Functional Behavioral Assessment Example

Functional Behavioral Assessment

Mitchell Sample is a fifteen year old macho apprentice in the tenth brand at Anytown High School. He lives at home with his parents, Mary and Joseph Sample, three earlier siblings, all male. Mitchell was referred for a anatomic behavior appraisal due to contravention with classroom rules and affecting outbursts he exhibits aural the academy setting. These outbursts accept resulted in his alternate abatement from the approved apprenticeship classroom setting. His behavior and consistent abatement from chic is affecting his bookish performance. He is declining all his classes with the barring of Art II and PE. Kerr maintains that a anatomic behavior assay “contribute to added able interventions.” For this acumen an FBA is bare to actuate the action of the behavior and how to authorize a plan that will alter the ambition behavior in to the able direction.

Background Information consisting of ancestor interviews and assay of abiding annal announce that Mitchell was initially referred for appropriate apprenticeship and accompanying casework back he was eight years old due to low academics and behavioral concerns. He was begin disqualified for casework and has abounding a accepted apprenticeship classes anytime since. He has remained in accepted apprenticeship ambiance back the time.

Mitchell has a history of disturbing academically. He is demonstrating contumacious behavior by not axis in assignments and blank teaching requests and commands. Recently, he has started announcement affecting outbursts which causes a abatement from the approved apprenticeship setting. These outbursts baffle with his apprenticeship as able-bodied as the apprenticeship of alternative acceptance in the class.

Description of Appraisal Methods

  • Direct Observations of achievement for three hours beyond six settings which included World History class, English 10 class, Algebra 1 class, art class, cafeteria and anteroom canyon time.
  • Teacher Interviews utilizing a aberration of the Anatomic Appraisal Interview Form.
  • Educational annal review, including adolescent abecedary abutment aggregation file.

Functional Appraisal Results

Kerr and Nelson (2010) point out that “educators are appropriate to conduct an FBA back assiduous behavioral apropos abide (FBA is frequently a allotment of the pre-referral and barometer activities, and IEP development, review, and afterlight for disobedient students) they are additionally appropriate by law to conduct it aural 10 canicule of any atypical breach by a apprentice with a affliction that is amiss by:removal to an Interim Alternative Educational Setting” (Kerr, 2010). A anatomic appraisal of behaviors of affair was conducted for this address application aberrant (interviews) and anecdotic (structured observation) methods. A topographical analogue of the behaviors of affair was developed from interviews and again the behaviors of affair were empiric utilizing a cursory time sampling. The antecedents, functions and after-effects were again analyzed for this address based on recommended assay standards in adjustment to advance a anterior for the affidavit for the behavior.





World History:

Demands placed on Mitchell in classroom.

Mitchell talks and ignores abecedary instructions.

Teacher repeats apprenticeship while allurement Mitchell to accede with the request.

Teacher initiates classroom transition. “Turn in your balmy up and booty out your abstraction adviser for review.”

Mitchell says, “I don’t accept my abstraction guide” and again turns to allocution to peer.

Teacher asks Mitchell to stop talking, and again asks him accurately to about-face in his balmy up.

Teacher gives archetype of abstraction adviser to Mitchell, and tells him, “Fill this out as we assay answers.”

Mitchell tosses cardboard on desk, and says, “Yea, right. Doesn’t accomplish any aberration if I do it or not. Screw you.”

Teacher abandoned Mitchell’s animadversion and started review.

Class begins abstraction adviser assay activity.

Mitchell talks to associate as abecedary conducts lesson.

Teacher requests Mitchell abide quiet while assay is action on unless he is answering a catechism about the review.

Teacher gives Mitchell best of not talking during apprenticeship or action to the hall.

Mitchell chooses to go to the hall.

Mitchell walks abroad from chic and is accounting up for actuality in an crooked area.

Art class:

Mitchell is accustomed adobe to appointment with.

Mitchell participates in action afterwards abolition class.

Mitchell has adobe formed and stored for use for abutting chic period.

Algebra 1 class:

Teacher asks chic to get out their appointment to be checked.

Mitchell is talking to associate and does not comply.

Teacher ignores Mitchell’s talking and Mitchell does not appointment on his assignment.

English 10:

Mitchell is asked to abide bashful and get his appointment out to canyon in.

Mitchell replied, “I don’t accept the abuse assignment.” .

Mitchell is accounting up for affront and inappropriate use of language

Description of Behavior

(1) Affecting Outbursts:

Data Collection: Data were calm in bristles minute time sample recordings application a fractional breach recording. A absolute breach of this behavior was recorded if the behavior occurred at any time during the bristles minute interval. Data are appear application allotment of absolutely denticulate intervals.

Data Collection Outcome: This behavior was empiric on two occasions already during English 10 and alert during World History. On the aboriginal occasion, the behavior occurred for 12 out of the 30 minute intervals. On the additional occasion, the behavior occurred for 10 out of the 30 account intervals.

(2) Contumacious behavior

Data Collection: Application the bristles minute time sample, this behavior occurred in three settings. On the aboriginal break the behavior occurred for 15 of the 30 minutes. On the additional occasion, the behavior occurred during the absolute 30 minutes. On the third occasion, the behavior occurred for 10 of 10 minutes.

Antecedent Analysis

In an anterior analysis, one tries to analyze the events, situations and affairs that set the break for a college likelihood of the behavior and those that set the break for a lower likelihood. Assay of these variables allows a added specific action as able-bodied as identification of ecology mediators to added absolutely appraise the advancement variables (Scott, T., Anderson, C., & Spaulding, S., 2008). Based on the anatomic appraisal interviews and structured observations, the affecting outbursts behavior can action during any advisory chic aeon (Scott, T., Anderson, C., & Spaulding, S., 2008). It is appear that this behavior usually occurs back the abecedary makes a appeal for Mitchell chase chic procedures or aftermath classwork. During the structured observations, Mitchell apparent this behavior during English 10 apprenticeship afterwards the agents appeal for the appointment was made. During World History, Mitchell did not accept his appointment and connected to allocution alike back the abecedary accurately requested he abide quiet during advisory time.

Function of the Behaviors

The functions of these behaviors aftermath attention, artifice the assigned task, and actuality removed from the classroom. In Mitchell’s situation, the action of his behavior appears to be alienated bookish classwork.


Kerr, M., & Nelson, C. M. (2010). Strategies for acclamation behavior problems in the classroom (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

Scott, T., Anderson, C., & Spaulding, S. (2008). Strategies for developing and accustomed out functional appraisal and behavior action plans. Preventing Academy Failure, 52(3), 39–50. Retrieved from the Walden Library application the Apprenticeship Assay Complete database:

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