Ford vs. Gm

FORD MOTOR COMPANY . VS. GENERAL MOTORS Ford Automotive Aggregation Background The Ford Automotive Aggregation began as a eyes of its architect Henry Ford. Henry Ford was built-in in 1863 on a acreage abreast Dearborn, Michigan. In 1890 Ford’s amusement in the engineering acreage became a career as he began his application at Detroit Edison Company. In 1892, Ford congenital his aboriginal gasoline buggy in which he awash in 1896 to advice armamentarium the architecture of a new automobile. Three years afterwards in 1899, Ford was afflicted to abdicate admitting his advance to arch architect because of his amusement alfresco of work. The accident of his career at Detroit Edison Aggregation did not apathetic Ford down. Soon afterwards that he started Detroit Auto Aggregation with the advice of some clandestine investors. Shortly after, he withdrew from that business affiliation because of accounting and prices of the cars produced by the company. On June 16, 1903 Henry Ford opened a adapted wagon branch on Mack Avenue in Detroit which became accepted as the Ford Motor Company. Afterwards the aggregation was formed it went through ups and bottomward like any another company. The Ford Motor Aggregation fought with the Licensed Affiliation of Auto Manufacturers over rights for a apparent captivated on alley locomotives with centralized agitation engines aback the aggregation began. The Archetypal T was the alpha mark of Ford’s success actuality one of its best accepted cars in 1908. Ford was additionally complex in the war accomplishment in Apple War I. The Ford Motor Aggregation placed its adeptness at the auctioning of the government accouterment ample quantities of automobiles, trucks, ambulances, Liberty aeroplane motors, Whippet tanks, and Eagle abysmal chasers. The Ford Aggregation afterwards broadcast into another countries such as England, German, and Russia. The Ford Motor Aggregation has been through abounding changes in time that accommodate two Apple Wars, the Abundant Abasement and more. Accepted Motors Automotive Aggregation Background William C. Durant, architect of Accepted Motors Aggregation was built-in in Boston, Massachusetts on December 8, 1861. Durant was additionally the grandson of Michigan Governor Henry H. Crapo. Durant alone out of aerial academy to assignment in his grandfather’s lumberyard. He went from the lumberyard to affairs carriages. In 1886, Durant founded the Flint Alley Cart Aggregation which adapted from $2,000 start-up basic into a $2 actor business that fabricated sales about the world. Durant teamed up with Josiah Dort to actualize the Durant-Dort Carriage Aggregation based in Flint, Michigan in 1890. Their aggregation became the cardinal one arch architect of horse-drawn cartage in the world. Afterwards Durant produced the avant-garde arrangement of auto banker franchises, he was offered a accepted administrator position of Buick in 1904. Shortly afterwards accepting this position and actuality accustomed in it, Durant became admiral of the aggregation demography it in a altered direction. Durant abiding the assimilation by proxies of Accepted Motors and bound afterwards awash banal and with the accretion acquired Oldsmobile in 1908. Afterwards that acquisition, Durant acquired Oakland, Cadillac. In 1911, Durant went into a affiliation with Louis Chevrolet, starting the Chevrolet Company. In 1916, GM was congenital as Accepted Motors Corporation. GM went on to aggrandize by purchasing McLaughlin Motor Car Aggregation in Ontario, Vauxhall Motors of England, and 80% allotment in German auto architect Adam Opel AG. Beneath the administration of Alfred P. Sloan, GM had auspiciously exceeded the sales of Ford Motor Company. GM additionally became able by purchasing Fokker Aircraft Corp of America and Berliner-Joyce Aircraft in which afterwards alloyed into Accepted Aviation Accomplishment Corporation. GM bogus cartage and aircrafts for both Allied and Axis barter during WWII. GM connected accretion and came out with added brands the about any another auto aggregation in the world. Ford Motor Aggregation Profile Ford Motor Aggregation is a accessible aggregation that is traded on the New York Banal Exchange. Ford is a accepted aggregation amid in Dearborn, Michigan which is additionally allotment of the S & P 500. The key bodies complex in the success of this abundant aggregation accommodate William C. Ford, Jr. (Executive Chairman) and Alan R. Mulally (President & CEO). Ford’s assembly consists of automobiles and automotive parts. Ford produces amazing cartage such as the Mustang, F-150, Fusion, Taurus, Focus, etc. Ford additionally has subsidiaries such as Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo. Ford has its own affluence cars beneath the Lincoln brand. The band of casework that ford provides involves automotive finance, agent leasing, and agent service. Ford Motor Aggregation has had an aberrant year with acquirement up $136. 26 billion, operating assets up $8. 681 billion, net assets up $20. 21 billion, absolute assets up $178. 35 billion, and absolute disinterestedness up $15. 07 billion. Accepted Motors Aggregation Profile Accepted Motors Aggregation is labeled as a about traded aggregation on the New York Banal Exchange. The address of GM is amid in Detroit, Michigan in the Renaissance Center. GM has 156 accessories on six altered continents and serves the accessible worldwide. One the key bodies in the accepted success of GM is Daniel Ackerson (Chairman and CEO). Their articles accommodate automobiles and automotive genitalia and additionally banking services. GM has a abounding subsidiaries that abide of CAMI, Adam Opel AG, Holden Ltd, Vauxhall, and more. GM’s capacity accommodate Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC. The 202,000 advisers accept helped to aftermath acquirement abacus up to $150. 28 billion in 2011. To add to GM’s abundant year, the operating assets is up $9. 287 billion, net assets is up $7. 585 billion absolute assets are up $144. 60 billion, and the absolute disinterestedness is up 38. 9 billion. Agent Allowances Ford provides a abundant allowances package. There agent amalgamation includes: * Medical * Dental * Eyes * Paid Vacation * Paid Aggregation Holidays * Ford Adjustable Assignment Program * Savings & Banal Investment Plan (401K) * Ford Retirement Plan * Agent Acquirement Plan * Association Account Program * Ford Agent Recreation Program (FERA) Accepted Motors additionally provides an accomplished allowances package. GM employees’ allowances amalgamation includes: * Medical * Dental * Eyes * Savings-Stock Acquirement Program 401(k) * Claimed retirement assets plan * Banking planning * Activity allowance * Disability allowances * 17 Paid holidays 2 Week vacation with 1-3 years of account * 5 Week vacation for best account advisers * 5 added paid canicule off Advisers and absolute ancestors associates acquirement cartage at a cogent abatement The Chump is Consistently Appropriate Our arch purpose in presenting you with this advice is to advice you with your accommodation in allotment a aggregation to assignment for as a communications consultant. Through our analysis we accept begin a ample bulk of abstracts that should not alone advice you adjudge which aggregation you will be choosing, but analyze which aggregation would be the best choice. In presenting advice there are several challenges in chief which categories would aiguille your absorption in a company. While there are all-inclusive amounts of advice at your fingertips we accept advised claimed accounts of agent achievement adventures as able-bodied as chump achievement surveys, challenges that ceremony adversary faces both abreast and far, and the boxy decisions that Ford and GMC accept had to accomplish during the times of banking crisis. It is our accepting that agent achievement is a key to a accustomed business and so do best above businesses, including Ford and Accepted Motors. Employed bodies absorb the majority of their time at work, and that makes it accessible that agent achievement should be the one of the best important categories researched. To actuate if not alone the aggregation fits you, but to see if the “YOU” fit the company. Aback 2009, the year of GMC filing bankruptcy, 29,000 or added salaried advisers are operating beneath a new action that concentrates efforts arise acceding the customer’s needs first, and accepting a account aback chump assimilation goals are met. These efforts are to advance chump relationships with the GM articles and services. Here are some comments from glassdoor. om about Accepted motors contempo chump experiences, “GM is the abode to go” says a above activity administrator in Chicago, Illinois. A above architect in Detroit, MI on a contempo appointment to a GMC banker said “management is alive adamantine to advance the adeptness which has been apathetic and cumbersome. ” GMC aback their contempo banking crisis has placed a concentrated accomplishment on agent and chump satisfaction, and it has accurate to be a key to their revival. Their action is to access its chump assimilation from 52 percent to 58 percent, if the advisers adeptness the company’s assimilation ambition it will add $4. billion in ceremony revenue. “Mark Reuss, Accepted Motor’s North America Admiral declared it’s the aboriginal time in his 26-year career that the automaker will accolade advisers based about how able-bodied they absorb their customers. ” Accepted Motors is absolutely creating a change in behavior and procedures and alone agent accomplishment and acceptable managing decisions will adjudge the approaching success of the company. Ford on the another duke stood able through the banking crisis of the closing allotment of the 2000’s, crumbling accepting of the Tarp money offered by the Government, and allotment not to acknowledge bankruptcy. Ford’s success is due mainly to the Ford ancestors giving up the reigns and acceptance an alien controlling ascendancy over the company, and another advisers authoritative acceptable decisions, and acceptance the aggregation to await on advisers and abundant chump achievement to accumulate the brawl rolling. William "Bill" Clay Ford, Controlling Chairman of the Board for Ford Motor Corporation, and above CEO, accustomed that there may accept been some accretion from demography TARP money, but annihilation is forever, and bodies accept abbreviate memories. So it is absolutely up to Ford accustomed to acquire our respect. GM is a abundant competitor, and we apperceive that. I like breadth we are positioned and I like that we accept positioned ourselves to acquire that respect" he was quoted in an commodity “How Ford did it” on Cnn. com. Ford’s Pulse Analysis Ford motor aggregation has gone through abundant lengths to advance their aggregation not alone as an automotive architect but in acceding of agent satisfaction. In 2009, 80 percent of Ford’s salaried advisers alternate in their ceremony Pulse survey. The Pulse analysis gives Ford an acumen into employee’s absolute achievement with the company, their job, diversity, and another aspects of the workplace. The Pulse analysis includes several categories one actuality an (ESI)- Agent Achievement Index, in which 68 percent gave a acceptable appraisement which was a two percent access from the antecedent year and a third year with advance to the company’s scores. The breadth of greatest advance was the agent all-embracing achievement and advice accustomed from aerial akin management. Another areas that accept bigger over the years are administration and diversity. Ford has placed a awful concentrated accomplishment into convalescent communications internally to anatomy assurance and access accuracy amidst employees. Diversity in the Abode Aback 1903 Ford has been accepted as a baton in the automotive industry and a baton in assorted practices in the workplace. Ford is still committed to hiring a awful accomplished abode that reflects abounding altered aspects of our country including culture, ethnicity, race, age, perspective, religion, concrete adeptness and animal orientation. In 1913 Ford offered bristles dollars a day to branch workers to allure the African American and immigrant citizens in the association allowance actualize the atramentous boilerplate class. By 1916 Ford was appreciative to accept active with them, men and women from 62 altered nationalities, and 900 disabled employees. In the year 1919 Ford is amenable for arch to the aboriginal abbey in the Affiliated States. By 1920 Ford had added African American advisers than any another automotive aggregation in the world. That year they additionally active their aboriginal Asian-Indian agent whom afterwards accustomed the Ford of India. In 1941 Ford negotiates its aboriginal aggregate acceding acceding which was groundbreaking, mostly because it absolutely banned bigotry based on race, color, civic origin, or creed. 944 is aback Rose Will Monroe, a captivate gun operator, was called to arise in a bartering for the Ford Motor Aggregation assuming bent women branch workers and personifying the Ford angel of assortment for all in the workplace. In 1970 several women accompany the aggregation as salaried employees. They bound confused up the controlling ranks acceptable the aboriginal women to access Ford’s Marketing and Sales Administration Program. Today, Ford’s efforts abide in hiring changeable advisers in the executive, management, and engineering divisions. Barb J. Samardzich, Vice Admiral of Powertrain Engineering has said that today 18% of Ford advisers are women, which is 5% academy than it was aback she accelerating from college. In 2003, the aggregation included an broadcast analogue of assortment to accommodate not alone race, ethnicity, age and gender but additionally abounding things are different to advisers different such as backgrounds, opinions, experiences, perspectives and activity situations. “It additionally put an accent on adopting an across-the-board adeptness that is chargeless of barriers, and in which all advisers are included, admired and appreciated”, says Ford executives. At GM, we actualization assortment as a analytical business acute that in the abiding will account ceremony of us, and all of us. We drive assortment throughout our alignment by absorption on bristles areas: Customers, Communities, Dealers, and Suppliers” says GM executive. GMC hasn’t consistently fabricated the best decisions as a company, but one of the keys to their success is creating a acerb assorted workforce. On March 14 GMC hosted a bologna adulatory their 50th ceremony of Inforum a able alignment focused on creating cardinal access and accelerating careers for women throughout Michigan. This year GMC showed a bit of Latin adeptness aback they accustomed artist Johanna Medina, artist of GMC’s Acadia to be the keynote speaker. She batten to acceptance of Bronx aerial academy of beheld arts about her aisle to alive as a artist for GMC and how abundant she enjoys the assortment of their workforce. The Accepted Motors African Ancestry Affinity Network (GMAAN) captivated its 6th Ceremony Atramentous History Ages Celebration on February 24, 2012 at the Grand Ballroom central the Greektown Hotel in Detroit, MI. This year’s affair was “Influencing a New Generation” and GM’s own Mr. Ed Welburn, Vice Admiral of All-around Design, was the Keynote Speaker. Ed batten about his adulation and affection for designing cartage and how it was afflicted by GM at a actual aboriginal age and he was absolutely bent to assignment for the aggregation that aggressive him. He manages 11 All-around architecture studios in eight countries and over 1,800 artistic bodies that abide to architecture the best award-winning cartage about the world. Ed is the 6th actuality to advance GM Architecture in the company’s 100 year history and the aboriginal to advance a affiliated GM All-around Architecture organization. GM additionally supports assortment by acquainted women of blush in the workplace. In 2011, Chevrolet was the sponsor for BET’s aboriginal ceremony accolade actualization for women of color, BLACK GIRLS ROCK! ™ & Soul Tour. GMC has consistently showed their efforts to animate assortment in the abode from Adulatory Martin Luther King Jr. to actuality one of the Gold sponsors of the Special Olympics of Michigan which were captivated on Macomb Association Academy Campus in Warren, MI. Aboriginal Lt. Travis Manion was confused by the associates of FDNY Rescue Aggregation One, one of the aboriginal blaze companies to acknowledge to the Apple Trade Centermost on Sept. 1, afterwards spending a day with them afore his aftermost bout of Iraq in 2006. Their adamantine assignment and cede alone able Travis’ accepting in confined his country. While Travis was dead by adversary blaze in Fallujah afterwards that year, his spirit lives on acknowledgment to the Travis Manion Foundation. In July 2011, the GM Foundation and Chevrolet donated $250,000 to the Travis Manion Foundation to advice booty its 9/11 Heroes Run fundraiser nationwide. Ford and GMC are two actual abundant companies that actualization abundant affiance for the future. They accept added size, profitability, technology, but best chiefly agent and chump relations. Ford was congenital on attitude and has set several bazaar trends in which best automotive companies accept followed including GMC. Accepted Motors has additionally fabricated a name for itself in the automotive industry acceptable a accepted ambassador of affection cars and another automotive parts. They accept partnered with several assorted groups to advance an angel of how abundant they affliction about befitting culture, diversity, and advisers ‘ rights and freedoms amidst the accomplished priorities. These are alone a few aspects that ascertain both of these companies after diving into banking statements and banal prices. The added important credibility we achievement to adeptness in advancing to a cessation on the accommodation for you is what the companies plan to do with their futures. What challenges does ceremony of these competitors face? What difficult decisions accept ceremony had to accomplish for ceremony of them to still be advancing as abundant as they are today? Attractive Ahead The best important allotment of planning your approaching career with a aggregation is to analysis what decisions they are authoritative currently about allegorical their future. The automotive industry faces several challenges in today’s disturbing abridgement while aggravating to accomplish those choices. Globalization, Demographics, Accepted Motors is currently activity through a complete advance with their new business archetypal in place, accumulation automotive aspects with new agenda technology, and aggressive with new entrants into the industry that now accept a aggressive advantage with abate added economical another vehicles. In today’s U. S. automotive bazaar there are companies such as Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Fiat, and added who accept become ample competitors in the civic and all-embracing industry. Detroit was for years the epicenter of the American automotive industry; it was not until afresh aback the North American Chargeless Trade Acceding (NAFTA) accustomed adopted companies to accessible factories in the South-Eastern areas of the country. This move absolutely gave adopted companies a abundant acumen in the public’s eyes because it created bags of application opportunities for locals and those who lived in arctic states who were disturbing to acquisition jobs. The Southern Auto Corridor” which includes Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia serves as the assembly centermost of adopted automotive companies and provides the bigger adversary for auto makers such as Ford and Accepted Motors. They not alone accept to attempt with the public’s opinions of the companies accouterment bigger jobs, but additionally the adopted companies cornering the ammunition adeptness market. Ford, aback it was accustomed has been an innovator in the automotive industry, from the T-model to the Ford F-150. Ford has set the accepted with actuality the aboriginal to absolution new technology and set trends in the awful aggressive industry. In the 1960’s it was the Mustang and today it’s cartage such as the Fusion, and Focus with abundantly economical technology ambience the car’s estimated ammunition abridgement over 40 afar per gallon. Accepted Motors has additionally been one of the industries top competitors and best artistic innovators. In the 1960’s aback Ford appear the Mustang, ambience an industry accepted for American vehicles, Accepted Motors appear the Camaro and Firebird which became the Mustang’s cardinal one competitor. Today they are at the top of the American automotive industry, absolution the Chevy Volt a amalgam agent that offers consumers abundant ammunition adeptness to accomplish a cruise to the gas base alone already a ages with approved charging. The antagonism continues amid these two mega competitors in the analysis and development of amalgam vehicles, Sports Utility Cartage that can authority ample families and accomplish the aforementioned ammunition abridgement as the abate amalgam vehicles. In today’s abridgement able claimed accounts has become the key to our success, and as a acute business archetypal Ford and Accepted Motors has accomplished that creating smarter, added economical cartage is the best way to access chump acumen and retention. With gas prices clashing daily, amalgam and another cartage accept become the approaching of the automotive industry. They accept become the approaching not alone because of consumer’s claimed finances, but because of all-around warming. The ecology affects of motor cartage is aggressive the way of activity as we apperceive it. Global Abating is a acceleration in the boilerplate temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and is afflicted heavily aboriginal by the ocean, but secondly by ample factories and cartage such as cars and trucks giving off ample amounts of CO2. As time goes on the Earth will be bedeviled with abhorrent climates and deficient resources, that’s why the automotive industry and the bodies of the apple are acerb advancing another agent options to save the environment. The ambiance changes as able-bodied as the civic angle and opinions. Cars that were already advised accepted are no best the allocution of the town. The age accumulation that cartage are awash to is generally articular by the bulk of agenda technology it has or the action styled anatomy kits. Demographic and Chump behavior accept consistently been a claiming for the automotive industry. It is why they change models annual in efforts to absorb new and bigger functions. Ford Motor Co. and Accepted Motors Co. are America’s allegorical competitors in the automotive industry. There is not a actuality in the Affiliated States that does not apperceive at atomic one or two agent models of either company. Who Has the Advantage? Ford Motor Aggregation and Accepted Motors accept both aggressive advantages over ceremony another and over another auto companies. Both companies accomplish all types of automobiles, from cars to SUV’s, which gives them an advantage of alms all types of automobiles. “Ford Motors adopted the action that accustomed it low assembly amount by acid all the boundless amount complex in its operations. ”(Ford Case Study) This action gave Ford a big amount advantage over another competitors in acceding of lower cost. By acid the costs on abstracts and assembly food that were not actuality acclimated effectively, Ford added their profits and could access their bazaar share. Ford added its bazaar position in the auto industry by accretion chump assurance by angry adjoin bankruptcy. A aggressive advantage that both companies accept in the industry is the amount of their products. Both companies accommodate affordable cartage that consumers are attractive to buy during these adamantine bread-and-butter times. Although the auto industry has taken a huge hit in contempo years due to the recession, they are still angry adamantine to aftermath new and eco-friendly cartage for consumers. Accepted Motors has a aggressive advantage in the alternative of cartage they action to the public. Aback Accepted Motors is fabricated up of four broadly accepted auto companies (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC), they accept a added ambition bazaar and are accordingly able to address to added consumers. Both Ford and GM action abundant service. This gives them a aggressive advantage over another auto companies that abridgement in account and allotment availability. Companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi, which are congenital in adopted countries, sometimes booty a little best to get genitalia and that could accomplish some consumers shy abroad from them. Our cessation is that Ford Motor Company’s adeptness to cut amount while still authoritative a affection artefact gives them the advantage over Accepted Motors. The Abundant Auto Recession Both Ford Motor Aggregation and Accepted Motors accept faced challenges in the accomplished that were adamantine for them to overcome. We can alpha to attending as contempo as the aftermost ten years to see challenges that had to be overcome. Ford and Accepted Motors were both abreast defalcation due to the best contempo depression. “In 2006, Ford acquaint its bigger operating accident to date: $12. 6 billion. This coincided with connected abasement in bazaar share, with the majority of these losses actuality captured by Toyota and Accepted Motors. From 1997 to 2007, Ford’s Affiliated States bazaar allotment plummeted from 25% to 15%. ”(Oasis Consulting) Ford is authoritative moves to try to get the aggregation aback on its anxiety and affective in the appropriate direction. One affair that Ford did to get through these asperous bread-and-butter times was to advertise Jaguar and Land Rover. They are additionally in the action of aggravating to advertise Volvo, which could be actual economically advantageous for them. The Ford Motor Aggregation is aggravating to get rid of all their another companies to cut costs and advice affected the astronomic debt owed by the company. Accepted Motors went through the aforementioned bread-and-butter challenges as Ford, except their bearings was a little worse. As Accepted Motors got appropriate to the beginning of bankruptcy, they were bailed out by the U. S. Treasury in an accomplishment to accumulate the Affiliated States auto companies afloat. “GM, alarmingly abbreviate of operating cash, accustomed a arch accommodation from the U. S. Treasury, beneath the altitude that the aggregation added accelerates a boxy restructuring of its U. S. operations that had been underway for several years. ”(General Motors web site) These bread-and-butter hardships pushed both of these companies to the limit, but they were both able to affected these challenges and become stronger because of it. Due to the acute after-effects Accepted Motors had to face during the recession, we accept that Ford Motor Aggregation is in bigger actualization as an all-embracing company. Accepted Motors had to be “bailed out” by the government, which agency that they were activity broke afore actuality accustomed money by the government. Company Success Both companies accept had affluence success in their histories. One of Ford Motor Company’s bigger successes is the conception of the Mustang in the 1960’s. “The sharp, four-seat 1965 Mustang became the "darling" of America. The "love affair" brought about the auction of 100,000 Mustangs in the aboriginal 100 days. Absolute sales for the year accomplished 418,812, far beyond the 100,000 projected by bazaar research. ” The Mustang has been one of the best accepted cars in the auto industry. For forty years, Ford has fabricated a huge accumulation from the affairs of the Mustang. Another success adventure was the conception of the Thunderbird. This car came out afore the Mustang, and was appropriately as popular. “The 1955 Thunderbird fabricated its aboriginal accessible actualization in banker showrooms on Oct. 22, 1954 with a affairs amount of $2,695, although commitment prices ranged from $3,000 to $4,000. The accessible went for the Thunderbird in a big way, acceding added than 3,500 orders in the aboriginal 10-day affairs period. ” This shows aloof how accepted this Ford archetypal was in its time. Two thousand dollars was a lot during that time period, and to advertise that abounding agency above accumulation for Ford Motor Company. General Motors additionally has their allotment of success stories. “To be the best, Accepted Motors charge always accommodated and beat chump expectations. To be adjustable and accustomed beyond our organizations - Agent Accomplishment (Assembly, Powertrain and Stamping), Accomplishment Engineering, and Account Genitalia Operations - we use a distinct accepted accomplishment arrangement to ensure aerial affection and reliability. ” This shows that Accepted Motors takes abundant pride in authoritative abiding that ceremony agent is created to the best of their ability. For best of the twentieth century, Accepted Motors was bigger aggregation in the auto industry. We accept accustomed several affidavit why we accept called Ford Motor Aggregation as the aggregation you would adopt to assignment for. Ford Motor Aggregation is in bigger banking shape, has remained a baton in advisers all-embracing Affection of Life, and has fabricated smart, progressive, and avant-garde decisions apropos the approaching of their aggregation as a baton in the automotive industry. Accepted Motors, who had been bailed out by the government is authoritative a about-face about aback the crisis, but the aggregation is still analytic for an character as a brand, and has a lot of assignment to do in administering their company. There are several challenges for both companies and with antagonism comes job opportunities. As a advice adviser for Ford or GMC would be a abundant career, but our consulting accumulation is abiding that we accept displayed to you that Ford is the aggregation for you. Works Cited A&E Television Networks, LLC. “William Durant creates Accepted Motors”. http://www. history. com/this-day-in-history/william-durant-creates-general-motors (2011). Dornbach-Bender, Rhett, Bill Slade & Joe Thorpe. “Strategic Report for Ford Motor Company. ” Oasis Consulting. 20 April 2009. Web. 11 April 2012. http://economics-files. pomona. du/jlikens/SeniorSeminars/oasis/reports/F. pdf Ford Motor Company. “An American Legend. ” Web. 13 April 2012. http://media. ford. com/article_display. cfm? article_id=81 Glassdoor. “Ford Motor Reviews”. http://www. glassdoor. com/Reviews/Ford-Motor-Reviews-E263. htm (2012). GM Historical Pamphlets. Accepted Motors. http://www. gmheritagecenter. com/gm-heritage-archive/historical-brochures. html (2012). Sabatini, Jeff. “GM now attached all agent bonuses chump Loyalty”. Automotive News. http://www. autoblog. com/2012/06/05/gm-now-tying-all-employee-bonuses-to-customer-loyalty/. (2012). Sustainablity Report: “Employee Satisfaction”.

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