Problem 3-2 National Scan, Inc., sells radio abundance account tags. Monthly sales for a seven-month aeon were as follows:  Month   Sales              (000)Units   Feb.       17 Mar.       18 Apr.        14 May.        21   Jun.        18   Jul.          25   Aug.        23 b.Forecast September sales aggregate application anniversary of the following: (1) A beeline trend equation.(Round your boilerplate calculations and final acknowledgment to 2 decimal places.)            Yt ________thousands   (2)A five-month affective average. (Round your acknowledgment to 2 decimal places.)    Moving average_______ thousands   (3) Exponential cutting with a cutting connected according to .10, bold a March anticipation of 19(000). (Round your boilerplate anticipation ethics and final acknowledgment to 2 decimal places)    Forecast_________thousands   (4)The aboveboard approach.     Naive approach______________ thousands   (5) A abounding boilerplate application .60 for August, .10 for July, and .30 for June. (Round your acknowledgment to 2 decimal places.)    Weighted average__________ thousands   

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