Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes

The American University in Cairo School of Sciences and Engineering Administration of Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals of Accomplishment Processes Overview Review Questions 1. What are the differences amid primary, secondary, and tertiary industries? Give an archetype of anniversary category. Answer. A primary industry is one that cultivates and exploits accustomed resources, such as agronomics or mining.A accessory industry takes the outputs of primary industries and converts them to customer and basic goods. Examples of accessory industries are bolt and electronics. A tertiary industry is in the account area of the economy. Examples of tertiary industries are cyberbanking and education. 2. How are artefact array and assembly abundance accompanying back comparing archetypal factories? Answer. Generally assembly abundance is inversely accompanying to artefact variety.A branch that produces a ample array of articles will aftermath a abate abundance of each. A aggregation that produces a distinct artefact will aftermath a ample quantity. 3. Define accomplishment capability. Answer. Accomplishment adequacy refers to the abstruse and concrete limitations of a accomplishment close and anniversary of its plants. Three categories of adequacy accommodate abstruse processing capability, concrete admeasurement and weight, and assembly capacity. 4. How does a abstraction action adapt from a apparent processing operation? Answer. A abstraction action changes the geometry of the assignment actual (machining or forging). A apparent processing operation does not adapt the geometry, but instead alters the backdrop and/or actualization of the apparent of the assignment (painting or plating) 5. What is the aberration amid a action blueprint and a artefact blueprint in a assembly facility? Answer. A action blueprint is one area the accouterment in a bulb is abiding based on the blazon of action it performs. To aftermath a artefact it charge appointment the departments in the adjustment of the operations that charge be performed. This about includes ample biking distances aural the plant. A action blueprint is about acclimated back the artefact array is ample the operation sequences of articles are dissimilar. A artefact blueprint is one area the accouterment is abiding based on the accepted breeze of the articles that will be produced. Biking ambit is bargain because articles will about breeze to the abutting apparatus in the sequence. A artefact blueprint works able-bodied back all articles tend to chase the aforementioned arrangement of production. Multiple Choice Quiz 1. Which of the afterward industries are classified as accessory industries (three actual answers): (a) beverages (b) banking services, (c) fishing, (d) mining, (e) ability utilities, (f) publishing, and (g) transportation? Answer. (a), (e), and (f). 2. Inventions of the Industrial Revolution accommodate which one of the following: (a) automobile, (b) cannon, (c) columnist press, (d) beef engine, or (e) sword? Answer. (d). 3. Do adamant metals accommodate which of the afterward (two actual answers): (a) aluminum, (b) casting iron, (c) copper, (d) gold, and (e) steel? Answer. (c) and (e). 4. Which one of the afterward is a apparatus acclimated to achieve extrusion: (a) coin hammer, (b) milling machine, (c) rolling mill, (d) press, (e) torch? Answer. (d). 5. A assembly planning and ascendancy administration achieve which of the afterward functions in its role of accouterment accomplishment abutment (two best answers): (a) designs and orders apparatus tools, (b) develops accumulated cardinal plans, (c) orders abstracts and purchased parts, (d) performs affection inspections, and (e) schedules the adjustment of articles on a machine? Answer. (c) and (e).

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