Freedom Writers vs the Outsiders

Comparing Freedom Writers and The Outsiders Taking abode in Long Beach California, Richard Lagravense directed an amazing cine blue-blooded “Freedom Writers. ” Freedom Writers came out in 2007 and has aggressive abounding teenagers all over the world. Not abandoned do I accede this to be one of my admired movies, but abounding others do too. Freedom Writers was a cine with abounding absorbing characters. Hilary Swank stars as Erin Gruwell (Mrs. G), a aerial academy abecedary who realizes that teaching is her affection and who doesn’t apperceive what she would do after her students. Scott Glenn plays the role of Steve Gruwell, Erin’s husband. The blow of the stars of the cine are Patrick Dempsey as Scott Casey, Imelda Stainton as Margret Campbell, April L. Hernandez as Eva Benitez, Mario as Andre Bryant, Kristin Herver as Gloria Munez, Jaclyn Ngan as Cindy, Sergio Montalvo as Alejandro Santiago, Jason Finn as Marcus, Deance Wyatt as Jamal Hill, Vanetta Smith as Brandy Ross, Gabriel Chavarriaas Tito, Hunter Parrish as Ben Daniels, Antonio Garcia as Miguel, Giovanne Samuels as Victoria, John Benjamin Hickey as Brian Gelford, Robert Wisdom as Dr. Carl Cohn, Pat Carrol as Miep Gies, Will Morales as Paco, and Armand Jones as Grant Rice. I feel that anniversary appearance played an important allotment in this cine and I admired anniversary and every one of them. Due to the actuality that this is one of my admired movies, and how abundant I enjoyed watching it, I would amount this cine a 4. 5 out of 5 stars. The abandoned acumen I acquainted that it didn’t deserve 5 stars is because I begin some of the genitalia in the cine to be rather confusing. At times, scenes were adamantine to chase and absolutely accept what was happening. For example, Eva and Paco went to the accessibility store. When they accustomed they accidentally bumped in Cindy and her boyfriend. Paco tries to shoot the guy in the orange sweatshirt (the guy who exhausted him up in school) because he capital his money aback on a bold he was arena and was giving the accountant a difficult time. Paco additionally capital revenge. When Paco took out his gun and accursed it at the guy in the orange sweatshirt, he accidentally concluded up hitting Cindy’s admirer because the alternative guy ducked. After watching this allotment a additional time I added acutely accepted what was happening. The aboriginal time I absolutely didn’t apperceive who anniversary appearance was or the point of the scene. I would still awful acclaim this cine to kids all ages. Some genitalia are agitated but this cine does advise admired lessons. The movies, Freedom Writers, and The Outsiders, are both amazing movies. Alike admitting these two movies are absolutely different, they do accept some similarities. Both Freedom Writers and The Outsiders are about two acutely agitated gangs. All of the gangs in the two movies ashore up for all of their adolescent assemblage associates and anniversary affiliate stands by whatever addition affiliate does. This is accurate for all gangs. Personally, I anticipate that Freedom Writers was a bigger movie. Hey, do you appetite some chips with that shake? ” says a macho apprentice to Mrs. Gruwell on the aboriginal day of school. That blazon of causticity was appealing abundant the way things consistently were in Long Beach California area the cine Freedom Writers takes place. Hillary Swank (Mrs. Gruwell) stars in this arresting adventure of burghal kids aloft about drive-by shootings and determined attitudes. Whenever you footfall out the advanced aperture of your house, you accept to beware because anythitwo gangs in Freedom Writers action for their territory, race, respect, and what’s theirs. In this movie, the music played throughout the scenes was consistently different. At the alpha of this movie, the two gangs wouldn’t alike sit abutting to anniversary alternative in school, let abandoned allocution to one another. At the end, the gangs fabricated accord and anybody concluded up accepting forth all because of Mrs. Gruwell. Alike admitting the gangs, The Greasers and The Socials, are agitated in The Outsiders, they are not absolutely as agitated as the gangs in Freedom Writers. The Greasers are added caring and admiring admitting the gangs in Freedom Writers don’t absolutely affliction about anything. The music played during this cine is consistently the aforementioned song; it is aloof altered genitalia of the song actuality played or the aforementioned allotment repeated. Taking abode in the 1960’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma makes this cine earlier which contributes to some of the differences in the gangs. Although The Outsiders is a blood-tingling and able-bodied directed movie, I didn’t acquisition it to be as agitative as Freedom Writers. My recommendations for these movies would depend on the age of the viewer. I would acclaim The Outsiders to pre-teens and Freedom Writers to adolescence because it is added violent.

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