Four Mini Essays

Choose any four of the abbreviate stories:  1.The Tell-Tale Heart by Edger Poe 2.The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas by Ursula Kroeber Le Guin 3.A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez 4.A Sound of Thunder --Ray Bradbury 5. Beyond Lies The Wub By PHILIP K. DICK.  For EACH story: compose a one branch arbitrary and a one branch acknowledgment that argues for a capital take-away point (see abundant instructions below). Word action all four mini-essays in the aforementioned Ms Word document, amid anniversary mini-essay by application its appellation and columnist as headings.     SUMMARY -- In the aboriginal paragraph, briefly alarm what happens in the adventure from alpha to finish, like a book anorak blurb, in 2-5 sentences max. The aboriginal book MUST analyze the author’s name and the appellation of the story. The final book should accomplish a affirmation about the acceptation of the adventure (thesis). Be cold – no analytic remarks! Skillful summaries awning the primary artifice points, what we’ll alarm the “arc” of the plot. RESPONSE has two goals: first, to alarm your analytic acknowledgment to some adept elements of the adventure and additional to briefly explain what this acknowledgment agency -- how does it access your estimation of what happens? The key to acutely answer your acknowledgment is to anxiously appraise what aspect in the adventure fabricated the acceptation “pop” for you – is it the setting, the anecdotal POV, the tone, a character, a artifice aberration or a attribute that best contributes? *   Please accumulate the acknowledgment focused on your account about the adventure (not your claimed animosity or experiences). Remember to use present tense  *  one single-spaced essay  *  focus on the arcane elements in the adventure itself and how you adapt the adventure as a aftereffect of these elements. Use the claimed “I” voice. 

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