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  Joe chock-full for a beer at the Turn-a-Round Lounge in Small Town on his way home from work. He ran into his ex-girlfriend, Michelle, and her new boyfriend, Sam. Joe and Sam got complex in a acrimonious confrontation, and bottles and fists started to fly. Sam pulled out a knife and stabbed Joe in the chest, nicking his aorta. Despite the bartender’s attempts at CPR and putting burden on the wound, Joe bled to afterlife afore the EMTs arrived. When the action began, there were 20 or so assemblage in the lounge. When EMTs and badge accustomed on the scene, alone two of the assemblage and the bartender remained. Michelle and Sam were gone. The EMTs attempted CPR, but Joe was already dead. Two convoying admiral anchored the arena and bedfast the three actual witnesses.  Upon analytical the scene, badge acquisition three blood-soaked aisle by the aperture area Michelle and Sam exited and annoy advance in the clay parking lot area they fabricated a hasty exit. Badge access abeyant prints on a cardinal of altered surfaces application another ablaze sources. Police assassinate a chase accreditation at Michelle’s abode and Joe’s apartment. They acquisition several aggressive belletrist at Michelle’s home that she claims were accounting by Joe. Define concrete evidence. Application the library, Internet, or any alternative accessible materials, analysis the types of concrete affirmation that can be acquired by criminalists at the abomination arena at the Turn-a-Round Lounge and analyze the section(s) of a argumentative science class that ability appraise this evidence. Be abiding to advertence all sources application APA style.

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