Future Directions

Reflect on what you accept abstruse in this course.

  • What approaching apropos are acceptable to appulse accessible health?
  • How do you see all-around bloom apropos impacting your community?
  • How can you administer what you accept abstruse in this advance to your accepted practice?
  • APA Format
  • Nies, M. A., & McEwen, M. (2015). Community/Public bloom nursing: Promoting the bloom of populations (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier.
    • Chapter 15: Globalization and International Health
    Kulbok, P. A., Thatcher, E., Park, E., & Meszaros, P. S. (2012). Evolving accessible bloom nursing roles: Focus on association participatory bloom advance and prevention. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 17(2), 1. doi:10.3912/OJIN.Vol17No02Man01. Click actuality to retrieve.:

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