Freud and Erikson

This aboriginal cardboard is activity to be about a case abstraction on a 7 year old kid called Gary. Gary is wheelchair apprenticed and has Muscular Dystrophy and has been home-schooled until now. He seemed to be accomplishing able in school, but he has been arrant afterwards academy and not absent to go monday mornings. We accept to try and amount out why Gary is activity this way. I will be application and comparing Erikson’s Psychological Approach and Maslows Bureaucracy of Needs to assay why the case abstraction accountable ability be acting this way. Erikson’s Psychological Approach is based about Freuds’s Stages of Development, but with added stages and not consistently based about sex and assailment like Freud uses. Erikson’s Approach contains eight stages: Assurance v. apprehension (birth to two years of age), freedom v. shame/ agnosticism (two to four years), action v. answerability (four to six years), industry v. inferiority/ circulation (six to twelve years), character v. character abashing (adolescence), acquaintance v. abreast (young adulthood), generatively v. tagnation (middle adulthood), and ego candor v. anguish (late adolescence to death). The aboriginal four stages bout up appealing able-bodied with Freud’s Theory’s stages, with an added four stages about adolescence at the end. Two big things about Erikson’s Approach is that success builds on antecedent stages and that abortion is accumulative (Morrison, lecture, 2011). I can administer Erikson’s Approach to the case abstraction with Gary in a brace of ways. The aboriginal ascertainment I can accomplish is that Gary is his wetting the bed problem. If he hasn’t done it in years, why is he accomplishing it now? Gary has apparently bootless to accomplish in the freedom v. abashment date of development. It doesn’t say how continued Gary has been in a wheelchair, but my assumption is absolutely awhile. Even if it was afterwards his toilet training years, he had to re-learn how to go by himself back he was accustomed a wheelchair. This ability accept gone calmly back he was at home with the advice of his admiring and admiring parents, but he apparently doesn’t assurance in agents or aids to advice him if he needs it. He feels abashed of himself for not actuality able to go flawlessly like at home, and these animosity of abashment are causing alternative problems in academy also. This GREATLY affects his cocky admire levels and disturbs the blow of his academy life. Another bend of attractive at Gary’s problems is he isn’t afterwards in the industry v. inferiority stage. This date is about acquirements in academy and communicating and is a actual amusing date (Morrison, lecture, 2011). SInce Gary is in a wheelchair, he can’t participate in approved activities in P. E. classes. He has to accept adaptive P. E. based on him not actuality able to walk. Watching the alternative kids arena on the basketball courts and arena football and actuality leaves him activity larboard out. He isn’t architecture abilities for a teamwork mentality like everybody else. He feels larboard out of the fun and apparently puts himself lower than the blow of his peers. This would abundantly aching his self-esteem and competence. This could be an account for him arrant afterwards academy and aloof not absent to go Sunday nights. Although Erikson’s Psychological Approach can explain Gary’s problems in agreement of absent of problems in adorning stages, Maslow can explain them added generically with his Bureaucracy of Needs. Maslow’s Bureaucracy of needs has bristles stages, starting with the best archaic alive appear added finite: biological and physiological needs (food, water, shelter, warmth), assurance needs (protection and security), acceptance and adulation needs (family, affection, relationships), admire needs (achievement, status, responsibility), and self- ability (personal growth) (Morrison, lecture, 2011). Using Maslow’s bureaucracy of needs, I can assay Gary and actuate that it seems as if Gary isn’t accomplishing his admire needs. He seems to accept a low cocky admire and a low faculty of accomplishment. This is apparently because he can’t do the aforementioned P. E. activities as the blow of the kids. Aloof actuality about a lot of kids that can airing and do things he can’t is apparently the capital acumen for his anguish and not absent to go to school. Back he was at home all day, he had his parents to abundance him if he anytime had questions about alternative kids. His parents ability accept absolutely over adequate him, as in Gary wasn’t able to go to accessible academy because his parents cloistral him from the accuracy of the absolute apple and wasn’t accessible for it. Since Gary is accepting agitation with his admire needs, he cannot feel able and move on to his self- ability needs. He can’t abound as a being until the lower akin needs are met. There are a lot of theories that bodies can use back allegory peoples’ problems. But attractive at Gary’s problems, Erikson’s Psychological Approach and Maslow’s Bureaucracy of Needs were the ones I acquainted like could explain why Gary is accepting problems the best. Not every approach is applicative to every situation. These two theories fabricated faculty to me and I accept explained his problems the best out of all of the theories we accept looked at in class. Between the two I used, I accept Erikson’s Psychological Approach explains it bigger than Maslow’s Bureaucracy of Needs, but they both accept some acceptable credibility in this case study.

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