Forensic Report

   TASK Task 1: Recovering accolade $.25 (5%) (5 marks) For this appointment I will upload a argument book with accolade $.25 on the accountable interact2 armpit afterpiece to the appointment due date. You will be appropriate to restore the accolade $.25 to their aboriginal adjustment and archetype the apparent argument in your assignment. Deliverable: Describe the action acclimated in abating the accolade $.25 and admit apparent argument in the assignment. Task 2: Agenda Forensics Address (20%) (20 marks) In this above appointment you are asked to adapt a agenda argumentative address for the afterward book afterwards anxiously account the book and attractive at arbiter abstracts as referred below: You are investigating a accessible bookish acreage annexation by a new agent of Superior Bicycles, Inc. This employee, Tom Johnson, is the accessory of Jim Shu, an agent who had been terminated. Bob Aspen is an alien architect and broker who gets a aberrant e mail from Terry Sadler about Jim Shu's new activity (shown in Figure 8-5 of the arbiter on p. 350). Bob assiduously the e-mail to Chris Robinson (the admiral of Superior Bicycles) to analyze about any appropriate projects that ability charge basic investments. Chris assiduously the e-mail to the accepted counsel, Ralph Benson, allurement him to attending into it. He additionally assiduously it to Bob Swartz, allurement him to accept IT attending for any e-mails with attachments. Afterwards a little investigation, Bob Swartz assiduously an e-mail IT begin to Chris Robinson (shown in Figure 8 - 6 of the arbiter on p. 350). Chris additionally begin a USB drive on the board Tom Johnson was assigned to. Your appointment is to chase for and actuate whether the drive contains any proprietary Superior Bicycles, Inc. abstracts in the anatomy of any agenda photograph as an evidence. In particular, you may attending for clear files such as JPEG on the USB drive hidden with altered format. Note for the USB drive image, you charge to download the "C08InChp.exe" book from the download area of Chapter 8 on the apprentice accompaniment armpit of the arbiter (Nelson, Phillips, & Steuart, 6/e, 2019). Your appointment is to chase all accessible places abstracts ability be hidden (e-mails and USB drive) and balance and present any agenda affirmation in the report. Deliverable: For this argumentative examination, you charge to accommodate a address of 1800-2000 words (approximately 5 A4 pages) in the architecture declared in presentation area below.

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