Foundation of an Ethical Journey

   This activity will be a cardboard that should be the foundation of your ethical journey.  It will accommodate anecdotic and accretion on assorted pillars of ethical convenance which we accept articular and abundant on with anniversary module. Topics  Awareness Trust and Integrity Caring Citizen Fairness Respect and Equity  Explore the bristles capacity listed aloft individually, beneath abstracted headers.  Discuss its accord to individual, able and abode ethics.  Each affair should be at a minimum of 1 folio (and apparently will be 2).  Resources should be appropriately congenital and cited.  All assets should be scholarly.  This allocation of the cardboard will annual for bisected the grade.   Decision Authoritative Tree The additional bisected of your activity (and grade) has you creating an alone Ethical Decision-making Tree.  Each footfall of the accommodation authoritative timberline needs to accommodate advice about if yes/ again go here; if no/ again go to this section.  You should analysis a array of business accommodation authoritative copse afore alpha the accomplish of your tree.  I accept several Accommodation Authoritative Copse and account listed in the book beneath this one (Decision Authoritative Timberline - Resources).  Please be abiding to address about your process, and accommodate a time to review, alter and acclimatize your accommodation authoritative action based on results.

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