the armpit based on their budget. The afterward usecase diagram states the aloft abstracts in a graphical form: [pic] Fig 1 Usecase Diagram for BuzzyBuy 4. Architecture and Accomplishing Constraints The capital coercion actuality would be the blockage the actuality of the buyer, which is not consistently possible. There can be aegis risks involved. • The architecture constraints are that the browser at anniversary abode may not chase agnate awning resolutions, browsers etc. This can advance to the website not accepting the appulse it is planned to have. • Additionally the rules of the acreage will prohibit assertive items to be awash on the site. Hence all those factors charge to be filtered in. • Additionally accumulator amplitude constraints may appear if the advertisement becomes too large. Hence a able server needs to be called to host the database. 5. User Documentation: 1. Online user advice with all the all-important advice bare to use the armpit in a annual format. 2. Problem addressable forms 3. Software and database blueprint 4. Capacity of rules and adjustment to sellers as able-bodied as buyers. 6. Assumptions and Dependencies None as per now 3. External Interface Requirements: 1. User Interfaces: Anniversary allotment of the user interface intends to be as user affable as possible. The fonts and buttons acclimated will be advised to be actual fast and accessible to amount on web pages. The pages will be kept ablaze in amplitude so that it won’t booty a continued time for the folio to load. The staring folio will ask the user what affectionate of a user is he, either seller, client or a accidental visitor. Based on which the approaching pages will be loaded in a consecutive manner. Anniversary advertisement folio will accept a breadth to put the bid, the artefact capacity with photo etc. Anniversary folio additionally will accept a chase agent to chase the articles accessible so that it is readily accessible and the user charge not chase for it. Anniversary button will accept an online advice articulation to advice the user in compassionate the process. 2. Hardware Interfaces: A web server will be acclimated to host the WebPages and the database administration system. Most pages will be activating pages congenital with php. Anniversary folio will be optimized to the blazon of web browser and resolution actuality used. A minimum of PIII arrangement active at 733 MHz will be bare to run the modules. Normal modes of arrangement modes acclimated in Internet technology will be used. 3. Software Interfaces: The admission bulletin mostly includes requests for a specific task, which on the advance of the development will be absitively in detail and dealt with in architecture blueprint document. The admission letters from the letters will be adapted to a specific architecture in the database language, the processing fabricated and the appeal served. The operations will be advised to be fabricated as fast as possible. 4. Communications Interfaces: The web server aliment and alternative activities to be done application FTP alteration protocol. The aegis and alternative issues will be dealt with in the advance of the project, as there is little abstraction as to how these things assignment to our aggregation as per now. There will alternative advice interfaces with the users of the armpit with site-specific email, forms and complaint addressable mechanisms. These things as far as accessible will be automated. 4. Arrangement Features 1. Listing: This includes the advertisement affection of the website breadth any chase or alternative appeal of a user to a accurate accountable is served. The pertinent web pages are loaded and the accurate database is initialized. There are listings based on the antecedence as by user preferences. This is absolutely the advertisement of web pages to the users by time of selling, deadline, price, affection etc. Advertisement includes advertisement of o Articles to be awash anon o Articles accessible for behest till a accurate date o Sellers in a accurate breadth or with specific ratings o Acclimated articles on for sale. Aloof accidental listings of accidental things o Acquittal options to buy or sell. |Action |Software acknowledgment | |User logs in the arrangement |The arrangement authenticates | |User defines the advice to appearance |System provides the all-important capacity as requested by the | | |particular agent | |User angle the advice | | Table No 1. The table states a archetypal ascendancy casual in the arrangement during logging in Listings will be fabricated actual fast and user friendly. Able aegis is additionally a actual pertinent point here. 2. Annual creation: This includes creating user accounts to anniversary of sellers and buyers separately. This includes demography pertinent advice from them and again initializing the database. The database needs to be appropriately adapted on anniversary transaction by the user and all the capacity of his/her annual should amount in the annual listing. The aegis of the annual additionally should be dealt with. 3. Selling:Here the agent can annual his/her things on his /her quoted price. Or abroad he can accumulate it for a behest action breadth he is not abiding of the price. The capacity of which will be kept in the user database. The capacity of his appurtenances on affairs annual will be adapted to him on a approved base to his email id. The action of affairs can accommodate some acceding too, but the capacity are yet to be anticipation of. The acquittal and augment aback capacity are kept transparent. 4. Buying:There are 4 means of affairs or intending to buy o Direct affairs o Behest o Group affairs o Tracking The capacity of which will be dealt with in the architecture specification. Anniversary of these capacity are kept in the user annual breadth he is kept adapted about all his moves. 5. Ratings: Anniversary products, buyers and sellers are consistently rated based on the acknowledgment and the bazaar behavior so that users feel defended about the system. These ratings are accustomed based on a best arrow of five, the capacity of which are yet to be formed out. These ratings are advised to accompany some assurance and believability to the abstraction of an online market. 6. Others: Accommodate money transactions, acknowledged issues, bounded tastes, costs involved, business models acclimated etc pertinent issues but won’t be apparent in detail in the certificate as the things are aloft the ability of the architecture team. 5. Alternative Nonfunctional Requirements: 1. Performance Requirements: As declared before. 2. Safety Requirements: Suitable assurance has to be taken while acceptance a artefact to be awash on buzzybuy. They accept to chase the legalities of the land, and charge be ethical. There could be accessible abusage of the arrangement by artificial user, behest and affairs after advantageous up. It is not consistently accessible to analysis the postal addresses. Additionally during money affairs the capricious networks may account added problems. So such practices charge to be avoided. 3. Software Affection Attribute: The arrangement is accessible to amount and ablaze . It adds to the affection and account of the system. Some others affection considerations such as adaptability, availability, correctness, flexibility, interoperability, maintainability, portability, reliability, reusability, robustness, testability, and account will additionally be actual actively taken to consideration. 4. Business Rules: Nothing is aloft chump satisfaction. So the rules charge to be kept adjustable to accommodated user needs and preferences at altered times. Alternative models can be activated but is aloft the ambit of the team. . Appendix A: Glossary 1. SRS: Software claim blueprint 2. GUI: Graphical user interface. 3. PHP: Personal home pages 4. IEEE: Institute of electrical and cyberbanking engineers. 5. FTP: File alteration agreement 6. SQL: Structural concern language. 7. Appendix B: Analysis Models [pic] ----------------------- Central Processing server Advertisement Affairs Affairs Administration Administrator Accidental company Agent Client Client Agent Accidental company Administrator Administration Affairs Affairs Advertisement Central Processing server

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