1. TERMINUS... Its area (see map) was an odd one for the role it was alleged aloft to comedy in Galactic history, and yet as abounding writers accept never affronted of pointing out, an assured one. Located on the absolute binding of the Galactic spiral, an abandoned planet of an abandoned sun, poor in assets and negligible in bread-and-butter value, it was never acclimatized in the bristles centuries afterwards its discovery, until the landing of the Encyclopedists.... It was assured that as a new bearing grew, Terminus would become article added than an addendum of the psychohistorians of Trantor. With the Anacreonian defection and the acceleration to adeptness of Salvor Hardin, aboriginal of the abundant band of... ENCYCLOPEDIA GALACTICA Lewis Pirenne was busily affianced at his board in the one ablaze accession of the room. Assignment had to be co-ordinated. Effort had to be organized. Threads had to be alloyed into a pattern. Fifty years now; fifty years to authorize themselves and set up Album Foundation Cardinal One into a calmly alive unit. Fifty years to accumulate the raw material. Fifty years to prepare. It had been done. Bristles added years would see the advertisement of the aboriginal aggregate of the best awe-inspiring assignment the Galaxy had anytime conceived. And afresh at ten-year intervals consistently like clockwork aggregate afterwards volume. And with them there would be supplements; appropriate accessories on contest of accepted interest, until Pirenne afflicted uneasily, as the aerial buzzer aloft his board decrepit peevishly. He had about abandoned the appointment. He shoved the aperture absolution and out of an absent accession of one eye saw the aperture accessible and the ample bulk of Salvor Hardin enter. Pirenne did not attending up. Hardin smiled to himself. He was in a hurry, but he knew bigger than to booty breach at Pirenne's condescending analysis of annihilation or anyone that abashed him at his work. He active himself in the armchair on the alternative ancillary of the board and waited. Pirenne's stylus fabricated the faintest abrading complete as it raced beyond paper. Otherwise, neither motion nor sound. And afresh Hardin withdrew a two-credit bread from his belong pocket. He addled it and its stainless-steel apparent bent flitters of ablaze as it confused through the air. He bent it and-flipped it again, watching the aflame reflections lazily. Stainless animate fabricated acceptable average of barter on a planet area all metal had to be imported. Pirenne looked up and blinked. "Stop that!" he said querulously. "Eh?" "That accursed bread tossing. Stop it." "Oh." Hardin pocketed the metal disk. "Tell me aback you're ready, will you? I promised to be aback at the Burghal Council affair afore the new channel activity is put to a vote." Pirenne sighed and shoved himself abroad from the desk. "I'm ready. But I achievement you aren't activity to bother me with burghal affairs. Booty affliction of that yourself, please. The Album takes up all my time." "Have you heard the news?" questioned Hardin, phlegmatically. "What news?" "The annual that the Terminus Burghal ultrawave set accustomed two hours ago. The Royal Governor of the Prefect of Anacreon has affected the appellation of king." "Well? What of it?" "It means," responded Hardin, "that we're cut off from the close regions of the Empire. We've been assured it but that doesn't accomplish it any added comfortable. Anacreon stands aboveboard beyond what was our aftermost absolute barter avenue to Santanni and to Trantor and to Vega itself. Area is our metal to appear from? We haven't managed to get a animate or aluminum accession through in six months and now we won't be able to get any at all, except by adroitness of the Baron of Anacreon." Pirenne tch-tched impatiently. "Get them through him, then." "But can we? Listen, Pirenne, according to the allotment which accustomed this Foundation, the Board of Trustees of the Album Committee has been accustomed abounding authoritative powers. I, as Ambassador of Terminus City, accept aloof abundant adeptness to draft my own adenoids and conceivably to apprehend if you adjure an adjustment giving me permission. It's up to you and your Board then. I'm allurement you in the name of the City, whose abundance depends aloft ceaseless business with the Galaxy, to alarm an emergency meeting" "Stop! A attack accent is out of order. Now, Hardin, the Board of Trustees has not barred the enactment of a borough government on Terminus. We accept one to be all-important because of the access in citizenry aback the Foundation was accustomed fifty years ago, and because of the accretion cardinal of bodies complex in non-Encyclopedia affairs. But that does not beggarly that the aboriginal and abandoned aim of the Foundation is no best to broadcast the absolute Album of all animal knowledge. We are a State-supported, accurate institution, Hardin. We cannot charge not will not baffle in bounded politics." "Local politics! By the Emperor's larboard toe, Pirenne, this is a bulk of activity and death. The planet, Terminus, by itself cannot abutment a automatic civilization. It lacks metals. You apperceive that. It hasn't a trace of iron, copper, or aluminum in the apparent rocks, and adored little of annihilation else. What do you anticipate will appear to the Album if this watchmacallum Baron of Anacreon clamps bottomward on us?" "On us? Are you apathy that we are beneath the absolute ascendancy of the Emperor himself? We are not allotment of the Prefect of Anacreon or of any alternative prefect. Memorize that! We are allotment of the Emperor's claimed domain, and no one touches us. The Empire can assure its own." "Then why didn't it anticipate the Royal Governor of Anacreon from blame over the traces? And abandoned Anacreon? At atomic twenty of the exoteric prefects of the Galaxy, the absolute Periphery as a bulk of fact, accept amorphous council things their own way. I acquaint you I feel accursed ambiguous of the Empire and its adeptness to assure us." "Hokum! Royal Governors, Kings what's the difference? The Empire is consistently attempt through with a assertive bulk of backroom and with altered men affairs this way and that. Governors accept rebelled, and, for that matter, Emperors accept been deposed, or assassinated afore this. But what has that to do with the Empire itself? Balloon it, Hardin. It's none of our business. We are aboriginal of all and aftermost of all-scientists. And our affair is the Encyclopedia. Oh, yes, I'd about forgotten. Hardin!" "Well?" "Do article about that cardboard of yours!" Pirenne's articulation was angry. "The Terminus Burghal Journal? It isn't mine; it's abreast owned. What's it been doing?" "For weeks now it has been advising that the fiftieth ceremony of the enactment of the Foundation be fabricated the break for accessible holidays and absolutely inappropriate celebrations." "And why not? The computoclock will accessible the Vault in three months. I would alarm this aboriginal aperture a big occasion, wouldn't you?" "Not for asinine pageantry, Hardin. The Vault and its aperture affair the Board of Trustees alone. Annihilation of accent will be announced to the people. That is final and amuse accomplish it apparent to the Journal." "I'm sorry, Pirenne, but the Burghal Allotment guarantees a assertive accessory bulk accepted as abandon of the press." "It may. But the Board of Trustees does not. I am the Emperor's adumbrative on Terminus, Hardin, and accept abounding admiral in this respect." Hardin's announcement became that of a man counting to ten, mentally. He said, grimly: "in affiliation with your cachet as Emperor's representative, then, I accept a final allotment of annual to accord you." "About Anacreon?" Pirenne's aperture tightened. He acquainted annoyed. "Yes. A appropriate agent will be beatific to us from Anacreon. In two weeks." "An envoy? Here? From Anacreon?" Pirenne chewed that. "What for?" Hardin stood up, and shoved his armchair aback up adjoin the desk. "I accord you one guess." And he larboard absolutely unceremoniously. 2. Anselm haut Rodric "haut" itself blame blue-blooded claret -Sub-prefect of Pluema and Agent Extraordinary of his Highness of Anacreon-plus bisected a dozen alternative titleswas met by Salvor Hardin at the spaceport with all the arty ritual of a accompaniment occasion. With a bound smile and a low bow, the sub-prefect had addled his blaster from its holster and presented it to Hardin abject first. Hardin alternate the acclaim with, a blaster accurately adopted for the occasion. Friendship and acceptable will were appropriately established, and if Hardin acclaimed the barest appendage at Haut Rodric's shoulder, he carefully said nothing. The arena car that accustomed them afresh preceded, flanked, and followed by the acceptable billow of accessory functionaries proceeded in a slow, civilian address to Cyclopedia Square, animated on its way by a appropriately agog crowd. Sub-prefect Anselm accustomed the acclaim with the accommodating alienation of a soldier and a nobleman. He said to Hardin, "And this burghal is all your world?" Hardin aloft his articulation to be heard aloft the clamor. "We are a adolescent world, your eminence. In our abbreviate history we accept had but few associates of the college dignity visiting our poor planet. Hence, our enthusiasm." It is assertive that "higher nobility" did not admit irony aback he heard it. He said thoughtfully: "Founded fifty years ago. Hm-m-m! You accept a abundant accord of unexploited acreage here, mayor. You accept never advised abacus it into estates?" "There is no alarm as yet. We're acutely centralized; we accept to be, because of the Encyclopedia. Someday, perhaps, aback our citizenry has grown" "A aberrant world! You accept no peasantry?" Hardin reflected that it didn't crave a abundant accord of accuracy to acquaint that his ascendancy was indulging in a bit of adequately clumsy pumping. He replied casually, "No nor nobility." Haut Rodric's eyebrows lifted. "And your baton the man I am to meet?" "You beggarly Dr. Pirenne? Yes! He is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and a claimed adumbrative of the Emperor." "Doctor? No alternative title? A scholar? And he ante aloft the civilian authority?" "Why, certainly," replied Hardin, amiably. "We're all advisers added or less. Afterwards all, we're not so abundant a apple as a accurate foundation beneath the absolute ascendancy of the Emperor." There was a aside accent aloft the aftermost byword that seemed to abash the sub-prefect. He remained carefully bashful during the blow of the apathetic way to Cyclopedia Square. If Hardin begin himself apathetic by the afternoon and black that followed, he had at atomic the achievement of acumen that Pirenne and Haut Rodric accepting met with loud and alternate protestations of admire and absorption were abhorrence ceremony other's aggregation a acceptable accord more. Haut Rodric had abounding with anesthetized eye to Pirenne's address during the "inspection tour" of the Album Building. With affable and abandoned smile, he had listened to the latter's accelerated argot as they anesthetized through the all-inclusive storehouses of advertence films and the abundant bump rooms. It was abandoned afterwards he had gone bottomward akin by akin into and through the basic departments, alteration departments, publishing departments, and filming departments that he fabricated the aboriginal absolute statement. "This is all absolute interesting," he said, "but it seems a aberrant activity for developed men. What acceptable is it?" It was a remark, Hardin noted, for which Pirenne begin no answer, admitting the announcement of his face was best eloquent. The banquet that black was abundant the mirror angel of the contest of that afternoon, for Haut Rodric absorbed the chat by anecdotic in minute abstruse detail and with absurd bite his own exploits as army arch during the contempo war amid Anacreon and the adjoining anew proclaimed Kingdom of Smyrno. The capacity of the sub-prefect's annual were not completed until banquet was over and one by one the accessory admiral had drifted away. The aftermost bit of boastful description of access spaceships came aback he had accompanied Pirenne and Hardin assimilate the balustrade and airy in the balmy air of the summer evening. "And now," he said, with a abundant joviality, "to austere matters." "By all means," murmured Hardin, lighting a connected cigar of Vegan tobacco not abounding left, he reflected and ambiguous his armchair aback on two legs. The Galaxy was aerial in the sky and its bleary lens appearance connected lazily from border to horizon. The few stars actuality at the absolute bend of the cosmos were bush twinkles in comparison. "Of course," said the sub-prefect, "all the academic discussions the cardboard signing and such addled technicalities, that is will booty abode afore the What is it you alarm your Council?" "The Board of Trustees," replied Pirenne, coldly. "Queer name! Anyway, that's for tomorrow. We ability as able-bodied bright abroad some of the underbrush, man to man, appropriate now, though. Hey?" "And this means" prodded Hardin. "Just this. There's been a assertive change in the bearings out actuality in the Periphery and the cachet of your planet has become a bagatelle uncertain. It would be absolute acceptable if we succeeded in advancing to an compassionate as to how the bulk stands. By the way, mayor, accept you accession one of those cigars?" Hardin started and produced one reluctantly. Anselm haut Rodric sniffed at it and emitted a clucking complete of pleasure. "Vegan tobacco! Area did you get it?" "We accustomed some aftermost shipment. There's hardly any left. Amplitude knows aback we'll get added if ever." Pirenne scowled. He didn't smoke and, for that matter, abhorred the odor. "Let me accept this, your eminence. Your mission is alone one of clarification?" Haut Rodric nodded through the smoke of his aboriginal brawny puffs. "In that case, it is anon over. The bearings with annual to the Album Foundation is what it consistently has been." "Ah! And what is it that it consistently has been?" "Just this: A State-supported accurate academy and allotment of the claimed area of his baronial majesty, the Emperor." The sub-prefect seemed unimpressed. He blew smoke rings. "That's a nice theory, Dr. Pirenne. I brainstorm you've got charters with the Administrative Seal aloft it but what's the absolute situation? How do you angle with annual to Smyrno? You're not fifty parsecs from Smyrno's capital. you know. And what about Konom and Daribow?" Pirenne said: "We accept annihilation to do with any prefect. As allotment of the Emperor's" "They're not prefects," reminded Haut Rodric; "they're kingdoms now." "Kingdoms then. We accept annihilation to do with them. As a accurate institution" "Science be damned!" swore the other. "What the devil has that got to do with the actuality that we're accountable to see Terminus taken over by Smyrno at any time?" "And the Emperor? He would aloof sit by?" Haut Rodric calmed bottomward and said: "Well, now, Dr. Pirenne, you annual the Emperor's acreage and so does Anacreon, but Smyrno ability not. Remember, we've aloof active a accord with the Emperor I'll present a archetype to that Board of castigation tomorrow which places aloft us the albatross of advancement adjustment aural the borders of the old Prefect of Anacreon on annual of the Emperor. Our assignment is clear, then, isn't it?" "Certainly. But Terminus is not allotment of the Prefect of Anacreon." "And Smyrno" "Nor is it allotment of the Prefect of Smyrno. It's not allotment of any prefect." "Does Smyrno apperceive that?" "I don't affliction what it knows." "We do. We've aloof accomplished a war with her and she still holds two arch systems that are ours. Terminus occupies an acutely cardinal spot, amid the two nations." Hardin acquainted weary. He bankrupt in: "What is your proposition, your eminence?" The sub-prefect seemed absolutely accessible to stop angry in favor of added absolute statements. He said briskly: "It seems altogether accessible that, aback Terminus cannot avert itself, Anacreon charge booty over the job for its own sake. You accept we accept no admiration to baffle with centralized administration" "Uh-huh," grunted Hardin dryly. "?but we accept that it would be best for all anxious to accept Anacreon authorize a aggressive abject aloft the planet." "And that is all you would appetite a aggressive abject in some of the all-inclusive alone area and let it go at that?" "Well, of course, there would be the bulk of acknowledging the absorption forces." Hardin's armchair came bottomward on all four, and his elbows went advanced on his knees. "Now we're accepting to the nub. Let's put it into language. Terminus is to be a antecedents and to pay tribute." "Not tribute. Taxes. We're absorption you. You pay for it." Pirenne banged his duke on the armchair with abrupt violence. "Let me speak, Hardin. Your eminence, I don't affliction a decayed half-credit bread for Anacreon, Smyrno, or all your bounded backroom and petty wars. I acquaint you this is a State-supported tax-free institution." "State-supported? But we are the State, Dr. Pirenne, and we're not supporting." Pirenne rose angrily. "Your eminence, I am the absolute adumbrative of" "?his baronial majesty, the Emperor," chorused Anselm haut Rodric sourly, "And I am the absolute adumbrative of the Baron of Anacreon. Anacreon is a lot nearer, Dr. Pirenne. " "Let's get aback to business," apprenticed Hardin. "How would you booty these alleged taxes, your eminence? Would you booty them in kind: wheat, potatoes, vegetables, cattle?" The sub-prefect stared. "What the devil? What do we charge with those? We've got ample surpluses. Gold, of course. Chromium or vanadium would be alike better, incidentally, if you accept it in quantity." Hardin laughed. "Quantity! We haven't alike got adamant in quantity. Gold! Here, booty a attending at our currency." He tossed a bread to the envoy. Haut Rodric bounced it and stared. "What is it? Steel?" "That's right." "I don't understand." "Terminus is a planet about afterwards metals. We acceptation it all. Consequently, we accept no gold, and annihilation to pay unless you appetite a few thousand bushels of potatoes." "Well bogus goods." "Without metal? What do we accomplish our machines out of?" There was a abeyance and Pirenne approved again. "This accomplished altercation is advanced of the point. Terminus is not a planet, but a accurate foundation advancing a abundant encyclopedia. Space, man, accept you no annual for science?" "Encyclopedias don't win wars." Haut Rodric's brows furrowed. "A absolutely bootless world, afresh and about alone at that. Well, you ability pay with land." "What do you mean?" asked Pirenne. "This apple is aloof about abandoned and the alone acreage is apparently fertile. There are abounding of the dignity on Anacreon that would like an accession to their estates." "You can't adduce any such" "There's no alarm of attractive so alarmed, Dr. Pirenne. There's affluence for all of us. If it comes to what it comes, and you co-operate, we could apparently align it so that you lose nothing. Titles can be conferred and estates granted. You accept me, I think." Pirenne sneered, "Thanks!" And afresh Hardin said ingenuously: "Could Anacreon accumulation us with able quantities of plutonium for our nuclear-power plant? We've abandoned a few years' accumulation left." There was a blow from Pirenne and afresh a asleep blackout for minutes. Aback Haut Rodric batten it was in a articulation absolutely altered from what it had been till then: "You accept nuclear power?" "Certainly. What's abnormal in that? I brainstorm nuclear adeptness is fifty thousand years old now. Why shouldn't we accept it? Except that it's a little difficult to get plutonium." "Yes ... Yes." The agent paused and added uncomfortably: "Well, gentlemen, we'll accompany the accountable tomorrow. You'll alibi me" Pirenne looked afterwards him and gritted through his teeth: "That insufferable, dull-witted donkey! That" Hardin bankrupt in: "Not at all. He's alone the artefact of his environment. He doesn't accept abundant except that 'I accept a gun and you haven't." Pirenne whirled on him in exasperation. "What in amplitude did you beggarly by the allocution about aggressive bases and tribute? Are you crazy?" "No. I alone gave him braiding and let him talk. You'll apprehension that he managed to blunder out with Anacreon's absolute intentions that is, the analysis up of Terminus into landed estates. Of course, I don't intend to let that happen." "You don't intend. You don't. And who are you? And may I ask what you meant by alarming off your aperture about our nuclear-power plant? Why, it's aloof the affair that would accomplish us a aggressive target." "Yes," grinned Hardin. "A aggressive ambition to break abroad from. Isn't it accessible why I brought the accountable up? It happened to affirm a absolute able suspicion I had had." "And that was what?" "That Anacreon no best has a nuclear-power economy. If they had, our acquaintance would assuredly accept accomplished that plutonium, except in age-old attitude is not acclimated in adeptness plants. And accordingly it follows that the blow of the Periphery no best has nuclear adeptness either. Absolutely Smyrno hasn't, or Anacreon wouldn't accept won best of the battles in their contempo war. Interesting, wouldn't you say?" "Bah!" Pirenne larboard in awful humor, and Hardin smiled gently. He threw his cigar abroad and looked up at the ample Galaxy. "Back to oil and coal, are they?" he murmured and what the blow of his thoughts were he kept to himself. 3. When Hardin denied owning the Journal, he was conceivably technically correct, but no more. Hardin had been the arch spirit in the drive to absorb Terminus into an free municipality-he had been adopted its aboriginal mayor-so it was not hasty that, admitting not a distinct allotment of Journal banal was in his name, some sixty percent was controlled by him in added aberrant fashions. There were ways. Consequently, aback Hardin began suggesting to Pirenne that he be accustomed to appear affairs of the Board of Trustees, it was not absolutely accompaniment that the Journal began a agnate campaign. And the aboriginal accumulation affair in the history of the Foundation was held, ambitious representation of the Burghal in the "national" government. And, eventually, Pirenne capitulated with ill grace. Hardin, as he sat at the bottom of the table, speculated idly as to aloof what it was that fabricated accurate scientists such poor administrators. It ability be alone that they were too acclimated to adamant actuality and far too bare to bendable people. In any case, there was Tomaz Sutt and Jord Fara on his left; Lundin Crast and Yate Fulham on his fight; with Pirenne, himself, presiding. He knew them all, of course, but they seemed to accept put on an extra-special bit of affectedness for the occasion. Hardin had dozed through the antecedent formalities and afresh perked up aback Pirenne sipped at the bottle of baptize afore him by way of alertness and said: "I acquisition it absolute acceptable to be able to acquaint the Board that aback our aftermost meeting, I accept accustomed chat that Lord Dorwin, Chancellor of the Empire, will access at Terminus in two weeks. It may be taken for accepted that our relations with Anacreon will be smoothed out to our complete achievement as anon as the Emperor is abreast of the situation. " He smiled and addressed Hardin beyond the breadth of the table. "Information to this aftereffect has been accustomed the Journal." Hardin snickered beneath his breath. It seemed axiomatic that Pirenne's admiration to strut this advice afore him had been one acumen for his acceptance into the sacrosanctum. He said evenly: "Leaving ambiguous expressions out of account, what do you apprehend Lord Dorwin to do?" Tomaz Sutt replied. He had a bad addiction of acclamation one in the third actuality aback in his added august moods. "It is absolutely evident," he observed, "that Ambassador Hardin is a able cynic. He can hardly abort to apprehend that the Emperor would be best absurd to acquiesce his claimed rights to be infringed." "Why? What would he do in case they were?" There was an affronted stir. Pirenne said, "You are out of order," and, as an afterthought, "and are authoritative what are near-treasonable statements, besides." "Am I to accede myself answered?" "Yes! If you accept annihilation added to say" "Don't jump to conclusions. I'd like to ask a question. Besides this achievement of address which may or may not prove to beggarly annihilation has annihilation accurate been done to accommodated the Anacreonic menace?" Yate Fulham drew one duke forth his barbaric red mustache. "You see a annoyance there, do you?" "Don't you?" "Scarcely" this with indulgence. "The Emperor" "Great space!" Hardin acquainted annoyed. "What is this? Every already in a while addition mentions 'Emperor' or 'Empire' as if it were a abracadabra word. The Emperor is bags of parsecs away, and I agnosticism whether he gives a abuse about us. And if he does, what can he do? What there was of the administrative fleet in these regions is in the easily of the four kingdoms now and Anacreon has its share. Listen, we accept to action with guns, not with words. "Now, get this. We've had two months' adroitness so far, mainly because we've accustomed Anacreon the abstraction that we've got nuclear weapons. Well, we all apperceive that that's a little white lie. We've got nuclear power, but abandoned for bartering uses, and abuse little at that. They're activity to acquisition that out soon, and if you anticipate they're activity to adore actuality jollied along, you're mistaken." "My baby sir" "Hold on: I'm not finished." Hardin was abating up. He admired this. "It's all absolute able-bodied to annoyance chancellors into this, but it would be abundant nicer to annoyance a few abundant big annoy accoutrements adapted for admirable nuclear bombs into it. We've absent two months, gentlemen, and we may not accept accession two months to lose. What do you adduce to do?" Said Lundin Crast, his connected adenoids wrinkling angrily: "If you're proposing the militarization of the Foundation, I won't apprehend a chat of it. It would mark our accessible access into the acreage of politics. We, Mr. Mayor, are a accurate foundation and annihilation else." Added Sutt: "He does not realize, moreover, that architecture accoutrements would beggarly abandoning men admired men from the Encyclopedia. That cannot be done, appear what may." "Very true," agreed Pirenne. "The Album aboriginal always." Hardin groaned in spirit. The Board seemed to ache berserk from Album on the brain, He said icily: "Has it anytime occurred to this Board that it is almost accessible that Terminus may accept interests alternative than the Encyclopedia?" Pirenne replied: "I do not conceive, Hardin, that the Foundation can accept any absorption alternative than the Encyclopedia." "I didn't say the Foundation; I said Terminus. I'm abashed you don't accept the situation. There's a acceptable actor of us actuality on Terminus, and not added than a hundred and fifty thousand are alive anon on the Encyclopedia. To the blow of us, this is home. We were built-in here. We're active here. Compared with our farms and our homes and our factories, the Album agency little to us. We appetite them protected" He was shouted down. "The Album first," arena out Crast. "We accept a mission to fulfill." "Mission, hell," shouted Hardin. "That ability accept been accurate fifty years ago. But this is a new generation." "That has annihilation to do with it," replied Pirenne. "We are scientists." And Hardin leaped through the opening. "Are you, though? That's a nice hallucination, isn't it? Your agglomeration actuality is a absolute archetype of what's been amiss with the absolute Galaxy for bags of years. What affectionate of science is it to be ashore out actuality for centuries classifying the assignment of scientists of the aftermost millennium? Accept you anytime anticipation of alive onward, extending their adeptness and convalescent aloft it? No! You're absolutely blessed to stagnate. The accomplished Galaxy is, and has been for amplitude knows how long. That's why the Periphery is revolting; that's why communications are breaking down; that's why petty wars are acceptable eternal; that's why accomplished systems are accident nuclear adeptness and activity aback to atrocious techniques of actinic power. "If you ask me," he cried, "the Galactic Empire is dying!" He paused and alone into his armchair to bolt his breath, advantageous no absorption to the two or three that were attempting accompanying to acknowledgment him. Crast got the floor. "I don't apperceive what you're aggravating to accretion by your agitated statements, Mr. Mayor. Certainly, you are abacus annihilation effective to the discussion. I move, Mr. Chairman, that the speaker's animadversion be placed out of adjustment and the altercation be resumed from the point area it was interrupted." Jord Fara bestirred himself for the aboriginal time. Up to this point Fara had taken no allotment in the altercation alike at its hottest. But now his awkward voice, every bit as awkward as his three-hundred-pound body, access its bass way out. "Haven't we abandoned something, gentlemen?" "What?" asked Pirenne, peevishly. "That in a ages we bless our fiftieth anniversary." Fara had a ambush of uttering the best accessible platitudes with abundant profundity. "What of it?" "And on that anniversary," connected Fara, placidly, "Hari Seldon's Vault will open. Accept you anytime advised what ability be in the Vault?" "I don't know. Routine matters. A banal Accent of congratulations, perhaps. I don't anticipate any acceptation charge be placed on the Vault admitting the Journal" and he glared at Hardin, who grinned aback "did try to accomplish an affair of it. I put a stop to that." "Ah," said Fara, "but conceivably you are wrong. Doesn't it bang you" he paused and put a feel to his annular little adenoids "that the Vault is aperture at a absolute acceptable time?" "Very annoying time, you mean," decrepit Fulham. "We've got some alternative things to anguish about." "Other things added important than a bulletin from Hari Seldon? I anticipate not." Fara was growing added apostolic than ever, and Hardin eyed him thoughtfully. What was he accepting at? "In fact," said Fara, happily, "you all accept to balloon that Seldon was the greatest analyst of our time and that he was the architect of our Foundation. It seems reasonable to accept that he acclimated his science to actuate the apparent advance of the history of the actual future. If he did, as seems likely, I repeat, he would absolutely accept managed to acquisition a way to acquaint us of crisis and, perhaps, to point out a solution. The Album was absolute baby to his heart, you know." An ambience of puzzled agnosticism prevailed. Pirenne hemmed. "Well, now, I don't know. Attitude is a abundant science, but-there are no psychologists amid us at the moment, I believe. It seems to me we're on ambiguous ground." Fara angry to Hardin. "Didn't you abstraction attitude beneath Alurin?" Hardin answered, bisected in reverie: "Yes, I never completed my studies, though. I got affronted of theory. I capital to be a cerebral engineer, but we lacked the facilities, so I did the abutting best affair I went into politics. It's about the aforementioned thing." "Well, what do you anticipate of the Vault?" And Hardin replied cautiously, "I don't know." He did not say a chat for the butt of the affair alike admitting it got aback to the accountable of the Chancellor of the Empire. In fact, he didn't alike listen. He'd been put on a new clue and things were falling into place-just a little. Little angles were applicable calm one or two. And attitude was the key. He was abiding of that. He was aggravating badly to bethink the cerebral approach he had already abstruse and from it he got one affair appropriate at the start.

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