For your reply post, respond to a peer who has not yet received a reply. Offer an alternative “ethical best practice” that other companies should implement into their marketing practices.

  2 canicule agoStephanie O'Neil AARPCOLLAPSE I did not apperceive abundant about AARP until I met the Vice President of Acquaintance Strategy & Governance at a business appointment aftermost May, we chatted over cafeteria about the company, it's mission and values. I would accept to say, I was acutely afflicted by what I learned. AARP is committed to confined the public, as the architect of the aggregation put it   “TO SERVE, NOT TO BE SERVED” – DR. ETHEL PERCY ANDRUS, FOUNDER OF AARP " After account through the companies continued Code of Conduct chiral I feel that the aggregation does a absurd job of demonstrating the afterward three ethical values: Honesty - The aggregation prides itself on the candor it upholds, as apparent in the beneath branch pulled from the Code of Conduct Manual "We cannot accomplish our mission and be acknowledged after announcement candor in aggregate we do. The Code of Conduct is our guide. It is our charge to ethical conduct and sets alternating the expectations for our employees, volunteers, Board associates and those with whom we do business. At a minimum, it requires us to be honest and truthful, to accede with all applicative laws and regulations, to chase the Code, to accession your articulation if you anticipate article is not right, and to not retaliate adjoin those that accession concerns. If you charge help, there are abounding assets accessible to you" Fairness - AARP Works adamantine to action adjoin age bigotry and prides itself on allowance bodies over the age of 50 with opportunities they may not contrarily accept at their age (partnership programs, association resources, etc).  Example from beforehand this year  " The AARP has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to assay a accommodation by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago captivation that alfresco job applicants accept no aegis beneath the Age Bigotry in Employment Act of 1967." Responsibility - AARP strives to serve the charge of its barter by always partnering with new organizations and anecdotic opportunities that add amount to the chump experience. Multiple examples of this can be begin on the Social Impact folio of the website - "AARP focuses on behavior and issues that reflect our members' apropos and interests" Based on my assay of these values, and others, that AARP demonstrates, I anticipate it is important for a aggregation to accept a "Code of Conduct" that highlights and trains advisers on how to act ethically. Sources can be begin in links above. 

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