From Steven Tyler to Steve Wozniak: The Woman Rocking ‘The Silicon Valley of The North’

Warning to association of the Waterloo arena of Ontario: for the abutting four days, things are activity to get absolutely loud. The countdown  technology and music summit has kicked off, bringing calm business leaders, tech innovators and the best forward-thinking artists in music. On the eve of aperture day, I spoke with co-founder  about the anniversary and what attendees can expect. Beacher: In a nutshell, what is FUZEnation? Warfield: Conceptually, FUZEnation is the anniversary of music and technology, and a affiliation amid our company FUZE and Live Nation. It's a multi-day event featuring ablaze minds talking about tech breakthroughs and a anniversary of cyberbanking music. I am one of the co-founders and one of the controlling producers of the event. This breadth of Ontario is alleged "The Silicon Valley of the North." The technology industry is just booming actuality and this accident absolutely is a affection activity of mine. I formed for years in administration in the music industry, and you can’t be complex in music and not be complex in tech. The two go duke in hand.  JB: Can you allocution a little bit about your accomplishments and how it afflicted your captivation with this project?  RLW: I accept consistently had an ambitious spirit. As a kid I was consistently aggravating to accomplish being that addition would buy. I started my career as a aptitude ambassador for shows like the American Music Awards and the Golden Globes and the Country Music Awards. Each of these shows would accept 25 agreeable performances and presenters, so I was consistently alive with performers, publicists, producers -- everyone complex with authoritative these shows happen. It was this absurd mix of A-list artists and accessible artisan in all genres. I formed with Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie. Alicia Keys was consistently an amazing collaborator. I abutting the Britney Spears aggregation on the Circus Tour, which was the better bout that anytime went out at the time. Eventually, I larboard and formed my own company, the Chicane Group, which focuses on management, consulting and producing. I'm ally with Larry Rudolph at Maverick, managing Steven Tyler on all of his Aerosmith and abandoned projects, and his altruistic efforts.  Related: JB: I apperceive your assignment with Steven has meant a lot to you. RLW: The most affecting and feel-good activity was his first-ever charity, Janie's Fund, to accommodate achievement and healing for abused and alone girls. We researched the best way to go about it and partnered with Youth Villages. In the accomplished nine months, we've aloft $1.8 actor for the programs and accept provided 300 girls with 18,000 canicule of affliction over the abutting year. Steven had capital to alpha this alms anytime back he wrote "Janie's Got a Gun" in 1989, and to be a allotment of the barrage and to accomplish it appear is by far the best advantageous acquaintance over the aftermost brace of years.  JB: How did the anniversary appear about? RLW: I was alive with a concert apostle a brace years ago in the Kitchener-Waterloo breadth and he came to me with a new abstraction about an EDM challenge and concert. We brought in a bounded business and branding expert, Shevaun Voisin, who is actual dialed into the booming tech industry in the area. We started brainstorming. I consistently admired the alternate allocation of SXSW but capital to do article sleeker. I accept a aptitude bearing company, Proven Talent, with Colleen Grillo and I knew we could book a abundant lineup. I awash the abstraction to Live Nation who gave us the blooming ablaze for financing and we partnered with them to actualize the aboriginal of what we achievement will be many all-around contest appropriate here.  JB: Who will be performing? RLW: Kygo, Adventure Club, Keys N Krates, The Him, Kaneholler. The aboriginal few canicule will affection iconic speakers like , co-founder of Apple, and , co-founder of . Then we accept an amazing console with bounded bold changers and disrupters. We’re blame it off with music, A-Trak, allegorical turntablist will perform.  Related:  JB: Allocution about the affiliation amid music and tech. RLW: Inventors are the new bedrock stars. They booty an abstraction from their arch and chase it from alpha to finish. And I anticipate that artistic action can be actual agnate for musicians. It ability be application the alternative ancillary of the brain, but it is about the same: bringing a anticipation to life, generally with a lot of balloon and absurdity and setbacks forth the way. The atom of artistic affection is the active force in bringing a artefact to bazaar or a assignment of art to the public.

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