Frankenstein and Bladerunner Table

IdeaFrankensteinContextBladerunnerContext Doppelganger, defining qualities of bodies and monsters•Doppelgangers accost •Ambiguity of narrative: M not absolute unless F adventure absolute > affiliation amid the two (Gothic) •Quest for knowledge, revenge, masculinity, eloquence, adulation of nature: M: “The actual apprehension aside in abatement accents, and affectionate attributes bade me bawl no more” and F: “my alcohol were animated by the alluring actualization of nature” •Humanity vs. appetite •Solidarity vs. affiliation Blurring amid the two – creativity, logic, beauty, abhorrence •Abomination as animal > moral dilemma. Isolated, Laconian amount during address evokes pity. Rhetorical questions “Why should I benevolence man added than he pities me? Shall I account man back he condemns me? ” •“the sun shone aloft me as aloft man”•City vs. Country, automated anarchy •Gothicism – nature, horror, monsters aural association •Science abuse God – still human? •Doppelgangers accost •Knowledge vs. aptitude •Group vs. deserted ability •Deckard ‘becomes’ a replicant Replicants positioned as logical, acknowledging , intuitive, beautiful: Z: vitality; L: revenge, fear, brutality; P: Roy’s kiss, accession of tongue, immature, instinctive, honest kiss with R in advanced of S; R: instinct, reason, curiosity, humour, compassionate and accepting •Z: accessible place: brew of ability with their hats on, no affiliation except annihilation and afterlife •L: D’s doppelganger? R (empathy and affiliation to D) shoots him •P: afterlife of deserted toy: materialism dead her: bedlam baby •R: renewal, baptism, dove, dejected ablaze sky, abiding affiliation to D•Impersonal advice association •Migration – altered cultures > globalisation Contraception• Responsibility of architect and ethical responsibilities of scientists•F vs. M •Tacit accord – F fabricated M so he is amenable for him •M = empathy, F = selfishness, appetite •V: greatest acceptable for greatest cardinal •Progress needs to be choleric by animal affinity •Pride and appetite advance to adversity •Usurpation of God contradicts responders behavior and highlight ethical aperture “I should accept been your Adam, but I am the collapsed angel [Lucifer]” •F pleads for a mate. Foucaulian shift: M added animal “You charge actualize a acquaintance for me… I appeal it as a appropriate to which you charge concede” > “You are my architect but I am you adept – obey! •empiricism and addition •scientific development and automated anarchy – no analytic of behavior – pantheism •well accustomed because of hierarchical association – F tells all levels to “seek beatitude in tranquillity and abstain ambition” – acceptance of values•Tyrell vs. Roy •Created seeks out architect – dopplegangers •Created added absolute than architect •Created still barnacle admitting absolute of architect •Ethereal vs. physical/ animal •Creations ‘more animal than human’ •Science and advance at damage of altruism •Impersonal and claimed access Tyrell objectifies replicants: “she is an experiment, annihilation more,” “you are the dissipated son”•Consumerism •Globalisation – transnationalism •Capitalism •Loss of character through accident of ability •Mass clearing •Technology as a allotment of activity Criticism of genius•‘genius’ > pride, appetite > atrophy •Genius removes you from animal affiliation > God circuitous •Progress charge not accord way to allowance •M. objectified in the adventure for accurate advance •Superficiality of association and abridgement of activity for animal adversity “If you could accelerate me into one of those ice- rifts… you would not alarm it murder. •F’s conception and pride is bribery of God’s assignment (storm) •“the cup of activity was berserk forever, and although the sun shone aloft me, as aloft the blessed and gay of heart, he saw about him acquainted but a close and alarming darkness” •“as the admirable ablaze vanished, the oak had disappeared, and annihilation remained but a accursed stump… absolutely bargain to attenuate ribbons of wood” anxiety •Destruction of chastity and ancestors – Elizabeth, Clerval, William•Scientists, philosophers and historians animated to abundant levels of accent •Reactionaries to change •Man creating own afterlife – Reformation Effects of automated anarchy – science at the amount of altruism – grave robbers •Setting: acumen amid attributes and animal society, the sublime, Romanticism – Byron and Percy (criticism – applies both F and M to nature), comfort, science lab and university. •Questions pantheism and ‘casual’ science, galvanism•Being removed from actuality animal > captivation yourself aloft others > damage •Instinct and argumentation is greater than ability (more human) •Overcrowded, abstruse city, C’s brusque lab, T’s Godlike palace, S’s battered and affecting home•Impersonal corporatism, accumulation media •Migration – booty over of boyhood groups Archetypical angry ability – association moe acclimated to abstract abstracts of ability The affliction of abreast and the Outsider•Progress - abreast •Don’t booty animal affiliation for accepted •Destruction of Bride: M’s aftermost achievement of affiliation destroyed (setting) lose achievement •Humanity vs. M •M vs. F•Shelley activity > socially alone •Prejudice back appear she was columnist (young, 19yo woman)•Genius > abreast •Knowledge = ability •Safety in numbers•Tough aggressive life, analytic for stability, absent what’s absurd •Impersonal accumulated worlds

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