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  Answer in complete sentences Chapter Lecture Activity 1. Explain Erikson's date of Identity vs. Role Confusion. How can you analyze with this date (either currently or in your past)? 2. Explain Erikson's date Intimacy vs. Isolation. How can you analyze with this stage? 3. What is Emerging Adulthood? What are some factors that accept contributed to this new date of development? Do you accede with its addition? Why or why not?   4.  Read the commodity and analysis the absolute aural this articulation 5.  Write a arbitrary of all of the absolute aural the binder you choose. Address from a authentic perspective. Do NOT accommodate claimed animosity or religion.  (300 words minimum)  6. In accession to your summary, use the afterward book stems to address this portion. I did not apperceive … I was afraid to apprentice … It is amazing that … 7. Using advice discussed in your text, explain why application authentic rewards to access adaptive behaviors could be disadvantageous for accouchement who are intrinsically motivated to learn.  8. Explain the importance, as you see it, of alive that animal action and animal adeptness are amid in altered genitalia of the brain. What can we do with this knowledge? 9. The basis that is generally acclimated to allocate bodies as acceptance to assorted weight groups is alleged BMI. Give that BMI is affected alone on weight and acme how could it be misleading? What are some implications (in medical and allowance fields, for example) of application this measure. What blazon of admeasurement ability be better?  10. Follow the articulation "Motivation and Needs Assessment" and bang "Take the test" (this should booty beneath than 30 min) 11. Copy and adhesive you snapshot report 12. Did your after-effects abruptness you? Do you accede with the results? Why or why not? Explain what you anticipate the after-effects mean? (minimum 200 words)  13. For anniversary of the three attitude items below, indicate your acknowledgment on a calibration of 1 to 5 (1=strongly disagree; 5=strongly agree). 1.Poverty in our country is a austere problem. 2.Pollution is one of the better issues against today’s world. 3.Freedom of accent is one of the best important rights that we accept as Americans. 14. Answer the following: a.Do you alone do annihilation to abate abjection in our country (e.g., accord money to a apartment or accommodating organization)? Why or why not? b. Do you alone do annihilation to abate abuse (e.g., vote for “green” political representatives, abutment recycling in your community, accomplish beneath trips in your car)?  Why or why not? c.Do you alone exercise your abandon of accent (e.g., actively participate in boondocks meetings/protests, vote in every acclamation for which you are eligible, address to your aldermanic representative)?  Why or why not? 15. Decide which of the afterward is an act of assailment (please apprehend in your argument about assailment and what an absolute "act" of assailment would be): •A wolf kills a aerial and eats it. •A being thinks about altered means to aching a accessory but never does anything. •A ancestor is agitated with his son and chooses not to accelerate to him a altogether agenda on his birthday. Tell me why.  16. Attitudes accept 3 components: cognitive, affective, and behavioral. Come up with a axial abstraction (such as "I adulation amber cake.") and again call anniversary of the three apparatus (that is, identify the cerebral aspect, identify the melancholia aspect, and analyze the behavioral aspect).  17 . Follow the articulation "Implicit Associations Test," read the "preliminary information" page and bang "I ambition to proceed" at the bottom. 18. Choose one of the associations amid on the larboard ancillary of the screen. Complete the IAT (this should booty 5-10 min) 19. Which affiliation did you choose? What were your results? Do you feel this is accurate? Why or why not?             - What is the aberration amid average and prejudice?             - Accept you anytime been stereotyped, either absolutely or negatively? Tell me about it THE TEXTBOOK IS PSYCHOLOGY  AUTHOR- ROSE SPIELMAN

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