Free Education In Nigeria Education Essay

Education in Nigeria is managed by the Ministry of Education. And the Local and accompaniment authorities take allegation for implementing guidelines for accompaniment and accessible education and schools at a bounded level. The apprenticeship arrangement is disconnected into Nursery education, primary education, secondary education and tertiary education.

Nursery apprenticeship begins at age of 2 for best Nigerians: acceptance absorb three years in nursery apprenticeship and alum with a academy abrogation affidavit in alternative to advance to primary education.

Primary apprenticeship commences at the age of 4 for best Nigerians; acceptance absorb six years in primary academy and alum with a school-leaving certificate. Primary schools acceptance are appropriate to booty a Common Entrance Assay which is accurate by the government in adjustment authorize for acceptance into the Federal and Accompaniment Government Accessory schools, as able-bodied as clandestine ones.

Students absorb six years in Accessory Academy that is 3 years of JSS (Junior Accessory School), and 3 years of SSS (Senior Accessory School). By Senior Accessory Academy Class 2 (SS2), acceptance are demography the GCE O’Levels exam, which is not mandatory, but best acceptance booty it to adapt for the Senior Accessory Affidavit Examination, The Senior Accessory Academy Assay is taken in the aftermost year of accessory academy (SS3). They additionally accept to booty examinations like WEAC (West African Assay Council) and JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) Clandestine organizations, the Accompaniment government or the Federal government administer accessory schools in Nigeria. (author, apprenticeship in Nigeria)

What contributions are fabricated by the Nigerian government to advance chargeless primary apprenticeship in Nigeria?

“In 1948, Sidney phillipson,The Banking Secretery of the Nigerian Government appointed to assay grants in -aid to education,recommended a univerasal ,free compulsatory arrangement of primary and accessory for Nigeria. Seven years later,1955,free primary apprenticeship was inroduced in the Western Region, and in 1957 in the Eastern Region and in 1957 in the Eastern Region and in Lagos. However,free accepted was not alien in the Northern Region during the aeon beneath review.Infact, it was not launched until afterwards the independence.” (author,

As you can see from the argument sidney Phillipson constucted a plan to advance chargeless primary apprenticeship in Nigeria,This is a acceptable because articulacy improves the economy, country and improves the way of living.

What accomplish are bare to apparatus the plans.

The government would accept to locate areas breadth accouchement accept little or no education

The money gotten from the assembly of awkward oil would be acclimated to accounts chargeless primary apprenticeship in Nigeria.

The government is activity to acquisition agents to advise in the schools.

The government would assay the apprenticeship account based on the absolute needs of the educational sector.

The Nigerian government would administer chargeless notebooks and textbooks.

What challenges accept been incurred during accomplishing of plans?

One of the greatest challenges that Nigeria is activity to face implementing chargeless primary apprenticeship in Nigeria is banking issues because it is a developing country with alternative problems e.g. corruption, abjection and crime. In accession to finance-related issues including abecedary training programs, funds for the school, there would additionally be altered arguments about if the affairs are activity to be a progress. The accomplishing of chargeless primary apprenticeship in Nigeria would be adamantine because it is a bulk of political accessibility rather than planned apprenticeship development. Abridgement of recourses has advised as a claiming because of the admission of children. (author,

Due to acceleration of the agitator accumulation Boko Haram agents analogously acquainted deserted did not accomplish efforts to advise which leads to strikes, they go on strikes because the

is no accepting abundant pay and altitude for themselves? Another botheration is

shortage of able teachers, the government not actuality able to locate the children

in abundant villages that don’t go to school.

Corruption amid government officials, while abounding stats admiral claimed to be spending so abundant money on

books and supplies, agents weren’t paid well, acceptance didn’t accept books and they had to accompany armchair from home every morning because they abridgement able seating.

In adjustment to ensure the accomplishing of chargeless apprenticeship in Nigeria these accomplish charge be followed and considered:

1. Supervision of agents and educational workers

2. The government should adviser the way the money is spent in adjustment to assay for fraud.

3. Able planning and acceptance of teachers, accessories should be acknowledged.

4. Allotment should be adequate

5. Accomplishing of the affairs by all stakeholders

6. Agents should be supervised and be paid equally.

7. Agents should booty training in adjustment to advance their techniques

8. Anticipation of added enrollment

9. Coordination of assorted levels of the chargeless apprenticeship in Nigeria program

10. The government should actuate those who accept accelerating by giving them baby loans to alpha baby businesses

Several factors may accord to the abortion of the chargeless primary apprenticeship program

in Nigeria, including 1) poor planning; 2) bare funding; 3) abridgement of able teachers. 4) Poor implementation; and 5) citizenry explosion. (author,

What affection of apprenticeship would be provided?

“No bearings assay and appraisal of both the affection and admeasurement of primary apprenticeship preceded its implementation. As such, problems accompanying to able allotment allocation and basement needs are actuality accommodated. Furthermore, in some countries, the bulk of costs and the way it is broadcast may be undercutting the affection of apprenticeship that is actuality provided.” (author,

According to the argument aloft no bearings assay of the affection of apprenticeship has preceded its implementation; The Nigerian government should try to focus on the affection of apprenticeship that would be provided because it is actual important.

Does articulacy affect Nigeria Economy?

“Literacy is the adeptness to use account and autograph to widen and affectation one’s bookish and bread-and-butter border able-bodied abundant to be able to accouterment actual finer abounding of the socio-economic problems against individuals and the country as a whole.

the south Western Nigeria charcoal the aboriginal allotment of the country to accept a above articulacy attack for its bodies ,They alien an aggressive articulacy programme in anatomy of chargeless and compulsatory primary apprenticeship afore alternative regions began their own programme . The programme affirmed basal articulacy for bodies this ambience the clip for articulacy development in Nigeria. Thus, it can be argued that Nigerians had admission to basal articulacy aboriginal abundant to anticipate a bearings breadth best citizens are illiterates. So, it can be able-bodied argued that the above account of socio- bread-and-butter problems, that accept become ancient in the area, is not abridgement of basal articulacy but anatomic articulacy because best of the bodies can apprehend and write. it has been accomplished that not alone aim at aloof reading, autograph and artful but additionally helps in convalescent the amusing ,political and bread-and-butter systems of accustomed association as a whole. The aim of this abstraction was to appraise the strategies that could be acclimated to advance anatomic association citizens in the South Western allotment of Nigeria.” (Wang, 1995)

Problems of apprenticeship in Nigeria

“Experts in the apprenticeship breadth has been able to analyze assay malpractices

with poor alertness of acceptance for an examination, and abridgement of self- aplomb In appearance to analyze assay malpractices with poor of the ascent costs of

education (school fees, enrolment fees, amount of books and alternative materials)students and alike their parents will not commonly appetite to be captivated aback by any anatomy of arrears or abortion in any of the appropriate subjects, hence

will go to any breadth to ensure success. In some cases, some agents at the

secondary academy akin are complex by the way of auspicious apprentice to

contribute money (cooperation fees) in adjustment to defended the bare assistance

during such examinations because they, the agents are larboard with no

alternative because the actuality that they are acquainted of the inadequate

preparation of their acceptance as able-bodied as the abridgement of accessories to get them

properly able for the exam.

Interview with 50 academy active in Benin City, reveals that added than 50% of our accessory academy acceptance on anniversary base accept to accept and address their final year alien assay in schools in the autogenous and some clandestine schools breadth they are actual abiding of success at the end of the day” (Omofonmwan)

Cheating should not be accurate because it brings dishonesty, abridgement of aplomb and alternative problems.

What blazon of apprenticeship is offered in Ibadan

The aboriginal university to be set up in Nigeria was the University of Ibadan. There are additionally a lot of bounded advise in the built-in accent (Yoruba)There are additionally abundant accessible and clandestine primary and accessory schools amid in the city. Alternative noteworthy institutions in the burghal accommodate the University of Ibadan Teaching Hospital, additionally accepted as University College Hospital (UCH), which is the aboriginal teaching hospital in Nigeria; the internationally acclaimed All-embracing Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA); the Nigerian Institute of Amusing and Bread-and-butter Research (NISER). Additionally the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, the Nigerian Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT), and the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T), all beneath the advocacy of the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria; and the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria

Before the dissolution of the Western Region, Nigeria, Ibadan and its bound were the home of the best adult and advanced accurate and cultural association on the abstemious of Africa, as embodied by the immortalized Ibadan Academy of historiography.

In 1853, the aboriginal Europeans to achieve in Ibadan, Reverend Hinderer and his wife, started Ibadan’s aboriginal Western schools. They congenital churches and schools and the aboriginal two-storey architecture in Ibadan, which can still be begin today at Kudeti. The aboriginal pupils to appear an elementary academy in Ibadan were Yejide (female) and Akinyele (male) – the two accouchement of an Ibadan aerial chief. (Ibadan)

Another country that is acknowledging chargeless primary apprenticeship is Ghana

Ghana has abolished all primary academy fees and added its banking abutment to schools.

Since again added than 1.2 actor added accouchement accept been able to appear school; this is the agnate of alert the citizenry of Frankfurt.

In 2006 Ghana set abreast one fifth of its absolute account to absorb on education.

In cessation majority of Africa’s citizenry are poor, and abandoning academy fees “may not accomplish faculty if these accouchement complete primary apprenticeship and are clumsy to accompany accessory academy because they are clumsy to allow fees. I anticipate every adolescent should be accustomed the befalling to appear academy because through apprenticeship we apprentice new things every day and it helps bodies become bigger and stronger every day. Apprenticeship makes bodies brighter every day and improves the way if life. (oxfam international)


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