foundation liberal studies – due in 24 hours

   FOUNDATION LIBERAL STUDIES 2.  Give one classic that supports that you either are or are not a “critical thinker.” 3.  Are you added Apollonian or Dionysian in your acknowledgment to hardship?  Why? 4.  Is there a adventure or allegory or bogie account that was a allotment of your accomplished but that is additionally a allotment of your present?  Try to explain. 5. Christopher Flannery begins his commodity with the account of how to accomplish a active and how to accomplish a acceptable life.  How do you affix these acutely altered things?  6.  Flannery additionally identifies the “ultimate animal need” as the “need to apperceive the antecedent and acumen of all goodness.”  For you, what is the “ultimate animal need”? 7. Joseph Campbell’s seminal assignment Hero with a Thousand Faces explains archetypes and their role throughout the history of the world.  Identify an classic with which you are accustomed and briefly agenda its acceptation in your life. 8. After anxiously account Book I of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, animadversion on your angle on the role of gluttonous the acceptable and blameless in animal life.  How do your angle analyze with Aristotle's?

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