Forever 21 Market Segmentation

Fashion has been advancing people’s appearance of active tremendously. Every aggregation needs to bisect the advance account amid the above accoutrement to actualize the advance mix. Companies can accompany a advance or a cull promotional strategy, or a aggregate of the two. The best alloy of advance accoutrement depends on the blazon of product/market. Forever 21 follows the advance strategy. The aggregation practices a array of promotional methods. For accretion sales, one of the best apparent promotional action that Forever 21 goes afterwards is accouterment “free shipping” from time to time and sometimes additionally applying a limitation on the minmum adjustment amount. Charging lesser/discounted prices is additionally addition adorable way that Forever 21 uses to advance itself. Forever 21 has additionally angry its absorption appear celecbrity ads bringing BoA, a Korean popstar into its promotional campaigns, such as including her pictures on their website. This promotional action assembly the Forever 21 cast with celebrity accouterment and appropriately creates a lot of hype, best address and action amonsgst the adolescent generation. (Promotion - BoA on Forever 21, 2009) This is aloof one example; Jillian from The Bachelorette additionally wore a Forever 21 dress, accessible for auction in stores. By advantage of its appearance ability and its ability in anticipating trends, Forever 21 has accomplished acceptance amid consumers which has enabled the aggregation to abound at a appalling rate; admitting bottleneck in the accouterment bazaar and apathetic customer spending. Forever 21 has a agog compassionate of its ambition bazaar which is the low price, aerial appearance sector. To advance the aggregation and its clothing, Forever 21 uses video advertisements, book advertisements and the abstraction of e-marketing (Electronic Marketing). This promotional action will tend to ability consumers from altered places about the globe. Forever 21 additionally offers mail in offers and coupons to consumers. Moreover, back the trend in the exchange today is the acceptance of e-marketing, Forever 21 provides a website that any applicant can access. (www. forever21. com) This adjustment of advance has become accessible in transforming the value-chain from manufacturers to retailers to consumers, creating a new retail administration channel. E-marketing is one of the able accoutrement that Forever 21 uses today. The capital cold of utilising e-marketing action is to accumulate in blow with altered Internet users, advance everywhere. The accurate backbone and account of e-marketing is dispatch of the business portfolio and Forever 21 does this well. The aggregation additionally promotes its accoutrement and accessories on the behemothic amusing networking tool, Facebook with a claimed agenda adage “satisfying your appetite for fashion”. Forever 21 additionally holds alternate quizes on its Facebook folio and awards the winner(s) with accurate goodies. This is an adorable way of announcement its articles besides television advertisements, pamflets, magazines and kiosks in altered arcade malls. Conclusion Forever 21 has been alms abundant amount at affordable prices to its consumers about the globe; and with its all-encompassing and able promotional strategies on Internet and through alternative advertisement media, the aggregation can acquaintance aerial allotment on its products. References Forever 21 - Wikipedia. (n. d. ). Retrieved July 28, 2009, from Wikipedia: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Forever_21 Pfaff, K. (n. d. ). Arcade Centers Today Online. Retrieved July 29, 2009, from SCT: http://www. icsc. org/srch/sct/sct0302/page35. php Advance - BoA on Forever 21. (2009, March 13). Retrieved 29 July, 2009, from http://seoulfull. wordpress. com/2009/03/13/promotion-boa-on-forever-21-se7en-on-myspace/

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