Foreshadowing in a Man for All Seasons

In the comedy A Man for All Seasons, anxiety is acclimated to adumbration at the afterlife of Thomas More. Anxiety is a admonishing or adumbration of a approaching event. The anxiety shows through quotes from assorted characters throughout the comedy and alike from Thomas More. King Henry wishes to annulment his accepted wife Catherine to be with addition woman, but annulment is adjoin the Catholic Church. In this case, King Henry needs all the abutment he can get to override the law of the church. He alike goes as far as to alpha his own abbey and be the arch of it. Thomas More cannot abutment King Henry’s annulment admitting because Thomas is adherent to the Catholic Abbey and its laws. He is a man who stands by his beliefs. This causes agitation with King Henry and all the men who abutment him. In the end, Thomas’s accompany abandon him and he dies. Abounding quotes from Thomas’s steward, Thomas More, and King Henry adumbrate Thomas More’s afterlife in A Man for All Seasons. Thomas More’s adjuration to God is how he identifies himself and it is actual important to him. While Thomas is a actual honest and authentic man, his abettor makes a animadversion saying, “ My adept Thomas More would accord annihilation to anyone. Some say that’s acceptable and some say that’s bad, but I say he can’t advice it – and that’s bad. Because some day someone’s activity to ask him for article that he wants to keep; and he’ll be out of convenance ” (Bolt 1. 17). The abettor says this appropriate afterwards Rich takes the argent cup Thomas gives to him. The argent cup is a allurement a woman gives to Thomas, but Thomas does not acquire bribes. The abettor shows how affectionate Thomas is by not accepting the allurement and giving the allurement away. This adduce foreshadows Thomas’s death, because the abettor is admiration how King Henry will ask Thomas to abutment his divorce. The abettor addendum how Thomas would do aloof about annihilation for anyone, but Thomas will not be able to abutment the annulment because Thomas cannot accord abroad his adjuration to God. This causes King Henry to body up acerbity appear Thomas which leads to Thomas’s death. Thomas believes his accommodation to not abutment the annulment will not account any absolute agitation with him and King Henry, but Thomas is actual wrong. Although Thomas does not yet apperceive he will die, he foreshadows his own afterlife by saying, “Set your apperception at rest- this is not the being of which martyrs are made” (Bolt 1. 60). This adduce is actual cogent because it shows Thomas’s benightedness and how abundant he underestimates the animality of his adolescent accompany and men in general. Thomas’s wife, who possesses abundant accepted sense, is actual concerned, and she realizes afore Thomas that King Henry will not artlessly let Thomas get abroad with his decision. Thomas is blessed with his accommodation though, because he has backward accurate to himself and to God. Thomas knows the alone being he will adjudicator is himself if he goes adjoin his beliefs. Although King Henry is not pleased, Thomas believes he will not be agitated by the affair of the annulment again, but it does not go abroad as he hoped it would. Once Thomas realizes he has acquired absolute agitation by his decision, he believes his blackout will prove his innocence. This shows that Thomas stays apprenticed throughout the comedy until he realizes how far King Henry is accommodating to go to prove his ascendancy back Thomas is placed in bastille beneath apocryphal charges. Even admitting Thomas thinks his accommodation will not account any anarchic problems, King Henry hints that it will, alike afore Thomas comes to this conclusion. Henry tries to be affable at aboriginal and altercate the affair of the annulment with Thomas in person. Back King Henry realizes Thomas is activity to angle by his decision, King Henry says, “ No opposition, I say! No opposition! Your censor is your own affair; but you are my Chancellor! There, you accept my chat – I’ll leave you out of it. But I don’t booty it kindly, Thomas ” (Bolt 1. 56). Although King Henry tells Thomas that he will leave him out of the annulment issue, King Henry foreshadows Thomas’s afterlife by additionally adage he does not booty Thomas’s accommodation lightly. Thomas does not bolt this though, so he feels that he and the King accept appear to a truce. Alike admitting King Henry understands Thomas’s adherence to the Catholic Church, he will not let Thomas go after a fight. Once King Henry gets his annulment and starts his own church, England severs its affiliation with Rome. This causes Thomas to abandon as Lord Chancellor. Thomas’s activity alone adds ammunition to King Henry’s fire. Thomas believes by blockage bashful on area he stands with his beliefs, he will not be punished for anything. In the end, King Henry decapitates Thomas for not allotment his side. Thomas’s afterlife is advancing abounding times throughout the play. The abettor predicts that because of Thomas’s affectionate nature, he will one day be asked for article he will not appetite to accord up. This anticipation is accurate accurate as King Henry asks Thomas to abutment a annulment that goes adjoin Thomas’s beliefs. Thomas foreshadows his own afterlife by underestimating the appulse his accommodation will accept on his community. Thomas believes that his accommodation to not abutment the annulment will abrade King Henry and his followers, but ultimately they will get over his choice. King Henry proves Thomas amiss as he throws Thomas in bastille for fabricated accuse and after on decapitates him. Lastly, King Henry hints at his affairs for Thomas’s afterlife back he mentions how he does not booty Thomas’s accommodation kindly. Readers see aloof how atrociously King Henry takes Thomas’s best back he orders addition to annihilate Thomas. Anxiety is a key apparatus acclimated in A Man for All Seasons in adjustment to advice readers adumbrate Thomas More’s arbitrary death.

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