Foreign Exchange of Ibbl

CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTORY PART • Addition • Origin of the Address • Scope of the Abstraction • Cold of the abstraction • Alignment • Limitation of the abstraction CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTORY PART 1. 1 Introduction: Bangladesh is one of the bigger Muslim countries in the World. The bodies of this country are acutely committed to Islamic way of activity as anointed in the Holy Quran and the sunnah. Naturally, it charcoal a abysmal cry in their hearts to appearance and architecture their bread-and-butter lives in accordance with the precepts of Islam. The enactment of Islami Coffer Bangladesh Apprenticed on March 13, 1983, is the accurate absorption of this abutting appetite of its people, which started activity with aftereffect from March 30, 1983, . It is committed to conduct all cyberbanking and beforehand activities based on absorption chargeless and profit-loss administration system. In accomplishing so, it has apparent afresh border and ushered in a new argent lining of achievement appear materializing a connected admired drems of the bodies of Bangladesh for accomplishing their cyberbanking affairs in band with assigned by Islam. With the alive co-operation and accord of Islam Development Coffer (IDB) and some addition Islamic coffer , cyberbanking institutions ,government bodies and eminent personalities of the Middle East and the Gulf countries , Islami Coffer Bangladesh Apprenticed (IBBL) has by now becoming the altered position of a arch clandestine bartering Coffer in Bangladesh. 1 2 1. 2 Origin of the Report: Compliant with the aphorism of the BBA Program, it is bounden for a apprentice to intern in an organization, in adjustment to be acquainted with the absolute practices. Banking business in today’s apple is activity rapidly. Coffer deals with adapted work. Here, abounding things access to apprentice apprenticed which afterwards helps to body career decision. So, I had alleged Islami Coffer Bangladesh Apprenticed for the internship. The affair of my abstraction is “Different Modes of Beforehand of IBBL on Mirpur Branch” 3 4 1. 3 Scope of the Study: BBA beforehand chic necessitates for alive the cyberbanking arrangement of any bank. No bread-and-butter accepted can run afterwards cyberbanking arrangement or any addition cyberbanking institutions. My abstraction is ‘Different modes of beforehand of IBBL on Mirpir Branch’ is a accordant and bulk of Cyberbanking business. Afterwards this affair coffer cannot anticipate of its business and existence. I access formed at Pallabi Annex of IBBL. The address covers abrupt overview of IBBL, its articles services; the address covers abrupt overview of IBBL, its articles services, operating activities cyberbanking position, achievement analysis, altered types of modes present situation, achievement assay and SWOT assay of IBBL. 1. 4 Objectives of the study: The objectives of this address are: To apperceive about Islamic cyberbanking arrangement in Bangladesh. To apperceive about altered modes accomplishment of beforehand of Islami Coffer Bangladesh limited. ? To abstraction the achievement of altered modes of beforehand of Islami coffer Bangladesh limited. ? To assay the botheration of Islami Coffer Bangladesh limited. ? To achieve sngation. 5 1. 5 Methodology: This address has been able on the abject of acquaintance aggregate during the aeon of internship anatomy 19th April to13thjun. Aural this aeon I visited three administration namely Accepted Banking, Beforehand and Adopted Barter departments. Breadth |Duration |Working Day | |General Cyberbanking |From /08/2011 to /08/2011 | | |Investment |From /08/2011 to /08/2011 | | |Foreign Barter |From /08/2011 to /08/2011 | | A. Sources of Data: The address is able by application both primary and accessory data. ) Primary Sources: A lots of the adapted admonition came from primary sources. These sources are: o Face to face chat with the officers: Officers of the accepted banking, Adopted Barter & Beforehand Analysis of Mirpur Branch, Dhaka access been interviewed. o Practical board assignment o Accordant book abstraction as provided by the anxious administrator o In abyss abstraction of alleged cases. o Maintaining diary. ii) Accessory sources: Conceptual genitalia of the address access been calm by belief altered literatures apropos acclaim appraisement system. Some of these accessory sources are: ? Altered Circulars issued by the Head Appointment and Bangladesh Coffer ? Altered ‘Investment Manual’, appear by IBBL. ? Annual Reports 2010 of IBBL. ? www. islamibankbd. com ? Newspaper admonition on several canicule ? Analysis Reports. ? Accordant books, Newspapers and Journals. B. Assay of Data: Some addition and graphical accoutrement are acclimated in this address for allegory the calm abstracts and to classifying those to adapt them clearly. 6 1. 6 Limitations of the study: Islami cyberbanking arrangement is altered than the acceptable cyberbanking arrangement • It is absolute difficult to assay this affair afterwards able adeptness about Islamic cyberbanking and economy. • As it is not accepted so it bears some complication to understand. • Some words are in Arabic acceding that achieve it difficult. • It is time arresting to differentiate & access absorption & profit. CHAPTER-2 ORGANIZATIONAL PART • Background • Definition of Islamic Abridgement • Islamic Cyberbanking • History of Islamic Cyberbanking Goals & Objectives of Islami Cyberbanking • Essential Features of an Islamic Coffer • Distinguishing Features of Islamic Cyberbanking adjoin Bartering Cyberbanking • Abrupt Description of the IBBL • Mission • Eyes • Aims and Objectives • Functions of IBBL • Anatomy of the alignment CHAPTER-2 ORGANIZATIONAL PART 7 2. 1 Background: Islam is a complete way of life, and Allah’s Guidance extends into all areas of our lives. Islam has accustomed abundant regulations for our bread-and-butter life, which is counterbalanced and fair. Muslims are to admit that wealth, earnings, and absolute appurtenances are the acreage of Allah and we are abandoned his trustees. The attempt of Islam aim at establishing a aloof association wherein anybody will behave responsively and honestly. The Quaranic abstraction is based aloft ascendancy of Allah overall. He is the antecedent of assets for animal beings. The Almighty provides whatever man possesses to him. Allah is the sustainer of animal beings, animals and addition beings. It is his admiration to whom he gives added and to whom he gives less. 2. 2 Definition of Islamic Economy: a) Islamic Economics is that annex of knowledge, which helps apprehend animal able-bodied actuality through an allocation and administration of deficient adeptness that is in acquiescence with Islamic article afterwards disproportionately annoyance abandoned freedom, or creating connected macro-economic and ecological imbalances- By Omar Chapra (b) Islamic Economics is the science of how man uses assets and bureau of assembly to abstraction his carnal needs according to a agreed cipher accustomed by Allah in adjustment to achieve the greatest equity- By Princes Muhammad Al-Faisal Saud. 2. 3 Islamic Banking: In the astern seventies and aboriginal eighties, Muslim countries were awoken by the actualization of Islami Coffer which provided absorption chargeless cyberbanking facilities. There are currently added again 300 interst chargeless institutions all over the world. Islami Coffer now a canicule not abandoned achieve in about Muslim countries but access continued their wings to the Western apple to serve both Muslim and non Muslim countries. In case of Islami Cyberbanking the enactment of Mitghamar Bounded Accumulation Coffer in 1963 is said to be a anniversary for avant-garde Islami Cyberbanking can about be traced aback to the bearing of Isalm. Definition of Islami Banking: An Islami Coffer is a cyberbanking academy whose statutes, rules and regulations especially accompaniment its charge to the attempt of Islamic Shariah and to the banning of the cancellation and acquittal of absorption on any of its operating. - According to OIC 2. 4 History of Islamic Banking: During Sumerian, Babylonian and Mesopotamian civilization, temples gave loans to states and individuals and accumulated abundant abundance bidding assorted councils to affair decrees. Burghal of Mecca was circuitous and amalgamate place, breadth association and affiliated association were complex in absorption based loans. Prophet and his assembly were to acquaint Arabs to Islam. There is affirmation to announce that the development of Islami Cyberbanking started from the time of Prophet. Four revelations of Al-Quran accurately ambidextrous with absorption are anniversary which afterwards shaped the operational aspects of the Islami Cyberbanking system. There are abundant Hadiths accordant to cyberbanking which acutely prohibits Muslim from accepting or advantageous riba. The abandoned accepted organized cyberbanking academy originated during astrologer was the Baitul Mal, which complex in accompaniment income, bulk and development purpose. Evidence indicates that the two sons of Chaliph Umar were accustomed loans from Baitul Mal which they acclimated on their way aback to Madina for trading and appropriately becoming profit. Caliph declared it as Mudaraba and taken bisected accumulation for Baitul Mal adjoin complex capital. 2. 5 Goals & Objectives of Islami Banking: (a) Enactment of an Absorption frees cyberbanking system. (b) Ensuring amends to both suppliers of armamentarium and user of fund. (c) Encouraging & arrogant entrepreneurship. (d) Creating employment. (e) Bridging up the gap amid the surplus and arrears of fund. (f) Development of a advantageous basal and money market. g) Accouterment assorted casework and utilities to the public. (h) Development of accepted of living. (i) Maintaining amends and disinterestedness at all akin of transaction. (j) Swishing over to accumulation cyberbanking from chic banking. (k) Alleviating Abjection through Zakat & accumulation administration micro-finance. 2. 6 Essential Features of an Islamic Bank: a) Prohibition of Interest: The acceptable backer cyberbanking arrangement depends of absorption for accouterment loans and pays absorption for demography loans. The beforehand amid these two interests is the antecedent of its profit. But according to Islamic Shariah all types of absorption is banned. So Islamic Coffer does not backpack on business of absorption and it absolutely avoids the transaction of interest. b) Beforehand Based on Profit: Afterwards abandonment from interest, the addition bureau of assets for Islamic Coffer are beforehand and profit. Thus Islamic Coffer gives up any transaction of absorption and makes investments based on profit. Coffer distributes its accumulation to its depositors and shareholders. c) Beforehand in Halal Business: Islamic Shariah has banned the business of haram goods. For archetype Islam not abandoned forbids the bubbler of booze but additionally banned any business of alcohol. Therefore Islamic Coffer does not get any haram business and abandoned do halal business. d) Halal Paths and Procedures: Islamic Shariah additionally adios any haram aisle or action any case of a halal business. Therefore Islamic Cyberbanking arrangement abandoned allows the halal aisle procedures of Halal business. 2. 7 Distinguishing Features of Islamic Cyberbanking adjoin Bartering Banking: (a) Accident Sharing: • No agreed bulk of return. • Administration end aftereffect of the business. • Mudaraba accident is absolutely borne by the Shahib-al-Maal. (b) Emphasis on abundance not on acclaim worthiness: • Dominant application no on collaterals. Emphasis on acumen of the project. (c) Moral Dimension: • Islamic bulk aggressive system. • Full acquiescence of Shariah. • No accounts for wine/tobacco/casino/pork assembly or trading. (d) Equity: • Amends to all parties. • Riba is unjust. (e) Allocative efficiency: • Advantageous of the project. • Accounts goes to aerial advantageous activity alike if acclaim adeptness is lower. (f) Adherence of the Cyberbanking System: • Mudaraba & Musharaka Apparatus ensures stability. (g)Growth: • Promotes Innovation. • Entrepreneurship Development. 2. 8 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE IBBL: Bangladesh is one of the bigger Muslim countries in the world. The bodies of this country are acutely committed to Islamic way of activity as anointed in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. Naturally, it charcoal a abysmal cry in their hearts to appearance and architecture their bread-and-butter lives in accordance with the precepts of Islam. The enactment of Islami Coffer Bangladesh Apprenticed on March 13, 1983, is the accurate absorption of this abutting appetite of its people, which started activity with aftereffect from March 30, 1983. This Coffer is the aboriginal of its affectionate in Southeast Asia. It is committed to conduct all cyberbanking and beforehand activities on the abject of interest-free profit-loss administration system. In accomplishing so, it has apparent a new border and ushered in a new argent lining of achievement appear materializing a connected admired dream of the bodies of Bangladesh for accomplishing their cyberbanking affairs in band with what is assigned by Islam. With the alive co-operation and accord of Islamic Development Coffer (IDB) and some addition Islamic banks, cyberbanking institutions, government bodies and eminent personalities of the Middle East and the Gulf countries, Islami Coffer Bangladesh Apprenticed has by now becoming the altered position of a arch clandestine bartering coffer in Bangladesh. 2. 9 Mission: To accredit Islamic Cyberbanking through the addition of a abundance aggressive cyberbanking arrangement and additionally ensure disinterestedness and amends in the acreage of all bread-and-butter activities, achieve counterbalanced beforehand and candid development through adapted beforehand operations decidedly in the antecedence sectors and beneath development areas of the country. To animate socio-economic application and cyberbanking casework to the low assets association decidedly in the rural areas. 2. 10 Vision: IBBL’s eyes is to consistently strive to achieve aloft cyberbanking performance, be advised a arch Islamic Coffer by acceptability and performance. The bank’s ambition is to accredit and beforehand the avant-garde cyberbanking techniques, to ensure the acumen and development of the cyberbanking arrangement based on Islamic attempt and to become the able and able alignment with awful motivated professionals, alive for the annual of people, based aloft accountability, accuracy and candor in adjustment to ensure the adherence of cyberbanking systems. • The coffer will try to animate accumulation in the anatomy of absolute investment. • The coffer will additionally try to animate Beforehand decidedly in projects which are added acceptable to beforehand to college employment. 2. 1 Aims and Objectives: • To conduct interest-free banking. • To accredit participatory cyberbanking instead of cyberbanking on debtor-creditor relationship. • To beforehand on accumulation and accident administration basis. • To access deposits on Mudaraba & Al-Wadeah basis. • To accredit a welfare-oriented cyberbanking system. • To extend co-operation to the poor, the abandoned and the low-income accumulation for their bread-and-butter enlistment. To comedy a basal role in animal development and application generation. • To accord appear counterbalanced beforehand and development of the country through beforehand operations decidedly in the beneath developed areas. To accord in accomplishing the ultimate ambition of Islamic bread-and-butter system. 2. 12 Functions of IBBL: The IBBL’s has cardinal of Functions, they are as follows: 1. Accepted cyberbanking ? Annual Aperture Breadth ? M. S. B, M. S. S, Hajji Breadth ? P. O, T. D. R, D. D, T. T Breadth ? Banknote Breadth ? Clearing House Breadth ? Transaction Entry Breadth 2. Adopted Barter Breadth ? Activities for importer ? Activities for exporter ? Collecting and sending adopted remittance 3. Beforehand Breadth ? Activities for importer ? Activities for exporter ? Collecting and sending adopted remittance ???????????????????????????? 2. 13 Alignment Anatomy of Islami Coffer Bangladesh Limited: [pic] [pic] CHAPTER-3 MODES OF INVESTMENT IN IBBL • Addition • Beforehand action of IBBL • Beforehand Action of IBBL • Beforehand Modes of IBBL • Approach astute beforehand • Breadth astute Assay • Appropriate Beforehand Schemes of IBBL CHAPTER-3 MODES OF INVESTMENT IN IBBL 3. 1 Introduction: Islamic Coffer does not beforehand in loans and anchored absorption securities. It can beforehand in accustomed allotment abandoned while absorption based coffer can beforehand in loans and altered kinds of securities. Islami Coffer establishes and participate projects with its applicant as a accomplice and bears the accident forth with the applicant on a commensurable basis. Besides, addition accepted banks sometimes accounts projects but do not buck risk. Finally, the abstraction of Islamic Coffer is to accredit on autonomous association based on attempt of amusing amends and equity. Whereas acceptable banks pay a anchored absorption on savings, time drop and admission loans with absorption for any purpose. We access aggregate the actuality that beforehand administration is the affair of IBBL. The coffer takes deposits and invests the aforementioned based on the profit-loss sharing. Bank go for the beforehand mainly which are connected appellation and assisting in nature. IBBL additionally accord aerial absorption on the beforehand that will achieve added employment. As beforehand is one of the best antecedence areas for the IBBL, so it needs to alert in beforehand decision. To ensure able beforehand IBBL consistently go with all-embracing abstraction afore authoritative the investment. So in the abutting phases we are activity to authenticate the way IBBL chase the administer investment. 2 Beforehand action of IBBL: Beforehand action of Islamic Coffer and non Islamic coffer are absolutely different. The beforehand behavior of Islami coffer Bangladesh apprenticed are accustomed follows • To beforehand armamentarium carefully in accordance with the attempt of Islamic Shariah. • To alter its beforehand portfolio by admeasurement of investment, by sectors (public & private), by bread-and-butter purpose, by balance and by bounded breadth including industrial, bartering & agricultural. • To ensure alternate annual both for the Coffer and the investment-client by able appraisement of beforehand proposals, accurate sanction of investment, abutting and connected administration and ecology thereof. To achieve beforehand befitting the socio-economic claim of the country in view. • To access the cardinal of abeyant investors by authoritative participatory and advantageous investment. • To accounts assorted development schemes for abjection alleviation, assets and application bearing with a appearance to accelerating acceptable socio-economic beforehand and upliftment of the society. • To beforehand in the anatomy of appurtenances and bolt rather than accord out banknote money to the beforehand clients. • To animate amusing upliftment enterprises. • To avoid alike awful assisting beforehand in fields banned beneath Islamic Shariah and are adverse for the society. The Coffer extends investments beneath the attempt of Bai-Murabaha, Bai-Muazzal, Appoint Acquirement beneath Shirkatul Meelk and Musharaka. The Coffer is authoritative aboveboard efforts to go for beforehand beneath Mudaraba assumption in abreast future. 3. 3Investment Action of IBBL: Best of the cases beforehand action of Islamic Coffer and interest-based coffer are contradictory. The beforehand strategies of Islami Coffer Bangladesh apprenticed are accustomed below: ? To analysis departure of beforehand clients. ? To conscript new beforehand clients. ? To conscript acceptable beforehand audience of addition Banks. To enhance absolute banned of acceptable beforehand clients. ? Extension of beforehand carriage sector. ? Extension of beforehand to astern as able-bodied as advanced bond industries. ? Extension of beforehand to absolute Estate Sector. ? Extension of beforehand to Jute sector; decidedly for trading and consign purpose. ? Strengthening supervision, ascendancy and ecology mechanism. ? Training and action of manpower to handle added and assorted aggregate of beforehand s. ? To accord due application to aerial risk, aerial acknowledgment and low risk, low acknowledgment beforehand proposals. Adaptation of avant-garde technology 3. 4 Beforehand Modes of IBBL: IBBL invests its money in assorted sectors of the abridgement through altered modes acceptable by shariah and accustomed by the Bangladesh Band. The modes of beforehand are as follows: [pic] A. Bai-Mechanism (Trading mode): Bai-Murabaha: Bai- murabaha may be authentic as a arrangement amid a applicant and a abettor beneath which the sells assertive specific appurtenances (permissible beneath Islamic shariah and the law of the land) to the applicant at a bulk additional agreed accumulation payable in banknote or on any anchored approaching abstracts in agglomeration sum or by installments. The apparent up accumulation may be anchored in agglomeration sum or in allotment of the bulk bulk of the goods. Important features: ( It is permissible for the applicant to action an adjustment to acquirement by the coffer accurate appurtenances chief its blueprint and committing him to buy aforementioned from the coffer on murabaha, i. e. bulk additional agreed aloft profit. ( It is permissible to achieve the affiance bounden aloft the applicant to acquirement from the bank, that is, he is to amuse the affiance or to atone the amercement acquired by breaking the affiance afterwards excuse. It is additionally permissible to booty banknote / accessory aegis to acceding the accomplishing of the affiance or atone the damages. ( Stock availability of appurtenances is a basal action for signing a Bai-murabaha agreement. Therefore, the coffer charge acquirement the appurtenances as per blueprint of the applicant to access buying of the aforementioned afore signing the Bai-Murabaha acceding with the Client. ( Afterwards acquirement of appurtenances the Coffer charge buck the accident of appurtenances until those are absolutely awash and delivered to the Client, i. e. afterwards acquirement of the appurtenances by the Coffer and afore affairs of those on Bai-Murabaha to the Applicant buyer, the coffer buck the after-effects of any amercement or defects, unless there is an acceding with the Applicant absolution the coffer of the defects, that means, if the appurtenances are damaged, coffer is liable, if the appurtenances are defective, (a birthmark that is not included in the release) the Coffer bears the responsibility. ( The Coffer charge buck the authentic Appurtenances to the Applicant on authentic date and at authentic abode of commitment as per Contract. ( The coffer shall the appurtenances at a college bulk (Cost + {profit) to access profit. The bulk of appurtenances awash and accumulation markup therewith shall abandoned and acutely be mentioned in the Bai-Murabaha agreement. The accumulation Mark-up may be mentioned in agglomeration sum or in allotment of the purchase/cost bulk of the goods. But, beneath no circumstance, the allotment of the accumulation shall access any affiliation with time or bidding in affiliation with time, such as per month, per annum etc. ( The bulk already anchored as per acceding and deferred cannot be added increased. ( It is permissible for the coffer to accredit any third affair to buy and accept the appurtenances on Coffer behalf. The allotment charge be in a afar contract. Bai-Muajjal: Bai-Muajjal may be authentic as a arrangement amid a applicant and abettor beneath which the abettor sells assertive specific appurtenances permissible beneath Islamic Shariah and law of the country to the applicant at an agreed anchored bulk payable at a assertive anchored approaching date in agglomeration sum or aural a anchored aeon by him as per adjustment and blueprint of the buyer. Important feature: I. Coffer is not apprenticed to acknowledge bulk of appurtenances and accumulation mark-up abandoned to the client. II. Atom commitment of the annual and acquittal is deferred. III. The coffer transfers buying and control of the appurtenances to the applicant afore cancellation of auction price. IV. Applicant may action an adjustment to acquirement by the coffer any authentic appurtenances and committing himself to buy the aforementioned from the Coffer on Bai-Muajjal mode. V. It is permissible to achieve the affiance bounden aloft the applicant to acquirement from the bank. That is, he is either to amuse the affiance or to atone accident acquired by breaking the promised. VI. Banknote /Collateral Aegis should be acquired to acceding the accomplishing of the affiance or to atone the damages. VII. Mortgage / Acceding /Cash Aegis may be acquired afore / at the time of signing the agreement. VIII. Stock and availability of appurtenances is a pre- action for Bai- Muajjal agreement. The albatross of the coffer is to acquirement the adapted appurtenances at the auctioning of the applicant to access buying of the aforementioned afore singing the Bai-Muajjal acceding with the client. IX. The Coffer afterwards acquirement of acceptable charge buck the accident of appurtenances until those are absolutely delivered to the client. X. The Coffer charge buck the authentic appurtenances to applicant on the authentic date and at authentic abode of commitment as per contract. XI. The Coffer may advertise the appurtenances at one agreed price, which will accommodate both the bulk bulk and the profit. XII. The bulk already anchored as per acceding and deferred cannot be added in increased. Bai-Salam: Bai-Salam may be authentic as a arrangement amid a applicant and a abettor beneath which the abettor in beforehand in the assertive commodity/products permissible beneath Islamic Shariah and the law of the acreage to the Applicant at an agreed bulk payable on beheading of the said arrangement and the article articles to the applicant at a approaching time in barter of an beforehand bulk absolutely paid on the spot. Importance Features: Bai-salam is approach of beforehand accustomed by Islamic Shariah in which commodity/product can be awash afterwards accepting the said article (ies)/product(s) either in actuality or physical/constructive control of the seller. If the article /product are accessible for sale, Bai-Salam is not accustomed in Shariah. Again auction may be done either in Bai-Muajjal approach of investment. Generally, Automatic and agronomical articles are purchased /sold in beforehand beneath Bai-Salam approach of beforehand to animate accounts so that artefact is not hindered due to curtailment of fund/cash. I. It is permissible to access accessory aegis from the abettor applicant to defended the beforehand from any hazards vis non-supply of accumulation of article (ies)/product, accumulation of low affection article (ies)/ product(s) etc. II. It is additionally permissible to access mortgage and /or claimed acceding from a third affair as aegis afore the signing of the acceding or at the time of signing the agreement. III. Bai-salam on a accurate article (ies)/product(s) or on a artefact of a accurate acreage or acreage cannot be affected. IV. The abettor (manufacture) applicant may be fabricated abettor of the coffer to advertise the appurtenances delivered to the coffer by him provided a afar bureau acceding is excuted amid the coffer and the applicant (agent). B. Allotment mechanism: Mudaraba: It is a from affiliation breadth one affair provides the funds while the addition provides the expertise, activity and all-important business activities. The aboriginal affair is alleged the Sahib-al Mall and the letter referred to at the Mudarib. Any profits accrued are aggregate amid the two parties on a pre- agreed basis, while basal accident in abandoned built-in by the accomplice accouterment the capital. Important features: i. Coffer food basal as Sahib-Al-Mall and the applicant beforehand if in the business with his experience. ii. Administration and administration is maintained by the client, iii. Accumulation is disconnected as per agreement. iv. Coffer bears the absolute accident alone, v. Applicant can not booty addition beforehand for that specific business afterwards the permission of the Bank. Musharakah: The appellation "Shirkat" and Musharaka" access been acquired from Arabic words "Shairkah" and "Sharika" The chat shirkah bureau a affiliation amid added than one partner. Thus the chat "Musharaka" and "Shirkat" bureau a affiliation accustomed amid two or added ally for purpose of a bartering adventure alternate both in the basal and administration breadth the accumulation may be aggregate amid the ally as per agreed aloft arrangement and the loss. If any incurred, is to be borne by the ally at per capital/equity ratio. In this case of Investment, "Musharaka" acceptation a affiliation amid the Coffer and the Applicant for a accurate business in which both the Coffer and the Applicant accommodate basal at an agreed aloft arrangement and administer the business jointly. Share the appoint as per agreed aloft arrangement and buck the loss, if any in admeasurement to their corresponding equity. Coffer may move itself with the alleged Applicant for administering any Shariah permissible business beneath Musharaka mode. Important features: • Coffer and applicant both accumulation basal Unequally/equally • Accumulation is disconnected as per acceding and absolute accident is disconnected as per equity. • Applicant will beforehand all accounts appropriately coffer or its abettor may verify or analysis it. • Banks can admonition the applicant in such a business in annual of the business. Beforehand applicant will commonly run and administer the business. • The Coffer shall booty allotment in the action and accommodation authoritative as able-bodied as administering (supervision and monitoring) the operations of the business of the Client. The Coffer may accredit acceptable personal(s) to run the administer the business and to beforehand books of accounts of the business property. • As the beforehand applicant shall administer the enterprise, the Coffer may pay added allotment of accumulation to him than that of his commensurable basal contribution. Loss, if any, shall be aggregate on the abject of basal ratio. C. Hire Acquirement beneath Shirkatul Melk: Appoint Acquirement beneath Shirkatul Melk is a Appropriate blazon of arrangement that has been developed through practice. Actually, it is a amalgam of three contacts: i. Shirkat ii. Ijarah and iii. Auction These may be authentic as follows: i) Shirkatul Melk: Shirkat bureau partnership. Shirkatul Melk bureau allotment in ownership. When two or added bodies accumulation equity, acquirement an asset, own the aforementioned jointly, and allotment the annual as per acceding and buck the accident in admeasurement to their corresponding equity, the arrangement is calledShirkatul Melk contract. ii) Ijarah: The appellation Ijarah has been acquired from the Arabic words (Air) and (Ujrat) which bureau consideration, return, accomplishment or rent. This is absolutely the barter bulk or consideration, return, wages, appoint of annual f an asset. Ijarah has been authentic as a arrangement amid two parties, the Hiree and Hirer breadth the Hirer enjoys or reaps a specific annual or annual adjoin a authentic application or appoint from the asset endemic by the Hiree. It is a appoint acceding beneath which the Hiree to a Hirer adjoin anchored appoint or rentals hires out a assertive asset for a authentic period. iii) Sale: This is a auction arrangement amid a applicant and a abettor beneath which the buying of assertive appurtenances or asset is transferred by abettor to the applicant adjoin agreed aloft bulk paid / to be paid by the buyer. Thus, in Appoint acquirement beneath Shirkatul Melk approach both the Coffer and the Applicant accumulation disinterestedness in according or diff admeasurement for acquirement of an asset like land, building, and machinery, carriage etc. Acquirement the asset with that abdicate money, own the aforementioned jointly, allotment the annual as per acceding and buck the accident in admeasurement their corresponding equity. The share, allotment of allocation of the asset endemic by the coffer is assassin out to the applicant accomplice for a anchored appoint per assemblage of time for a anchored period. Lastly the coffer sells and transfers the buying of its share/part/portion to the applicant adjoin acquittal of bulk anchored for the either gradually allotment by allotment or in agglomeration sum aural the appoint aeon or afterwards expire of the appoint agreement. 3. 5 Approach astute investment: 3. 5. 1 Approach astute beforehand performance: The approach astute beforehand achievement of IBBL all-embracing and the alleged breadth is categorical below: (Fig. are in million) Modes |2005 |2006 |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 | |Bai-Murabaha |23522. 92 |31138. 88 |41731. 48 |51822. 28 |59465. 08 |73833 | |HPSM |14131. 48 |18065. 10 |23344. 46 |30046. 89 |39399. 18 |50201 | | Bai-Muajjal |4965. 76 |5512. 13 |5735. 29 |5917. 18 |6921. 37 |6546 | |Purchase and Nego. 1865. 26 |1801. 33 |2416. 64 |3179. 81 |4846. 62 |11040 | |Quard-E-Hasana |1298. 19 |1765. 65 |1694. 32 |1966. 13 |1974. 20 |1955 | |Bai-Salam |407. 08 |610. 27 |807. 14 |641. 44 |905. 61 |1153 | |Mudaraba |52. 00 |103. 00 |102. 00 |50. 00 |50. 00 |50 | |Musharaka |37. 2 |12. 13 |27. 13 |20. 42 |12. 95 |143 | |Total |46279. 71 |59008. 49 |75858. 46 |94644. 15 |113575. 01 |144921 | 3. 5. 2 Allotment of the approach astute beforehand for the years: (In Tk %) |Modes |2005 |2006 |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 |Mean | |Bai-Murabaha |50. 83 |52. 77 |55. 01 |55. 34 |52. 5 |50. 95 |52. 875 | |HPSM |30. 53 |30. 62 |30. 78 |32. 09 |34. 69 |34. 64 |32. 225 | |Bai-Muajjal |10. 73 |9. 34 |7. 56 |6. 32 |6. 09 |4. 52 |7. 4267 | |Purchase & Nego. |4. 03 |3. 05 |3. 19 |3. 40 |4. 27 |7. 62 |4. 26 | |Quard-E-Hasana |2. 81 |2. 99 |2. 23 |2. 10 |1. 74 |1. 5 |2. 2033 | |Bai-Salam |. 88 |1. 04 |1. 06 |0. 68 |0. 80 |0. 79 |0. 875 | |Mudaraba |. 11 |. 17 |. 13 |0. 05 |0. 04 |0. 03 |0. 0883 | |Musharaka |. 08 |. 02 |. 04 |0. 02 |0. 01 |. 10 |0. 045 | ?????????????????????????? 3. 5. 3 Analysis astute beforehand of IBBL for the years: (Amount in Tk) Analysis |2009 |2010 | |Dhaka |72637666426 |91473695824 | |Chittagong |19020120156 |25609818224 | |Khulna |8336566722 |12605186181 | |Rajshahi |10129510794 |11572609603 | |Barishal |990277259 |1077373472 | |Sylhet |2460929772 |2581926291 | |Total |113575071129 |144920609595 | ??????????????????????????????? 3. 5. 4 Approach astute beforehand achievement of Mirpur Branch: (In Lac Tk) Modes |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 |2008 (up to july 31 ) | |Bai-Murabaha |2551 |3432 |4521 |5072 |4815 | |HPSM |4821 |5906 |6627 |6531 |6155 | |Bai-Muajjal |243 |720 |857 |807 |797 | |QTDR |259 |139 |197 |211 |303 | |Musharaka |46 |00 |7 |7 |00 | |Baisalam |00 |78 |136 |133 |100 | |Others |94 |175 |337 |483 |499 | |Total |8014 |10450 |12682 |13244 |12669 | ??????????????????????????????? 3. 5. 5 Allotment of the approach astute beforehand of mirpur annex for the years: (In Tk %) |Modes |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 |2008(up to july 31 )|Mean | |Bai-Murabaha |31. 83 |32. 84 |35. 65 |38. 30 |38. 00 |38. 54 | |HPSM |60. 16 |56. 52 |52. 26 |49. 31 |48. 58 |58. 22 | |Bai-Muajjal |3. 3 |6. 89 |6. 76 |6. 09 |6. 29 |6. 34 | |QTDR |3. 23 |1. 33 |1. 55 |1. 59 |2. 39 |2. 20 | |Musharaka |0. 57 |0. 00 |0. 06 |0. 05 |0. 00 |0. 15 | |Baisalam |0. 00 |0. 75 |1. 07 |1. 00 |0. 79 |0. 79 | |Others |1. 17 |1. 67 |2. 66 |3. 65 |3. 94 |2. 86 | ????????????????????????????????? 3. 5. Sector-wise beforehand achievement of IBBL: (Amount in actor Tk) |Year |Comm’l |Industrial |Agriculture |Real Accompaniment |Transport |other |Total | |2005 |17534. 07 |19692. 68 |2350 |3581. 72 |1851. 32 |1270. 30 |46280. 61 | |2006 |20467. 76 |24480. 21 |2235. 29 |5204. 18 |2475. 11 |4144. 94 |59007. 49 | |2007 |26877. 02 |35593. 03 |3537. 17 |5785. 11 |2472. 46 |1593. 77 |75858. 56 | |2008 |29284. 21 |46063. 51 |6445. 67 |6813. 0 |2975. 12 |2061. 94 |93644. 15 | |2009 |28983. 80 |62642. 10 |5890 |8357. 80 |2722. 40 |4978. 97 |113575. 07 | |2010 |43877 |78788 |6485 |8588 |2656 |4527 |144921 | ??????????????????????????????????? 3. 5. 7 Sector-wise beforehand achievement of Pallabi Branch: Bulk in Lac TK |Year |Comm’l |Industrial |Agriculture |Real Accompaniment |Transport |Other | |2007 |2667 |1002 |000 |3404 398 |543 | |2008 |3520 |1790 |000 |4189 |393 |567 | |2009 |5385 |2582 |000 |3570 |376 |769 | |2010 |5132 |2591 |000 |4324 |401 |796 | |2008(up to july |4867 |2362 |000 |4196 |337 |907 | |31) | | | | | | | |Mean |4706. 4 |2253. 14 |0. 00 |4294. 47 |415. 64 |781. 53 | ???????????????????????? 3. 6 Breadth astute Analysis: i) Assay of beforehand beneath Bartering Sector: Graphical representation of beforehand beneath Bartering Breadth is as follows: |Branch |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 |2008 |Mean | |Mirpur |2667 |3520 |5385 |5132 |4867 |4269. 6 | ?????????????????????????????????? From table and aloft blueprint we acquisition that, the boilerplate beforehand in bartering breadth is satisfactory. In 2006, 2007 absolute beforehand beneath bartering breadth was too abundant favorable. It is so abundant acceptable for the company. So all-embracing the bartering beforehand of the coffer is satisfactory. ii) Assay of beforehand beneath Absolute Estate Sector: Graphical representation of beforehand beneath Absolute Estate Breadth is as follows: |Branch |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 |2008 |Mean | |Mirpur |3404 |4189 |3570 |4324 |4196 |4294. 47 | ?????????????????????????????????????? / From table and aloft blueprint we acquisition that, the boilerplate beforehand beneath Absolute Estate Breadth is Satisfactory.. It is so abundant acceptable for the bank. So all-embracing the Absolute Estate beforehand of the coffer is satisfactory. iii) Assay of beforehand beneath Carriage Sector: Beforehand beneath Carriage Breadth is as follows: Annex |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 |2008 |Mean | |Pallabi |398 |393 |376 |401 |337 |415. 64 | From table we acquisition that, the boilerplate beforehand in carriage breadth is not satisfactory. It has beneath in contempo years. Breadth the absorption is all-important by the bank. iv) Assay of beforehand beneath Automatic Sector: Beforehand beneath the Breadth is as follows: Automatic |Branch |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 |2008 |Mean | |Pallabi |1002 |1790 |2582 |2591 |2362 |2253. 16 | From table we acquisition that, the boilerplate beforehand in agronomical breadth is increasing. In contempo years the beforehand bearings beneath this breadth is satisfactory. v) Assay of beforehand beneath Others Sector: Beforehand beneath Others Breadth is as follows: |Branch |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 |2008 |Mean | |Pallabi |543 |567 |769 |796 |907 |781. 53 | From table we acquisition that, the boilerplate beforehand in others breadth is the best satisfactory. The trend was again activity to the advancement back 2007. vi) Beforehand bulk of absolute beforehand of Islami Coffer Pallabi Branch: (Amount in “000”TK ) Annex |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 |2008(Upto July 31) | |Pallabi |851900 |1149725 |1431864 |1532342 |1461006 | Beforehand bulk of Absolute acclaim shows the absolute or abrogating addiction of bodies to aggregate their armamentarium from the corresponding institutions. The college the beforehand bulk of absolute credits the best for the alignment and its profitability. From the table mentioned aloft it is begin that, the accomplished beforehand bulk of absolute acclaim shows in 2008. It is so acceptable for the organization. vii) Accumulation and Beforehand of several year of Pallabi Branch: Year |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 |2008(upto july) | |Total Beforehand |851900 |1149725 |1431864 |1532342 |1461006 | |Investment Assets |68058 |89288 |139411 |156624 |89834 | |Profit on IBG A/C |62187 |74987 |124616 |161790 |88554 | |Net Invst Assets |130245 |164275 |264027 |318414 |178388 | ??????????????????????????? viii) Accumulation and Beforehand Ratio: Absolute Accumulation accustomed on Beforehand Accumulation and beforehand arrangement = ————————————* 100 Total bulk of beforehand Figures in 000 Tk |Branch |2007 |2008 |2009 |2010 |2008 |Mean | |Pallabi |15. 29 |14. 29 |18. 44 |20. 78 |9. 99 |17. 19 | Here in the aloft two blueprint we see that the accumulation and beforehand arrangement of the IBBL is in boilerplate position. ix) Administration of Beforehand by Sectors (Public & Private): (M= Actor Taka) |Year |IF |Public Breadth |Private Breadth |Total | | | |% |Amount |% |Amount | |2008 |71912 |5 |3596 |95 |68317 |71912 | |2009 |86295 |5 |4315 |95 |81980 |86295 | |2010 |103554 |5 |5178 |95 |98376 |103554 | That beforehand administration in clandestine and accessible breadth both are added able for any country. But the Islami coffer distributes the best beforehand in clandestine breadth because it becoming analogously added accumulation from clandestine sector. x) Administration of Investments by Areas (Rural & Urban): (Amount in Taka) Year |Rural |Urban |Total | | |% |Amount |% |Amount | | |2009 |8. 68 |9862235033 |91. 32 |103712836096 |113575071129 | |2010 |7. 86 |11386885036 |92. 14 |133533724559 |144920609595 | From the aloft table it is begin that Islami coffer invested the best money in burghal area. Because best administrator and business man break in burghal place. However best alignment accustomed in burghal area. i) Administration of Investments by Areas (Rural & Urban) of Pallabi Branch: Absolute beforehand of Pallabi annex is in Burghal areas. There is no rural investment. xii) Administration of Investments by sector(private & public) of Pallabi Branch: Absolute beforehand of Pallabi annex is in clandestine breadth there is no accessible breadth investment. xiii) Administration of country astute Investments of IBBL: |Year |Within Bangladesh |Foreign country |Total | | |% |Amount |% |Amount | | |2009 |100 |113575071129 |0. 0 |0000 |113575071129 | |2010 |100 |144920609595 |0. 00 |0000 |144920609595 | 3. 7 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. SPECIAL INVESTMENT SCHEMES OF IBBL: CHAPTER-4 SWOT Assay • Strength • Weakness • Opportunities • Threats 4. 1. 2. 1. CHAPTER-4 SWOT Assay 4. 1 SWOT Assay of IBBL: SWOT Assay is acclimated to appraise the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in a business. It is a alignment acclimated to aid cardinal planning that acquired acceptance during the 80’s. It involves allegorical the cold of the business or activity and anecdotic the centralized and alien factors. 4. 2 Strength: After allegory the present bazaar condition, IBBL got the afterward strengths, which will be favorable to us to barrage our business. Honest and reliable employees: All of the advisers of IBBL are honest and reliable. They are consistently adherent themselves to the works for bigger services. Bigger Affection of Services: The IBBL will run assisting business by accouterment first-rate cyberbanking casework in a caring, upscale, able environment. Added funds for investment: For able cyberbanking adeptness they can accommodate accommodation to added beforehand clients. Adapted Authoritative Structure: IBBL has the adapted authoritative structure. Authoritative anatomy will be developed by the bounded and adopted expertise. 4. 3 Weakness: The weaknesses of IBBL are as follows. Inaduquate Animal Resource: IBBL does not access an able animal adeptness administration so that it has to appointment about their advisers as able-bodied as recruitment. It does not beforehand HR administration yet. So that it cannot appropriately alternation up to its agent and actuate its advisers to accord them reward. The benightedness of time bulk of money: According to Islami Shari’ah the absorption should be prohibited. In addition chat Islami abridgement does not booty the time bulk of money into consideration. So IBBL does not accede time bulk of money admitting our country does not chase Islami economy. Apathetic acceleration of investment: The acceleration of beforehand of IBBL is absolute apathetic compared to addition banks. It takes in balance of time while beforehand in a project. 4. 4 Opportunities: Looking at accepted business environment, the afterward opportunities of IBBL are actuality visible. Added Bazaar Share: As Islami cyberbanking is a growing blazon of business in Bangladesh, IBBL has a abundant befalling to abduction a ample bulk of bazaar share. Abounding Islami banks are axis their faces appear accepted cyberbanking to abduction bazaar share, but IBBL will not accommodation with its quality. It will beforehand carefully Islami Shari’ah and will accommodate the best annual to its audience to abduction bazaar share. Added Bazaar Growth: IBBL has the bigger HR than any addition banks in Bangladesh. Their action authoritative and implementing will ensuring to achieve a ample bulk of bazaar growth. 4. 5 Threats: The afterward factors may action as abortive phenomena for IBBL. Blackmail of New Entrants: New entrants to an industry appoint several threats to absolute competitors. New competitors can abate the bazaar allotment of all participants by adding the "pie" into added pieces. They additionally may accompany new technology or greater assets not accessible to present competitors and achieve a aerial bazaar allotment position apprenticed to the damage of all absolute participants. So if any new entrants will be big blackmail for IBBL. Preference Diversity: Client’s preferences can be the best astute blackmail to any company. It can change any times. If the consumers anticipate that they should adopt any addition casework rather that for the ultimate comfort, it could be the affliction crisis to IBBL. Political Unrest: Now-a-days political agitation becomes accepted abnormality in a nation as able-bodied as the accomplished world. Apple is abode of acute political unrest. So, political agitation can be adverse for IBBL. Cyberbanking Risk: Cyberbanking accident is the allotment of every business. Banks can access the absorption rate; allowance aggregation can appeal added exceptional or adversary can action casework in lower price. Bread-and-butter Change: Changes in bread-and-butter affairs can be adverse for the IBBL. Personal income, savings, employment, and bulk akin trends can access affecting furnishings on the affability of a firm's articles or casework in achievement markets not abandoned final markets, but average markets as well. CHAPTER-5 FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS • Assay of award botheration • Recommendations • Conclusion • Bibliography CHAPTER-5 FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 5. 1 Assay of award problem: I access articular some problems and limitations in Islami Coffer Bangladesh Apprenticed while alive in Mirpur-10 branch. For these problems IBBL cannot accommodate best casework to its barter as able-bodied as barter are not accepting ultimate annual from IBBL. These problems are accustomed follows: ) Major Beforehand of IBBL is on bartering and Automatic sectors. ii) Minimum bulk of beforehand is on agronomical sector. iii) IBBL consistently beforehand abundance aggressive sectors. iv) Ample allocation of beforehand is invested by approach of Baimorabaha that is 53. 26%. v) Best bulk of beforehand is in Dhaka division. vi) Absolute beforehand of IBBL is accretion gradually. vii) No Islami money bazaar is available. Easily money transaction is not accessible afterwards the Absorption based cyberbanking system. viii) No Islami money bazaar is available. Easily money transaction is not accessible for the Absorption based cyberbanking system. ix) IBBL cannot syndicate the addition accepted banks. ) Abridgement of able supervision. xi) Abridgement of abiding bread-and-butter condition. xii) Abridgement of accomplished manpower. xiii) Inadequate acknowledged framework. xiv) Abortive business environment. xv) Abridgement of opportunities for assisting investment. xvi) Political unrest. xvii) Chump annual is not so abundant well. xviii) There is no acceptable and aerial bandwidth Internet affiliation accessible in the bank. So, coffer cannot ensure bigger annual for all Barter apparent city. xix) Some few desks use obstacle instruments and booty a huge time to achieve a accurate task. xx) It lacks workforce in accepted cyberbanking section. Advisers are not that abundant motivated to assignment due to boundless workloads. xi) Bodies still abash IBBL’s articles to accepted banks. For example, bodies frequently alarm Mudaraba Appropriate Accumulation (Pension) Scheme or MSS as DPS like accepted banks. xxii) In a alpha and catastrophe day of the week, the breeze of chump is so aerial so at time administration of the chump is so difficult and that appearance the abridgement of able image. xxiii) The adornment arrangement of the coffer is not a planned way and the floor, furniture, addition abstracts are not bankrupt in a appropriate way and every time so the alive action is not comfortable. xxiv) Sunday and Thursday is absolute acquisition in annual opening, cheque issue, cheque accustomed and pay order. xv) Some purpose they accommodate banknote accommodation to the clients, for archetype Appoint Acquirement beneath Shirkatul Melk Absolute Estate 5. 2 Recommendations: Islami Coffer Bangladesh Apprenticed has accomplished outstanding success during aftermost twenty six years, but antagonism is actuality added simultaneously. Lots of banks are actuality opened and abounding banks are aperture Islami cyberbanking division. To survive as cardinal one position IBBL has to do lots of things. Some of these are appropriate below: 1. IBBL should access beforehand in agronomical breadth because Bangladesh is an agronomical country. 2. IBBL should access their beforehand in accessible breadth because their best beforehand is in clandestine sector. 3. Bangladesh is rural abject country, So IBBL should access their beforehand in rural area. 4. Operational bulk should be minimized. 5. IBBL should try to beforehand the drop beforehand arrangement for college productivity. 6. To decentralize the controlling ascendancy of the bank. 7. Avant-garde adjustment should be alien for accretion administration admonition arrangement and accounting admonition system. 8. IBBL is accustomed to actuate the bulk of accumulation on deposits and advance. 9. The abundance of the coffer may be aloft by bigger funds administration and portfolio administration convalescent recycling of funds and developing addition assets from the business activities of the bank. 10. Purpose aggressive training program. 11. Encouraging development of absolute and accommodating accord amid administration and barter union. 12. Bigger automatic relationships participatory controlling etc, is bare to beforehand the aerial abundance for the bank. 13. They should beforehand their chump service. 14. The annex should acquaint absolutely computerized arrangement as anon as accessible to abate time, activity and cost. 15. A ample appointment amplitude should anon be allocated for this branch. 16. To achieve Accepted Cyberbanking operations smoothly, some bodies should anon be appointed. 17. A prime area should be alleged and autogenous artist should be assassin in decorating office. 18. Cardinal of appointment administration should be increased. 19. Employees should be bland behave with chump basically in annual aperture and argue them. Some addition suggestions may be in brief: ? Acquaintance programs can be abiding for the audience to access a bright appearance of IBBL products. ? Authorized advisers should be monitored to be accessible at their amid capacity ? Branches charge to be 100% automatic ? Online annual should be every breadth ? Applicant alternative should be alert ? Overdue should be consistently monitored and minimized ? The admonition should be accessible about the beforehand articles and their costs of armamentarium ? Coffer abstracts should be accessible and bright to the audience 5. 3 Conclusion: Already aloft a time, best of the bodies didn’t access interest-free cyberbanking system. They never anticipation that it is accessible to accommodate cyberbanking accessories afterwards absorption but in access of time, now it is bright that in Islam there as a cyberbanking action admitting accumulation / beneath administration basis. In beforehand of time problems access bargain but not delaminated. This coffer is aggravating to achieve their activities according to Islami Shariah. If the Govt. becomes acquainted to break these problems and the broker become affable and cooperative, the problems may be bargain to a greater admeasurement The Gradual and acknowledged globalization of Islami Cyberbanking accompanying with growing acquaintance of the bodies about its cyberbanking and amusing allowances makes it bright that the abutting aeon is activity to be the aeon of Islami Banking. It would be absolute difficult for them to survive as a cardinal one position, if their annual qualities abide constant. Big audience are switching to addition coffer for this acumen coffer is accident huge bazaar share. They should pay added absorption to big clients. It is additionally accurate that beforehand Shari’ah and pay appropriate absorption to accurate being is absolute difficult. Innovative artefact should be launched by Islami coffer Bangladesh apprenticed such as acclaim card, beforehand in apprenticeship breadth to cope with present situation. This activity will advice IBBL to get advantage over others. Appropriate training should be accustomed to advisers to beforehand their behavior. 5. 4 Bibliography: <> ----------------------- CHAIRMAN VICE CHAIRMAN DIRECTORS EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT DEPUTY EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT SENIOR VICE PRESIDENTS VICE PRESIDENTS ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT Second Administrator (Senior Principal Officer) Beforehand Administration (Principal Officer) Adopted Barter (Principal Officer) Accepted Administration (Principal Officer) Senior Administrator Assistant Administrator (Grade–II) Assistant Administrator (Grade–I) Administrator Senior Administrator Officer Administrator Probationary Administrator Assistant Administrator (Grade–II) Assistant Administrator (Grade–I) Assistant Administrator (Grade–II) Assistant Administrator (Grade–I) Manager a) Bai-Murabaha b) Bai-Muajjal c) Bai-Salam d) Istishna’a a) Mudaraba b) Musharaka a) Appoint Acquirement b) Appoint Acquirement Beneath shirkatul Melk Bai- Apparatus Allotment Apparatus Ijara Mechanism

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