ASSIGNMENT - $25 - DUE SEP 21 BACKGROUND INFORMATIONYour organization, Acceptable Goods, is U.S. based and abreast owned. Acceptable Goods is a big box banker that specializes in accessories which are sustainable. Your alignment has been cited by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) as the arch alignment for the sales and administration of acceptable products. You are the anew appointed Chief Operating Officer of the all-embracing annex of the organization. Acceptable Goods is because which countries to aggrandize into first. The President of the alignment has tasked you with selecting one developed and one developing country to aggrandize into as a pilot project.PROMPTBefore commutual this assignment, assay the Final Activity Document. Background advice begin in the Final Activity Certificate applies to Milestones One through Three. As you assay the two countries area Acceptable Goods is because aperture stores, you should accept the centralized and alien factors which could access the success of the new stores. A archetypal way for an alignment to assay these factors is application a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis. Feel chargeless to use the Research Guide in the library to advice you with your project.TASKSFor this milestone, you will complete the following: After reviewing the video SWOT Analysis (Video file, 6 min 16 sec), use the arrangement provided (MS Excel file) to conduct a SWOT assay for EACH of your two countries (developed and developing). Your SWOT assay should be thorough, absorb bookish research, and potentially some quantitative assay (i.e. – a bump of adopted bill barter rates). Your deliverables include: SWOT assay matrix for EACH of your two countries application the arrangement provided. Written absolution for anniversary agency you included in your matrix. Absolution should be accurate by bookish affirmation (i.e. – peer-reviewed account articles). For belief that could accommodate abstracts as evidence, calculations should be congenital into your assay beat (i.e. – you did a Monte Carlo simulation to actuate the likelihood that gas prices would acceleration in the future, and you acclimated this amount as a abeyant blackmail – after-effects of Monte Carlo simulation should be included in your write-up). You will accommodate a SWOT assay for both countries. (MS Word document, 3-5 pages absolute APA formatted). Submit alone one certificate for both SWOTs.

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